The impact of an animal disease outbreak involves a complex array of stakeholders and their individual and collective interests.
Researchers from IIAD have been heavily engaged in the use of information technology and the implementation of decision support tools in each of these stakeholder communities for some time.
This understanding is critical in the creation of risk management tools supporting the decisionmaking process, and the ability to interface with the respective stakeholder communities on this project will be critical to success. GVK EMRI received Award of “Outstanding Company in CSR” on 18th December 2014 at Delhi from EPC World Awards 2014On 4th June 2014 GVK EMRI received Award under “Public Private Partnership (PPP) Initiative of the Year in Healthcare” category at the National Summit on ICT in Healthcare organized by ASSOCHAM.GVK EMRI – 108 Service wins SKOCH Award 2013 in Health category. GVK EMRI made Dial-100 project operational for the entire state ofAndhra Pradesh within 30 days time period.
GVK EMRI in association with Government of Gujarat has launched181 - Abhayam Women Helpline in Gujarat. GVK EMRI operates MMUs in Andhra Pradesh, UttarakhandMadhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh with the aim to reach theundeserved villages by organizing regular primary health services.

The National Fire Academy and the Emergency Management Institute comprise FEMA's National Emergency Training Center, a beautiful campus located in Emmitsburg, Md. These threats are even more critical with greater longevity of the disease outbreak and the occurrence of the outbreak in an area with greater density of the animal population. When faced with the uncertainties of a major disease outbreak, early responders and decision makers at all levels require tools to help them sort reality from chaos, and to select the strategies that will minimize the damage to human health, livestock health and the economy. These investigators are suitably positioned to address the requirements for exchange of information or data across each of the communities from both a domain and technical perspective, especially focusing on business continuity planning and operations.
IIAD heavily leverages proven technology developed for related applications within the Departments of Homeland Security and Agriculture, and a rich network of stakeholder relationships in the government, industry and academia. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! Also, the outcomes are likely to be exacerbated if the identified disease can infect multiple species of commercial animals, with the worst case being zoonotic strains that can infect humans.

The direct and immediate response must include both the engagement of emergency management professionals and the coordinated stakeholder involvement from other impacted communities. Other associated areas that are impacted include the allied industries, biosurveillance programs, veterinary diagnostic laboratories and business continuity operations. Information generated and managed by one group of stakeholders is likely to have value to the others by promoting shared situational awareness and contributing to the formulation and execution of better decisions by all in less time.

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