F4 Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma with winds up to 200 miles per hour devastate Oklahoma City area. This week we have seen the incredible power of tornadoes as a string of the powerful storms cut their way across the Midwest. Tornadoes are almost unheard of anywhere west of the Rockies (although one person was killed by a tornado in Salt Lake City in 1999). Fourth, if you are caught out in the open and a tornado is approaching, try to find a house with a basement. Disclaimer: Food Storage Reviewer does or may have affiliate relationships with any of the companies reviewed on this site. Make emergency preparedness easy with 720-serving buckets of delicious freeze-dried food storage. It might be hard to believe once you taste Legacy Premium's meals, but even though they are so delicious, they are still emergency food, and they will last for 25 years in storage. Even with the variety and tastiness of our long-term storage meals, we are still able to offer an incredible value on all of our freeze-dried food storage buckets. If a food storage company is not willing to show you independent test results verifying low levels of oxygen, buying emergency food that could potentially save your family during a disaster from that company is not worth the risk. Whether you are just getting started on your emergency preparation or your are a seasoned prepper, our 360 serving supply of freeze-dried meals is an excellent option for you. All serious emergency preppers know the importance of stocking up on food storage that is going to last long-term and be able to supply the demanding caloric and nutritional needs of a family in an emergency. Not only is this prepper food supply guaranteed to last long-term, it is also guaranteed to be tasty and full of variety. One of the storms killed a man in Shawnee, Oklahoma while another in Wichita registered as an F1.

It might sound simple, but just knowing if you are in tornado country can help you prepare.
They mainly strike the midwestern and southeastern sections of the United States where warm air from the Gulf and cold air from Canada collide to cause instability in the atmosphere. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Packed with a variety of tasty, gourmet freeze-dried meals, these buckets can supply one person 2000 calories per day for over 4 months.
We have a meticulous preservation process that ensures your disaster preparedness supply will stay fresh and tasty until the day you need it. In fact, EmergencyGoBags' Legacy Premium offers the best value per serving in the freeze-dried food storage industry. Legacy Premium Food Storage uses only the highest quality ingredients when making food and packaging to ensure that it will stand the test of time. Legacy Premium uses superior packaging materials and technology to ensure that their levels are the lowest in the industry.
Enjoy the peace of mind that Legacy Premium Food Storage offers, and truly protect your family with long lasting, 25 year shelf life food! Legacy Premium was created by the same family that introduced the Bear Creek brand of soups and chili mixes to the world and their 20+ years experience in producing grocery store quality food shines through when you taste the flavors, variety, and gourmet meals. Expertly packaged, these freeze-dried meals are designed to last long-term in storage and fit easily in most closets. Tested by several outside agencies, Legacy Premium's 360 Serving Package of delicious freeze-dried food storage is rated to stay fresh for 25 years or longer.
With 4 different freeze-dried breakfast meals, including strawberry creamy wheat and old-fashioned pancakes, breakfast will be something to look forward to.

Interestingly, the United States has by far the most tornado activity of any country in the world. Our long shelf life enables you to purchase food storage buckets for your emergency supply and then store them away without worry. When you purchase your preparedness supply with us, you get an excellent deal on the finest emergency food. While some companies may claim to have a product with a 25+ year shelf life, Legacy has taken all the steps necessary to ensure that the dehydrated and freeze dried meals will be fresh, healthy, and full of flavor when you need them most. With superior Mylar pouches, oxygen absorbers used in addition to a nitrogen flush, and kept fresh in heavy duty BPA-free, re-sealable plastic buckets, Legacy Premium is the gold standard of shelf life. With premium ingredients, advanced packaging and oxygen absorbers in every pouch, Legacy stands above the competition. This means you can keep a supply of delicious long-term food storage for use whenever you need it.
In addition, each meal of this emergency supply has an average of nearly 400 calories per serving.
They are part of Legacy Premium's gourmet supply of delicious freeze-dried emergency preparedness products that will keep your family nourished and healthy in any emergency situation.
They are also high in fiber and offer plenty of vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options.

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