Main ContentThe jurisdictional EOP provides action guidance for incident response at the level of the responding community. By incorporating basic ICS and emergency management principles, and by integrating public health and acute-care medical disciplines, a functional Tier 3 management structure is proposed. Purpose: The Medical Plan (IMS 206) provides information on incident medical aid stations, transportation services, hospitals, and medical emergency procedures, for emergency responders. Preparation: The IMS 206 is prepared by the Medical Unit Leader and reviewed by the Safety Officer t.
Distribution: The IMS 206 is given to all recipients as part of the Incident Action Plan (IAP).

Emergency Management is tasked with the creation, evaluation, and revision of Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) and all-hazards mitigation plans. LEPC includes stakeholders and officials from government, critical infrastructure, public safety, business, etc.
The sum of all activities related to developing and implementing the jurisdictional EOP represents preparedness. In a mass casualty or complex medical event, the Tier 2 liaison will likely integrate at the Operations Section of the incident management team. Information from the plan pertaining to incident medical aid stations and medical emergency procedures may be noted on the Assignment List (IMS 204).

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This includes establishing equipment and supply needs, educating and training personnel, and exercising the system to evaluate and improve procedures. In a primarily non-medical event, the Tier 2 liaison may integrate through the health and medical Emergency Support Function (ESF) or other functional group in the EOC (see IS-701, Lesson 2).

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