The scene won't be so peaceful and serene tomorrow at Lake Ellenwood Provincial Park as tropical storm Arthur passes through.
All provincial parks in Nova Scotia, including camping, beach parks,day-use parks and the Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park, will beclosed to the public because of severe weather conditions expected fromTropical Storm Arthur.
The day-use parks will close at dusk tonight and may reopen some time on Sunday based on storm damage assessment.
Full refunds will be given for camping park cancellations because of Tropical Storm Arthur.
The Emergency Management Office is working with the Canadian Hurricane Centre, Environment Canada and other partners on the storm, gathering potential municipal impacts, identifying local risk areas and conducting information sessions with provincial and municipal emergency management officers and co-ordinators. Four local divers who braved the elements to search the capsized hull of the Miss Ally were among those who received the Nova Scotia Medal of Bravery from Premier Stephen McNeil on Wednesday, Nov. Donald Mahaney, Gary Thurber, Thomas Nickerson and Thomas Hennigar were nominated for the award by Barrington Municipal Council just weeks after the tragedy.
The unsearched, overturned Miss Ally still floating in the Atlantic just left too many unanswered questions for the families and the community. Frustration led to a flotilla of fishing boats leaving Woods Harbour, including the Slave Driver, captained by Bobby Hines and loaded with diving gear and a zodiac, the Lady Faith, captained by Douglas Mood, the Crustacean Frustration, captained by Devin Dixon, the Rachel Elizabeth, captained by Kevin Nickerson and the 3 Generations, captained by Daryl Goreham. While weather conditions forced some vessels to turn back, others persevered including the Slave Driver and the Lady Faith, which made their way along the coast to a safe haven to spend the night. The decision to attempt the dive on the capsized Miss Ally was made by veteran commercial diver Donnie Mahaney, who had been contacted by George Hopkins, who had lost his son Joel in the tragedy.
The Medal of Bravery is awarded to Nova Scotians who have risked their lives and safety to help others. Recipients were selected by an advisory panel chaired by Vice Admiral Duncan Miller (retired). While in the Windsor Fire Department’s aerial truck, an employee with the Hants West Regional Emergency Management Organization took this bird's eye view photograph of the damage sustained to the Newport and District Arena April 1.
Team captain Craig Anderson and Colin MacKinley celebrated their Game 6 victory over the Sackville Blazers. Greg Kerr and Laura MacPhee made Slush Cup history when Kerr proposed following a successful run down the slope and across the water. There was no shortage of news in Hants County, nor was there a shortage of heartwarming stories, personal triumphs and team victories. Following is a summary highlighting some of the moments that made the first four months of 2015 so memorable.
Additionally, council opted to pull out of the Kings Transit agreement, giving six months notice to partners. The community immediately began brainstorming ways to rebuild the popular rink, and scheduled events were fit in elsewhere. A new aerial fire truck, with a price tag of $1.2 million, was among the big ticket items approved in the budget.

RCMP, Emergency Health Services, Windsor Rotary Club Windsor Agricultural Society Hantsport Public Library Isabel and Roy Jodrey Memorial Library St. JOHNSTON MURDER SUSPECT NAMEDHalifax Police have released the name of the man charged in the death of Kristin Johnston. All campers with reservations will be contacted by the park reservation agency to arrange refunds.
The forward and aft decks were still intact, but the skylight in the forward deck was gone.
Brunn, the first person on the scene, stopped and pulled the unconscious driver out of the burning vehicle. 20, 2012, Robert Henderson woke to see his neighbour's house on fire and his neigbour in her second-storey bedroom window afraid to escape.
The panel includes the deputy minister of Justice, the provincial fire marshal, president of the Nova Scotia Chiefs of Police, the director of operations from the Emergency Management Office, the deputy commander of Maritime Forces Atlantic, and community members Paul Pettipas and Ann MacLean. The six-time Stanley Cup champion was a crowd favourite during the 2015 New Boundaries Hockey Charity Classic, which kicked off the Long Pond Heritage Classic in Windsor. The win meant the Valley Maple Leafs advanced to the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League finals, which was a first for the three-year-old hockey team. Although Judge Claudine MacDonald would later toss out James Duncan Keats’ videotaped statements with police, Keats was still dismissed from his position with Emergency Health Services (EHS). When the Haven of Hospitality’s new library later opened, it was renamed the Isabel and Roy Jodrey Memorial Library.
She was motivated to beat the disease, and began a blog to let people join her on her journey. Clair (Joey) Patterson received special pins acknowledging 70 years of service with the Royal Canadian Legion. Council told the Windsor Agricultural Society they would be withdrawing from their longstanding Hants Exhibition Arena usage agreement in 2018. The town also received a $10,000 donation to help with the construction of an outdoor athletic facility along the Windsor waterfront.
The Long Pond Heritage Classic, a fundraiser benefiting the Windsor Hockey Heritage Society, was held indoors in 2015 due to inclement weather. His motion was defeated 4-4, and a more formal approach to allowing residents the chance to voice concerns was implemented.
23, the preliminary inquiry into the murder of Harley Lawrence in Berwick halted suddenly when the two men accused of his death — Daniel Wayne Surette and Kyle David James Fredericks — changed their pleas to guilty of second degree murder. Smith hoped by sharing the story, he would learn the name of the driver, and the name of the man who flagged the snowplow driver down, as he wanted to thank them. A dissolution hearing by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board was held near the end of the month.
It took several hours, but the man emerged from the home and was arrested and taken into custody.

The Centre Burlington homeowner, Brian Burgess, said the fire was most likely caused by a collapsed roof. Once operational, the wastewater treatment plant would stop raw sewage from flowing into the Minas Basin and the Avon River. It marked the first time in the club's three-year history that they made it to the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League final.
He not only made it across the murky water, but his partner, Laura MacPhee, said yes after he proposed to her in front of the crowd.
Stephanie Boone, of Newport Station, was selected as the region’s representative for the 83rd Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival. The Riverview Skating Club hosted their year-end performance at the Hants Exhibition Arena.
The report concluded that Swinamer was not in a conflict of interest for three of the four meetings that pertained to the WFD, but he was in the wrong for the July 9, 2013 council meeting. The 32-year-old yoga instructor's body was found inside her Purcell's Cove home on March 26th.
On Sunday, all parks will be re-evaluated for damage and safety concerns on a case-by-case basis before a decision is made to reopen. Lost to the sea were skipper Katlin Nickerson and crewmen Joel Hopkins, Tyson Townsend, Steven Cole Nickerson and Billy Jack Hatfield. Chris Balcom, of Halifax, worked sentry duty outside in a training exercise set up at King's-Edgehill School Feb. The Windsor Polar Bear Dip was hosted by the Windsor Rotary Club, in conjunction with six Valley-based clubs, and raised more than $3,000. MacDonald could not consider the former paramedic’s confession to police as she said the RCMP interview tactics violated the defendant’s Charter-protected rights to remain silent and be free from arbitrary detention. The protocol would see both fire departments paged out to any structure fire in the areas typically covered by the departments, and for Highway 101 accidents. The fun began with a charity game in support of New Boundaries between the RCMP and local firefighters. The report stated that Swinamer should have declared a conflict of interest due to the fact his son-in-law’s salary was paid, in part, by the municipality. Henderson onto the porch roof where he persuaded his neighbour to climb down the ladder before leaving the burning home himself. Justice Minister Diana Whalen says 24 deputy sheriffs will be trained in the use of Tasers.

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