They also have published guidelines to assist nursing homes with emergency preparedness planning. Nursing home emergency procedures are important steps outlined to deal with any possible situation. LOUISIANA MODEL NURSING HOME EMERGENCY PLAN Facility Name (Print): be activated at least annually, either in response to an emergency or in a planned drill. The report, Nursing Home Emergency Preparedness and Response During Recent Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing home emergency plans.

If a loved one cannot remain alone in his or her home, even with a Life Alarm Service emergency response system, then a nursing home might be an option.
STEPS TO FOLLOW TO COMPLETE THE L0UISIANA MODEL NURSING HOME EMERGENCY PLAN should be used to make determinations and present options for action. It is vital for nursing homes to be incorporated into local community and state emergency response plans. However, we identified many of the same gaps in nursing home preparedness and response that we found in our 2006 report.

Planners may create a new emergency plan by using either the software or In addition to the manual there is a companion CD to Emergency Preparedness for Nursing Homes.

A model for school-based crisis preparedness and response
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Rubric: Emergency Supply Kits


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