We were motivated to put together this emergency essentials guide because, over the past few years, we’ve watched in horror as natural disaster after natural disaster has ravaged the world we know. After reading the article, I decided to read the comments, which I always maintain is where the best information is! Especially here on my own website.
There is a LOT more to surviving than a list of suppliesa€¦but a list is a great place to start! We recommend you to read the free eBook we have to offer on our website, Beyond Collapse. The DisasterNecessities name provides you protection, safety, and security with dedicated customer service! For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. I have a healthy respect for the need to be prepared in case of an emergency of ANY kind, so this definitely captured my interest.

VINEGAR, food preservation, flavoring, tenderizing, antibacterial, cleaning and MANY other uses! No point having the best gear and supplies around if you dona€™t know how to use use them.
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The Basic NecessitiesLifesaver Jerrycan The preparedness experts at FEMA say that your home survival kit should include at least a three-day supply of water — with a gallon per person, per day.
While you could gather your own non-perishable canned goods, MRE kits save you a bit of trouble.

One of the best survival products available, the MRE combines a full meal with a flameless heating system that cooks without a stove or fire.
Simply calculate how many meals your family will need for the number of days, weeks or months you want to prepare for, and purchase an MRE kit large enough to accommodate you. You can usually count on having available oxygen (or you’d already be dead), but the smoke from a home fire is more likely to do you in than the flames.

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