Effects of Navigation-Dam Operating Procedures on Mississippi River Flood Levels, (Iowa Institute for Hydraulic Research, The University of Iowa, for the U.S.
Upcoming in June 2016: Professor Phelps to speak at the World Conference on Disaster Management. March 14th, 2016: The NYC Ambulance History Project celebrates 43 years of paramedic care in New York City. March 2016: Professor Phelps speaks on Messaging Apps at the Disaster Recovery International Conference in Atlanta, GA. February 2016: Professor Phelps is now a peer reviewer for the European Journal of Emergency Medicine. The next Ambulance Science Fellowship and Disaster Science Fellowship Programs begin in September 2016.

The Emergency Management Academy is a member of the FEMA Higher Education Consortium and the Emergency Management Higher Education Consortium, is a partner of the International Association of Emergency Managers-USA, the International Association of Emergency Managers-Oceania, the International Network of Women in Emergency Management, and the Emergency Management Forum. Almost all of this is directly mirrored in Futurist Thomas Frey's paper, "The Future of Colleges and Universities: Blueprint for a Revolution". So we began to discuss with experienced emergency managers exactly what they wanted- They did want more education and wanted it to fit into their life. Mastery, as one of the best human motivators, is discussed in this GREAT video by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce.
Not theory as a dry, boring subject, but theory as a really exciting subject that changes the way you think about your job.
University programs need faculty consensus to get new programs online, and to do so trade off course requirements with other academic departments.

They didn't want to take a lot of of non-emergency management courses, waste their time with university bureaucracy, be in class filled with 21-year olds, or write long papers. Quarentelli- getting emergency managers to read his 40-year body of work on all aspects of our profession fundamentally changes the way emergency managers think.

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