The tools in this app help ensure that no matter where you are or what you are doing you’ll be prepared.
Find places to park in Sidney, inquire about ParkLink, and learn about parking regulations. Find out where to renew or replace your Licence or BC Services Card and other ICBC services. Read the final report and recommendations of the Mayor's Downtown Revitalization Task Force.
Emergency ManagementWith Comprehensive Emergency Management in mind, the Town of Sidney has established an Emergency Planning Committee to oversee the many activities required for effective emergency management. Take a tour of this website and you could win your very own Red Cross Emergency Survival Kit valued at $60. The Township of East Zorra-Tavistock has developed an overall Emergency Management program designed to prepare and assist the community through each phase of an emergency; mitigation and prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. By-law #2004-10 was passed to provide for the adoption of an emergency management program for the Township of East Zorra-Tavistock. Working with local responders, health organizations, utilities and other community groups, the program consists of plans and procedures to address potential hazards in our Township. The Township continually trains, tests and reviews its emergency plans to prepare for the worst, but residents must also take an active role in preparedness. Visit the 72-Hour Club page to learn more about preparedness and building a survival kit for your family. Test Your Emergency Preparedness Knowledge - What is the Cost if a Tornado Hits a Major City? Hospitals should adopt an all-hazards approach to emergency management planning—one that supports a general response capability sufficiently nimble to address a wide range of emergencies of various duration, scale, and cause. The Emergency Management Program has senior leader visibility, active participation, and support. Emergency plans and procedures are developed, routinely tested, and constantly reviewed and updated. The Emergency Management Program is led by someone knowledgeable of the facility, its strengths and weaknesses, and general emergency management practices.

Hospital staff is trained and competent to perform their roles in a wide variety of events and conditions.
Emergency Management is the system used to coordinate the efforts of city agencies and partners to plan for, coordinate the response to, and recover from major emergencies and disasters. Preparedness includes planning, training, evaluating and improving procedures before a disaster occurs. Survey: KCMO as a place to workThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.
Survey: KCMO as a place to liveThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Survey: City parks maintenanceThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.
Survey: Water Services customer serviceThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.
Survey: KCMO Overall Quality of LifeThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Survey: Value for taxesThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Survey: Quality of KCMO servicesThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. SPRING QUARTER 1997 Pierce College receives 18 bomb threats, nearly crippling its late afternoon and evening programs. APRIL 20, 1999 12 Students and 1 Instructor are killed during the Columbine High School massacre.
PIERCE RESPONDER SYSTEM (PRS) The PRS is a collaborative effort between public schools, police, and fire departments within Pierce County that provides first responders access to detailed information about facilities long before they arrive on site. M ail System x Unfortunately the mail system has become an easy means to inflict fear upon the people of our nation.
Process for opening m ail x Limit possible exposure by having one person open incoming mail for entire office.
W hat to look for x Be alert to packages without a return address or any unexpected parcels.

Safety First If you are suspicious of a m ailing and are unable to verify the contents w ith the addressee or sender: 1. Safety First If a letter or package containing potentially suspicious m aterials is opened:1.
When you know where to get information, have the right supplies, and have a plan for you, your loved ones, and your pets, you can protect yourself and your family before a crisis and for at least 72hours afterwards. This committee focuses on projects such as community risk assessment, emergency exercises, community disaster recovery plans, and much more. The Township Emergency Response Plan details the responsibilities key officials will take during an emergency situation or an impending emergency.
Through the READYNOW eNewsletter, DQE brings you helpful current event commentary, professional development insights, and training strategies. The plan should focus on the prioritized hazards identified in the Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA); however, it must also be readily adaptable to other emergencies the hospital may experience. This could include things like writing an evacuation plan, installing tornado outdoor warning sirens, strengthening partnerships, etc.
If you interesting in "EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PLANNING" powerpoint themes, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template. We work closely with the Peninsula Emergency Measures Organization (PEMO) to ensure Sidney, North Saanich, and Central Saanich have the required emergency services in the event of disaster or major emergency. Although it is specific in assigning responsibilities and authorities, it should be flexible in allowing designated individuals to mobilize and manage personnel, supplies, equipment, and space in a logical, organized, and scalable manner. Even though emergencies have many causes, the effects on the hospital and required response efforts may be quite similar. For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file. PEMO provides Emergency Support Services, Emergency Communications, Search and Rescue, and the Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program to the three Saanich Peninsula municipalities.

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