SHOPS in Salt Lake City are reportedly selling out of dried food, emergency supplies and equipment as residents fear the impending Blood Moon event will cause catastrophic earthquakes across US state Utah. The hotel exceeded my expectations, although I should have known it would, being a Marriott. A Newly Renovated hotel with gorgeous mountain and city views, full modern amenities and an excellent location adjacent to the University of Utah, our Research Park hotel provides smart, stylish lodging for business and leisure travelers alike. Our location guide for Salt Lake City provides some basic essentials for the more adventurous visitor.

Outdoor Activities near Salt Lake CityIf you are in Salt Lake City and would like to go mountain climbing, hiking, skiing or surfing, click below for detailed forecasts.
A simple location map is provided but also a detailed topography map that shows the location of the nearest places where you can surf, ski or mountain climb (if they are close by). The topographic data has been illuminated by a light source corresponding to the position of the sun at mid afternoon in summer. Of course some of these will be at long distances from Salt Lake City and those far flung spots are provided on the ‘nearest’ tables.

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