Didn’t think it was possible to create delicious food strictly from emergency food storage items? You might want to grab a wooden spoon and make one of these quick and easy cookie recipes from scratch, right now. Cream the butter with the cream cheese and slowly add the powdered sugar to the thickness you desire.
Start adding the remaining ingredients except the chocolate chips to the creamed mixture above. Cream the sugar, eggs, and butter and then add the canned pumpkin, carrots and zucchini until blended.
I hope you make some of these quick and easy cookie recipes from scratch, you will love them! Active dry yeast has a larger particle size than Instant Active Dry Yeast, making it necessary to proof, usually water, before using.
Active dry yeast will keep well beyond its expiration date printed on the package for one (1) year if unopened at room temperature. If opened, active dry yeast will keep 3 months in the refrigerator and 6 months in the freezer.
Substitution:  To substitute instant or bread machine yeast for active dry yeast, use 25% less instant yeast than active dry.

It will take approximately one hour in a warm place (longer in the refrigerator as a slow rise) until the dough is just about doubled in bulk. It has good rising qualities and produces excellent-tasting bread, croissants and Danish pastries.
Next push the center of the cookies as illustrated below with a small glass bottom or tart pusher but not all the way through. Recommended water temperatures will vary by manufacturer between 100 - 115 degrees F as measured with an Instant Read Thermometer.
Keep yeast in its original container with the opened flap folded closed in a resealable plastic bag. This type of yeast has been genetically engineered from different strains of yeast to produce breads.  Rapid rise yeast is also more finely granulated than active dry yeast, so it does not need to be dissolved in water first. Then, the liquid portion of the recipe’s ingredients, warmed to 120 – 130 degrees F, as measured with an Instant Read Thermometer, are added to make a dough. I love chocolate chip cookies, but my favorite cookie is the whole wheat cookie recipe I have shown below. Fold in the chocolate chips.Grease the cookie sheets and spoon by teaspoon onto the cookie sheets. Stored at room temperature and opened without a protective outer container it loses its power at about 10% per month.

It can be added directly to the dry ingredients, making it a popular choice for use with bread machines.
After opening, store in an airtight container in the back of the refrigerator, away from drafts. The yeast should be pale gray-brown, fragrant, soft and crumbly, not hard, dark brown and crusty.
Pull the pan out of the oven and carefully put three miniature marshmallows on each cookie gently, pressing them into the cookie. Fresh yeast should be proofed in tepid water (80-90 degrees F) without contact with salt or sugar.
This yeast type is a good choice for breads requiring a long cool rise, or for breads made using the sponge method.

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