The World War II era propaganda poster advocates sticking together in the face of enemy threat. The robust arms of “Labor” and “Management” unite to provide the tanks and planes to fight against the Axis Powers. This poster also attempts to quell any underlying tensions between labor and management in the factories. Designed to show the merits of unselfish patriotism, this American Office for Emergency Management-produced poster underscores the strength of America when labor and management are united. Pago Pago, American Samoa, October 15, 2009 -- Heavy machinery sits in front of home to help with repairs while the family takes refuge at night in three tents. Learn and talk about Stacy Head, American Episcopalians, American whistleblowers, Harvard University alumni, John F. Stacy Head, and check out Stacy Head on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Stacy Aline Singleton Head (born June 30, 1969)[1] is an American lawyer and the current President of the New Orleans City Council.
Stacy Head was born in 1969 as the daughter of the former Katherine Hamberlin and Ernest Lynn Singleton.
Head is by profession an attorney-at-law; she clerked for Phelps Dunbar LLC from 1991 to 1995 when she finished her juris doctor degree at Louisiana State University's Paul M.
White retaliated by giving thousands of e-mail messages, from the computer accounts of the four white members of the Council, to activist lawyer Tracie Washington, under the proviso of freedom of information but without proper redaction by city attorney Penya Moses-Fields, to remove statements protected by law.
In the context of the convoluted e-mail controversies Times-Picayune columnist Jarvis DeBerry proposed (perhaps tongue in cheek) that Council members communicate exclusively by means other than e-mail.[10] DeBerry's column was met with a letter-to-the-editor rejoinder by Steven J. On 2009 May 27 the Times-Picayune reported that the number of e-mails involved in the suit by WWL-TV was 135,144 and that vetting of them could take up to 15 months, despite a cautionary statement that "We're not going to take thousands of hours" by District Judge Madeleine Landrieu.[13] On 2009 May 29 the Times-Picayune editorialized against a request by Lane that Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell issue a legal opinion on the amount of time available to redact the e-mails and the nature of information which can be withheld.
On 2009 May 13, prior to a stay ordered by the state supreme court, Washington briefly posted on the internet certain of Head's e-mail messages. They contain disparaging references to City Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson and other public figures and an irate description of the allegedly extravagant purchases of a food-stamp recipient in line ahead of Head at a grocery. It is quite an achievement for an elected official to turn off Democrats and Republicans in one sentence, and no doubt Head will be more careful with her e-mails from now on.
When Head began publishing the e-mail messages herself on 2009 May 18,[23] she was promptly interviewed by WDSU-TV. As Head's e-mail messages became public, by 2009 June 25 it was apparent that "hostility" (the word used by the Times-Picayune) between Head and Washington involved assessments of Washington's house, messages by Head to her lawyer confidante Nyka Scott alleging that Washington's home had been under-valued by the assessor to lower Washington's taxes. I don't think it's right of us that are privileged to be on City Council to be asking others to look at assessments of particular people.
If somebody has done something that I perceive is wrong, are they then immune from me taking any appropriate action?
On 2009 December 7 an echo of the e-mail controversies reverberated when New Orleans police chief Warren J.
Councilmember Head faced a recall petition in late 2008 continuing into 2009, ostensibly for not representing the African American community and then for her support of Republican candidate Anh "Joseph" Cao, in his successful 2008 challenge to incumbent Democratic U.S.

Given the momentum that reform and progressive politics has [sic] had recently, they are, I'm sure, having trouble dealing with their obsolescence. The fact that many of the mayor's records had been purged didn't come to light until WWL went to court.
On 2009 May 22, James Gill posited a network of individuals tied to former congressman Jefferson (whom Mayor Nagin had endorsed for reelection) as out to get Heada€™s head. In the meantime Head had continued assaulting the garbage-collection fees, on 2009 July 30 proposing to eliminate general-fund subsidies to the fees so that residents, irrespective of neighborhood, would face the actual costs on their bills. After besting Cynthia Willard-Lewis for the at-large seat, Head soon attracted the ire of council members Jon D.
Head is married to accountant Jeremy Thomas Head,[2] and the couple has "two children and one dog" according to her New Orleans City Council web site, which also lists her involvement in Trinity Episcopal Church and a host of civic activities.[49] As a teenager she was chosen queen of the Oyster Festival in Amite, the parish seat of Tangipahoa Parish.
Head is listed among the state and local officials who have endorsed the reelection in 2014 of Democrat U.S. Councilmember Head's candidacy benefited from concerns about governmental effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, developers who had obviated the desires of neighborhood residents, and affinities between incumbent Gill Pratt and then-Congressman William J.
Head's e-mail also revealed thoughts and potential plans for a retaliatory demonstration in front of Washington's house after a demonstration by Washington's supporters in front of Head's house.[25] Head had incorrectly indicated Washington's house as being in the assessment territory of assessor Nancy Marshall, but the property is actually in the territory of assessor Henry Heaton. Gill noted that Gill Pratt had been Jeffersona€™s aide when Jefferson served two terms in the Louisiana Senate a generation earlier, from which position she advanced to the state House of Representatives and then to the New Orleans City Council, all the while, according to Gill, steering "vast sums of money to non-profits established by Jeffersona€™s brother, Mose Jefferson, and his sister, Property Tax Assessor Betty Jefferson"; then "the Jeffersons just helped themselves to the money" until Mose was "charged with bribing" the Orleans Parish School Board. As a member of the city's Sewage and Water Board (S&WB), she had information on subsidized rates charged to public entities such as firehouses and asserted that the lower rates cause some of the public entities to waste water at the expense of other subscribers.
Johnson and Cynthia Hedge-Morrell for announcing plans by Big Lots to open a store in New Orleans East (an earlier Big Lots store there closed after Hurricane Katrina in 2005).
Continuing story with photograph from a Council meeting = WWL TV: Stacy Head vows to forge on, despite political backlash, Times-Picayune, 2009 March 18 (accessed 2009 March 19).
Lane, Use of e-mail unavoidable in the 21st century, Times-Picayune, 2009 March 19, Saint Tammany Edition, p. That WDSU web site (accessed 2009 May 20) contains an audiovisual link in which Head speaks and Washington briefly appears. William Jefferson in 2nd Congressional District (Times-Picayune, 2008 December 7 [accessed 2009 March 18]), both Head and her City Council colleague Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson, also a Democrat, attended Cao's victory celebration. A few days after the drive to recall Head began, an online petition to dismiss White started. B5a€”touched off hundreds of rambunctious comments on its blog site before day's end on the column's publication.
A1, A8-A10 (not online); see also Michelle Krupa, "Corey Watson, son of Uptown minister Tom Watson, to challenge Stacy Head for City Council seat" in Times-Picayune, 2009 December 3 (accessed 2010 February 7), and Louisiana Secretary of State election returns for Orleans District B (accessed 2010 February 7). Her association with politics had begun when, as an undergraduate, she worked for the Louisiana Legislature although at the time she anticipated no notion of ever seeking elective office. Both Marshall and Heaton said that Head had never communicated with either of them about the valuation of Washington's propertya€”a request that they said would have been unethical in that the City Council reviews appeals of assessments retroactively but does not interfere with assessments of individuals proactively. Head was a fly in the Jeffersonsa€™ ointment as she upended Gill Pratt from reelection to the City Council.

