You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sue Recupero and Babara Smith sit under a conference table during the Great Utah ShakeOut drill at the State Office Building in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 16, 2015. The ground remained still, as it has for centuries, but more than 920,000 Utah residents still dropped under desks, chairs and all things sturdy, and waited for the fictitious earthquake to subside. Businesses, schools, hospitals, military personnel, neighborhoods, government agencies and others all took part in the annual statewide drill, the Great Utah ShakeOut, because of what slumbers beneath their feet.
Second-graders grab their emergency kits during the Great Utah ShakeOut earthquake drill at Bonneville Elementary in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 16, 2015. Jason Richins and Ellen Obray discuss alternative travel routes in the Emergency Operations Center below the state Capitol as part of the Great Utah ShakeOut drill in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 16, 2015. Second-grader Gavin Akerlow practices how to drop, cover, and hold on during the Great Utah ShakeOut earthquake drill at Bonneville Elementary in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 16, 2015.
The center would become the nerve center for state agencies and first responders in the event of a major quake. Bonneville Elementary is evacuated during the Great Utah ShakeOut earthquake drill in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 16, 2015. While the center’s duty is to react to the disaster, other state efforts are in place to mitigate the damage before it happens.
Envision Utah worked with 400 experts to compile disaster resilience scenarios to look beyond short-term needs and consider how to ensure such a catastrophe does not permanently disrupt Utah’s economy and way of life.
Paul Morley squeezes under a small desk during the Great Utah ShakeOut drill at the State Office Building in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 16, 2015. Nate DiPalma of Emergency Essentials walks into a geodesic dome shelter at Emergency Essentials in South Jordan, Thursday, April 16, 2015.
According to the report, Utah has 165,000 unreinforced brick buildings, which would cause 55 percent of deaths in an earthquake.
Lisa Sun, Envision Utah disaster resilience co-chairwoman and a BYU professor, said retrofitting more state buildings and enhancing building codes to be more earthquake-ready would be expensive. People gather inside a geodesic dome shelter at Emergency Essentials in South Jordan, Thursday, April 16, 2015. Darrell Brown, president of Bonneville International Corp., said the company takes earthquake practice and preparedness seriously because KSL is federally charged to provide safety information to the public in disaster events. Kyle Gunther tries out a hammock inside a geodesic dome shelter at Emergency Essentials in South Jordan, Thursday, April 16, 2015. Survival necessities are shown in the back of a vehicle at Emergency Essentials in South Jordan, Thursday, April 16, 2015.
Individual and family preparedness information is available at the Be Ready Utah website, as well as the American Red Cross’ website and mobile apps. Emergency Essentials is one of the longest tenured emergency preparedness and food storage companies around.
Besides selling emergency preparedness items online, Emergency Essentials also has their own food product line which they have packaged locally.
Emergency Essentials differs from some of its competition in that it has a strong mail order catalog program and a  number of retail stores. As we often state in our food storage company reviews, a company is only is as good as the service they provide, which is why we examine service first when reviewing a vendor.
Emergency Essentials carries two brands of food storage, Mountain House and their own brand named Emergency Essentials (was named Provident Pantry previously). As we mentioned earlier you will feel like you are in a mega-super store when shopping at Emergency Essentials. The enormous variety of products means you will be spending some serious time on the site, which is our only real knock on the company, the website isn’t intuitive and easy to shop as others (update March 2013, they have re-done their site which we will cover below).
We have been buying from Emergency Essentials for a half a decade now and in that time we have tried a variety of different food storage products and found them to be of good quality.
One thing you have to watch with Emergency Essentials (as well as a few other preparedness companies) is the quality of the items in the lower priced 72 hour kits.
Once you click through to a product page you are met with ample information that is relevant to the product. Emergency Essentials has a variety of other resources to help inform and educate the customer. Outside of the resources found on their site, they have a bustling Facebook page where again there are links to articles and free product giveaways. Yeah I see more and more companies moving to a easy to understand date system (along with putting the name there too) instead of the hard to decode julian code system that is typical of cans.

