One of the best options for communications during an emergency situation is a battery-operated radio.
Board games and books can provide many hours of quiet entertainment for everyone in your family.
These 10 ways to prepare for a pandemic can keep everyone in your family healthy in the event of a pandemic or other emergency situation.
Sign up for Confessions of a Prepper newsletter to gain access to the latest survivalist news, tips, and tricks. Once the hail, howling winds, and driving rain passed, we ventured out to find our home still in tact.
I moved from tornado alley and today I live in a hurricane zone which took a major hit in 2004.

Consider the needs of babies, the elderly or anyone with special dietary concerns or allergies in your family. For those in hurricane areas: December first, remove your food that will expire in the next six months. Crackers, Peanut Butter and Jelly or Honey - I choose crackers because bread has a short shelf life. Ready-to-eat Rice - These vacuum packages of rice require neither refrigeration nor water to prepare. Tuna, Chicken, Turkey - Canned meats or meats in a pouch can be eaten with the rice, couscous or on crackers.
Granola or Cereal Bars - Traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs or cold milk with cereal won’t be available.

Nuts - Cans or jars of peanuts, almonds or mixed nuts offer high snacking nutrition without taking up much space.
Include vitamin, mineral and protein supplements in your stockpile to assure adequate nutrition. They have the nutrition and calories of a full meal but have a long shelf life and take up little space.
If you live in a hurricane prone area, you are entering peak hurricane season and need to take action.

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