Super bright 54-led emergency vehicle strobe lights (amber, Universal fit super bright 54-led emergency vehicle strobe warning flash light kit (amber + white color, 3 flashing mode). Buy police lights led strobe lights such as warning emergency lights and light bars cheap.. Universal fit super bright 8-led emergency vehicle strobe warning flash light kit (amber + white color, 3 flashing mode).
Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Hideaway LED Strobe lights provide warning protection for fire, rescue, police, ambulance, or construction vehicles requiring powerful discrete or even hidden warning lights. This entry was posted in Emergency Lights, Hide-A-Way, LED Lights, Mini Lights, Strobe Lights, Vehicle Lights, Warning Lights and tagged hidden warning lights, LED Hideaway Lights, LED Hideaway Strobe Lights, LED Strobe lights, LED Warning Lights, Strobe Lights, Vehicle LED Warning Lights, White LEDs on August 7, 2014 by admin. Compact surface mount directional LED strobe lighthead for emergency or law enforcement vehicles, public safety warning and hazard lighting applications. This entry was posted in Emergency Lights, LED Lighthead, Mini Lightbar, Strobe Lights and tagged LED strobe lighthead, lighthead, Mini Lighthead, Strobe Lighthead, Vehicle Lighthead on August 7, 2014 by admin. Police dash lights are ideal for emergency lighting as well as for mounting on front dashboards. This entry was posted in Dash Lights, Emergency Lights, Police Light, Visor Light on March 21, 2014 by admin. STLIGHT’s hideaway light is very bright and high quality, Lower energy consumption and more environmentally friendly.

A Hide-A-Way strobe is a specialized lighting unit installed in a vehicle’s existing head or taillight housing to provide an option for utilizing a flashing strobe light when driving. Remove the reflector assembly cover from the vehicle headlight housing where you will be placing the strobe, following the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.
Place the supplied strobe light head onto the strobe tube assembly and twist clockwise until it stops. Route the three wire cable to the previously installed power supply system and connect, allowing 3 inches of slack at the light head.
This entry was posted in Emergency Lights, Hide-A-Way, Mini Lightbar, Strobe Lights and tagged Hide-A-Way, strobe light on December 5, 2013 by admin. This entry was posted in Emergency Lights, LED Lighthead, LED Lights on November 13, 2013 by lightbar led. 20 4 cycles quick quad flashes, alt 4 cycles quick triple flashes, alt 8 cycles single flashes. This entry was posted in Emergency Lights, LED Lights, Police Light, Strobe Lights, Visor Light on October 12, 2013 by admin. Those who need help and are in some sort of trouble should be able to spot these vehicles from a distance irrespective of whether it is an isolated terrain, a highway, or a crowded city center. Designed to supplement main warning lights, the strobe system is commonly used by law enforcement officers and emergency responders to move safely through traffic when responding to an emergency call.
Choose a flat surface in the rear or bottom of the housing that is close to the center of the reflector and use a 1-inch hole saw to cut a clearance hole for the strobe light.

Thread the power supply wiring through the hole and fasten the assembly tube to the grommet using the supplied screws, then place a bead of silicone seal around the grommet. Then insert the supplied 3-amp sockets into the socket housing at the head and power supply ends of the cable, crimping the No. Internal controller has 20 strobe patterns that can be synchronized between lightheads — flash together or flash opposite.
There are multiple companies that manufacture Hide-A-Way strobes and the lighting systems can be found at local auto supply stores. 8 ring terminal to the shield wire and attaching to the vehicle chassis to provide grounding. Black painted aluminum housing with convex lens and fully potted circuit board to resist water and corrosion. Applications include marked or unmarked police cars, ambulances, firetrucks, rescue vehicles, water patrol boats, roadside assistance trucks, wreckers and tractors. The flash patterns ensure that these lights mounted on the dash tops of cop vehicles cannot be missed by anyone. Spotting a police van provides citizens with a sense of security and the feeling of being protected, which adds to their faith in the establishment.

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