We have recently updated this post while writing emergency sub plans for all grades, pre-k through 6. Fry Word Boggle     3rd Hundred Focus     4th Hundred Focus  Students search for words by using only connecting letters.   While other words will be found, we used the Fry words as a focus. What else should we include?  Please share your suggestions below!   We are trying to think of some great science and social studies lessons that are more than just a worksheet.  Do you have an idea we could create?  Also, is there a way we can make this post more teacher friendly?  Tell us what would make this idea more beneficial to you!
These plans are awesome for my sub notebook, as well as, the first week of school for fillers during testing. These are the topics of Unit II on 2nd Grade talking about some instructions in some emergency case and some comment about silent story. The first day of school will be here before I know it! My kids start on August 10th, which is on a Wednesday! When planning for the first few days of school, my main goal is to set a tone for respect and love for one another! You should also check out this awesome First Day Jitters activity guide that I found online! When we get back, we have some math fun & create a "How Do We Get to School?" graph on the SMARTboard!
After the story, I pull students over one by one to do a handprint activity with me (will post pictures when school starts) while they write about their first day in first grade and complete their "Hall Heads".

One of my awesome team members created my normal lesson plan format so I will have to ask her if it's OK to share! Hi Anna, if your teammate is willing to share will you post or e-mail the editable format for your plans??? Thank you for all the wonderful first day activities!For the "Wall Heads" do you just trace a circle on poster board and cut them out? I want my sweeties to get to know each other, enjoy their classroom (and teacher), have fun learning, while also understanding expectations for rules & procedures! Once the kids are unpacked, they'll go to their desk and write about something fun they did during summer!
Once we have a nice jittery discussion, I let the students write about their first day jitters on this paper! You can get it HERE! I also add van riders to this presentation since that is another mode of transportation at my school!
Can you please tell me where you got the polka dot border for the first day in first grade writing?
Being my second year teaching and first year in my own classroom this will be extremely helpful (especially having four children under the age of 10 at home). While they're having fun in activity, I enjoy a nice, STRONG cup of coffee and organize a mountain of school supplies!!!

AND most importantly, I make sure everyone knows how they are going home because it's one more round of the "Name Game" and dismissal time as soon as we get back in from recess! I do lots of similar first day activities, and I really appreciate you providing the sample writing papers.
I find there are not enough hours in the day to get things done and this will allow me to spend more time with my own children (and be prepared for an unexpected sick child).
When everyone gets back from activity, we have our very first calendar time and play what I call the "Name Game". Once they are laminated, I hot glue two clothespins to the front and they are ready to go!! Then to get to know everyone better and to break the ice a bit, we play "Grab a Question"! First Day Jitters is my favorite book ever, and I read it to my kindergarteners every year. I put little slips of paper with different questions on them for students to pull out of a bucket one at a time and answer!I even play so the children can get to know me better, too!!

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