Emergency Essentials is a little slower on delivery, and updating a website account status of deliveries made. When I called customer support this morning, the rep informed me that breakage (including pulverized products) is normal and should be expected. I just ordered a huge amount of foods from them and will continue to give them my business. I would like your permission to use your name and logo and possibly your advertise in a book I have written called SURVIVAL BIBLE FOR WOMEN.
I had sworn off this company for about a year but recently started using them again due to their competitive pricing with my other favorite company The Ready Store.
Reviews may contain links to 3rd parties who may reward a commission if you purchase an item. They were in the middle of a Department of Human Resource Management fiscal year-end training meeting when the alarm went off. A quake of that scale would have cataclysmic impacts on the state’s life, infrastructure and economy. First responders would be overwhelmed, and emergency managers will be scrambling to divvy resources, so individual preparedness will dictate how quickly the state fully recovers, which Carey said would take decades.
The center consists of a task force of 16 emergency support functions: transportation, communication, public works, firefighting, emergency management, mass care, resource support, health and medical, search and rescue, hazardous materials, food and water, energy, law enforcement and security, long-term recovery, public information, and military support.
The Emergency Operations Center will report to the Federal Emergency Management Agency when city, county and state resources are exhausted, he said.
The shelter was set up as part of a ShakeOut Camp, constructed to help educate Utahns about earthquake survival. According to the report, retrofitting a home would cost $5,000 to $10,000 each, and enhancing building codes would increase the cost of new buildings by about 1.5 percent.
American Red Cross workers met them outside of the building with a wealth of preparedness information. The name of the brand was Provident Pantry but recently changed to the name of the company.
While some food storage companies have annual catalogs, Emergency Essentials sends them out monthly. Over the past 5 years, Shawn and I have ordered from Emergency Essentials on numerous occasions online and in person and have had very good experiences when dealing with their customer service team.
After reading up on their 30-day unconditional Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, we have no reason to think we won’t be helped just fine if a problem comes up.
For those that receive the catalogs, there are deals in the catalogs which are mailed to homes across the country. While we prefer free or flat rate systems that are easy to remember their tier system is very competitive. Unlike some companies that only carry their own brand or only carry Mountain House (a national brand), Emergency Essentials carries both brands which is nice, having options is rarely a bad thing. Mountain House can be purchased in 2 and 4 serving pouches as well as the very popular #10 cans. They vary from just add water complete meals to components you have to cook together to make a meal. As with a couple of their competitors, we are fortunate to live near their 4 retail stores and have tasted samples and played around with demo products to know that most of the items are of good quality. Often the components are not up to my standards so instead I look at what’s in the kits and buy higher quality equivalent items on my own.
On older versions of their site you had to click around for a lot of product related details but now a lot of it are on the pages in clear site. With so many items and types of categories you are going to benefit from one of the better search experiences in the preparedness industry, a real important feature when you sell so many items. The Emergency Essentials YouTube channel has some quality videos but they are few and far between with only a handful of videos as of the writing of this review. I am used to their site so no problems there but they do have great prices that is for sure.
The Ready Store dropped their julian code date, I noticed on my last can it has the SKU, name of the product, and the date of manufacturer printed on the bottom of the can. I got an email saying Emergency Essential’s site crashed due to traffic from the Black Friday specials that they had. Mi am never in a huge hurry to receive the items that I order so it never matters to me if they take a bit of time getting my order to me. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

Here you can find much information about Window Tinting Prices Utah manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. And, troubling still, scientists simply don’t have the capability to accurately predict from rock records when or where the next quake will occur.
George Graff, and Michael Silver, director of military support for the Utah National Guard, discuss military support in the Emergency Operations Center below the state Capitol as part of the Great Utah ShakeOut drill in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 16, 2015. For customers up and down the Wasatch Front in Northern Utah they have 4 retail stores to go along with their presense online. The brand has a variety of just-add water meals, freeze-dried fruit and vegetables, as well as dehydrated goods to round it all out.
You can contact them via email and phone, and through their forum but we would have liked seeing an online chat feature like some of their competitors.
Our only complaint is ship times can often be longer than others and some items can be out of stock more often than other companies. While some competitors may have lower prices when they have a sale you can almost always use Emergency Essentials as a low price benchmark to see if those other deals are really good or not. Check out our page where we list Emergency Essentials Coupon Codes each month to help you save time shopping for the best deals.
Between those two brands, almost every food you can think of is covered, whether it is freeze-dried or dehydrated. The product selection varies from MREs, cook books, water storage, 72 hour kits, and a wide variety of emergency supplies suited for grab-n-go situation as well as sheltering in place. While their website may not work well on a mobile phone or smaller tablet it is easy to navigate on a computer or large tablet.
The Manufacturing Date is difficult to decipher being that the way they put the numbers on their cans are different from product to product making it difficult to tell what day and year the product was manufactured. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). If new buildings are built to the current code, many of them will be uninhabitable after an earthquake. Getting instant gratification from a live person beats emails in our book and most people in our country don’t live within driving distance of their stores to talk to an employee in person. What sets them apart from most online retailers of preparedness goods is they offer so many different types of items to get you prepared.
There are frequent giveaways there and on social media like Facebook that are fun to enter (still haven’t won though!).
Overall Emergency Essentials is one of the top vendors in the industry as they get so many things right as seen below in our scoring system. This concludes our Emergency Essentials review! Mountain House makes it very clear what day the item was made and they even put a best by date on the can. My only complaint with EE is that they do not have fixed shipping rates for Hawaii and I must always personally call CS before placing an order and may need to wait up to several days before getting the shipping cost, which is normally very expensive. Overall though each time we have had a question about an order we have been helped quickly. I’m excited they have started to carry Gossner milk, I have missed it since leaving Utah. Mi have saved a huge amount of money and will have a huge emergency supply of food to get our family through the next decade.
They refer you to read a long article on shelf life instead, hoping the product you are interested in is mentioned with a little more detail. We found the forum to be slow moving and unused, we assume that will be shut down any day now. I feel that a company that isn’t clear about the manufacturing date on their food products translates to me the consumer as dishonost and intentionally trying to confuse the consumer. Or you are a Window Tinting Prices Utah manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now. They could not process my order on black friday, which meant i missed out on several deals, and they would not honor the prices, even though it was their website problem.

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