Yellowstone Park has experienced several hundred mini earthquakes in the last few days, causing speculation that a volcano below the park may be stirring.
A eruption from a volcano in Yellowstone is a scary thought, as are natural disasters of any kind, but thankfully modern technology allows us to detect these things early. The cluster below highlights a range of emergency supplies and innovations for disaster situations that have the potential to save many lives in the future. While it’s frightening to think about things like hurricanes, or the potential for a volcano to erupt in Yellowstone, we can be fortunate that incredible innovations like the ones in the slideshow below allow us to be more prepared than ever to face such scenarios. When it comes to handling emergencies arising due to natural calamities, American people are required to be prepared beforehand as they face a huge varieties of natural calamities that are not common in many other parts of the globe. Though the weather forecasting systems warn the public well in advance on the storms and cyclones, people get to realize the intensity only when it strikes. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, one could choose from a collection that includes Wise Freeze dried apples, Wise freeze dried bananas, Wise freeze dried broccoli, Wise freeze dried corn, Wise freeze dried beans, Wise freeze dried peaches, and Wise freeze dried strawberries and puddings. Vegetarians should browse through the range of emergency food items that are available for purchase to ensure they are aware of any special steps they will need to take to satisfy their hunger in an emergency situation.

This item was recently brought to my attention - it's an emergency food supply specially made for vegetarians.
With dishes such as vegetable rice, Italian tomato pasta, and maple brown sugar oatmeal with zero MSG and trans-fats, it sounds like a good disaster dining solution if you or a loved-one doesn’t eat meat. The Canadian Red Cross recommends families have an emergency preparedness kit, which contains items for them to be self-sufficient for 72-hours in the event of a disaster. These calamities include earthquakes, twisters, cyclones, flash floods, tropical storms, landslides, snow storms, forest fires and even volcanoes.
Vegetarian emergency food that is available includes freeze-dried vegetables and sauces that come in different serving capacities, starting from 120 servings and going up to 1080 servings. One can also watch videos on how these items are prepared, processed and stored to last longer. Sweetened with Kakato TM, an all natural fiber based sweetener, it has a classic vanilla flavor that allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth while still nourishing your body. As family members may not be able to go out for days, this stored emergency food will come in handy.

There are food supplies that could last for 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, and even up to 1 year.
There are also vegetarian breakfast food items such as apple cinnamon cereal, brown sugar and maple multi grain cereal, and crunchy granola. Store it with your other food storage meals for a convenient and delicious option in an emergency. The kit has a 20 year shelf-life and is kept safe and dry in an easily transportable water-proof bucket.

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