The Armor All Car Care Gift Pack is the perfect present for my father-in-law, because all summer long he travels from car show to car show, showing off his beautiful Ford Mustang. My father-in-law restored his Ford Mustang piece by piece. Although no one ever rides IN his Mustang, my father-in-law preserves his beautiful car with  interior products like Armor All® Protectant Wipes (because during a car show, lots of hands touch the car on the inside) and exterior items like Armor All Wash & Wax before the show, to get the car show-ready clean. The cashier at WalMart and I had a good laugh when we opened the bucket: the bucket even contains a booklet for non-professional with plenty of pro-secrets to help you keep your car clean. Closed bag or container. I keep my emergency items in a washable canvas bag with a zipper closure. Hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is great to have on hand, especially because many roadside rest rooms lack proper hand washing facilities. Bottle of Water. Water is essential to survival, and every car emergency kit or survival kit should have water. Emergency contact sheet or notebook.  Be sure to include a sheet with emergency contact phone numbers written down. He and my mother-in-law attend car shows throughout the summer, and rely on products like Armor All to preserve and protect the value and appearance of his car.

Because Armor All products go beyond simply washing and  help maintain the appearance of a car for the long term,  they’re perfect. I loved the booklet, and bought myself a bucket yesterday so that I can clean my car out this weekend!
During winter months if you get stranded, you may need to turn your car off to conserve gas. This is a great item to have on hand for roadside emergency or even for an accident that might take place while you’re at your destination. The clippers are handy to help snip small ties, and I like the tweezers in case of bug bites or bee stings.
In an emergency or if your vehicle is stalled or in distress flashlight is a very useful tool to him when hand.
Founded by Kim, in 2014, this blog features articles on pets, travel, food, product reviews and inspiration. And I love that he can keep everything in the bucket and store it neatly in the trunk between shows.

And to help you build the perfect roadside emergency kit, I’m sharing the essentials with you! We tossed it in the cart: we had discovered the perfect present for the low price of $19.99!
In the summer, my car emergency blanket is used for many non-emergency visits to the beach and park! I purchased this ice cream sandwich from the camping section of my local Walmart, and it’s edible until 2017! I love useful tips, fun giveaways, reliable products, stretching a dollar and creative DIYs.

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