Hedge-Morrell asserted that the announcement should have been made by Johnson, in whose district the store was to go, or jointly by Johnson and Head. Clarkson, a councilwoman-at-large who is more-entrenched than Head in the New Orleans political scene, has faced no recall petition, which would require a more-extensive undertaking because Clarkson's district is coterminous with the city itself. See also Deon Roberts, A petition to remove Veronica White, New Orleans CityBusiness, 2008 November 24 (accessed 2009 March 25). Donze & Krupa fittingly render the quotation in the context of the recall attempt's failure, but Head had actually made the comment a few days after the recall petition began.
The online version shows Jefferson embracing Washington at a town hall meeting in 2007 at Trinity Episcopal Church, perhaps ironically Heada€™s congregation. That interest began in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when the New Orleans City Council "unanimously asked Gov. In May 2009 Gill Pratta€”along with Mose Jefferson, Betty Jefferson, and Angela Jefferson Colemana€”was indicted on federal racketeering charges. DeBerry (Lawyer might try looking up 'disclosure') rejoined on April 5 (Times-Picayune, Saint Tammany Edition, "Other Opinions" page); Lane retaliated on April 11 (Mail must be vetted for privileged information, Times-Picayune, Saint Tammany Edition, p.
On 2009 May 21 the Times-Picayune editorial cartoon by Steve Skelley displayed a little girl pointing to her brother and telling her mother: "Billy used Stacy Head language again" (Saint Tammany Edition, p.
Head further denied that she had even met Washington individually; Washington claimed that they two had met in July 2006 and "that their initial meetings were pleasant" (quoted in Jarvis DeBerry, "At least they're sure they don't agree" in Times-Picayune, 2009 July 07, Saint Tammany Edition, p. Political scientist Ed Chervenak described the recall effort as the "opening shot in an anybody-but-Head councilmanic campaign" to emerge in Summer 2009.
Head provided additional effrontery by endorsing Joseph Cao, the Republican who ousted Jefferson from Congress.[42] On 2009 August 5, virtually 7 months after the day when Cao defeated him, William J. Within a week after the indictment, John Pope, in the Times-Picayune ("Gill Pratt named to SUNO Cabinet" in Times-Picayune, 2009 May 28, Saint Tammany Edition, pp.
Privilege: Council's lawyer hass the Rx for embarrassing correspondence" in Times-Picayune, 2009 May 18, Saint Tammany Edition, p. A petition to recall the mayor of suburban Mandeville, Louisiana, amidst controversies unrelated to racial politics in New Orleans per se, failed in February 2009; see the article on Eddie Price Jr. Head at first declined to indicate her reelection plans or lack of them[2] but soon, and generally, indicated to WDSU-TV and WIST-Radio New Orleans AM 690 (Fox News Radio) her intention to be a candidate for 2010 reelection.[34] The recall drive failed to produce the required 18,000 signatures within 180 days. A1, A11; web version = Gill Pratt will sit on SUNO Cabinet), described Mose Jefferson as "Gill Pratt's longtime companion"a€”a situation noted as being "as close as it gets" by columnist Stephanie Grace ("All in the Jefferson family" in Times-Picayune, 2009 May 28, Saint Tammany Edition, p. The attention to Head's e-mails gave society columnist Chris Rose satirical occasion to begin "releasing" his own fictitious e-mail messages to fellow columnist Sheila Stroup about fellow columnist Angus Lind; Rose "made public" the first such message on 2009 May 19 (Chris Rose, "The Chris Rose e-mails" in Times-Picayune, 2009 May 19, Saint Tammany Edition, p. A3, with "Stacy Head Says the S&WB's giveaway encourages institutions to waste water" as the caption.
The following day, setting the tone for a series, Rose continued to parody Head's e-mail style, but with Stroup as the addressee and Lind as the subjecta€”"Chris Rose releases second e-mail" in Times-Picayune, 2009 May 20.

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