I wanted to share this tool  with you, so I took the lists, added in full-meal directions (for 50 different meals), and turned it all into an e-book. My Dinner Hour is Going to be Hectic! Meals You Can Start Ahead so Meal-time Prep is Quick.
The meals you’ll find in this resource are generally healthy (while not following any particular eating plan like Paleo, vegetarian, etc.), family friendly, and budget friendly.
Or, how much would your peace of mind be worth if you knew you had something in the freezer in case a friend needs a meal? I can’t put a price on the latter, and I’m not even going to begin to charge you what you’d pay for one meal for a whole family at restaurant! Nope, I want you to have these whole-meal plans ready for you to use, equipping you to have the confidence you’re looking for.
And when you do I’d love to have you connect with me on Facebook and let me know what you’re going to make first!
Since the inception of the program in 2009, the number of Emergency Meals served annually has increased from 716 meals in the first year to 5,676 meals in 2012-2013. Unlike the traditional Meals on Wheels Program, Emergency Meals on Wheels is not supported through federal grants.
The Emergency Meals on Wheels program needs additional funds to continue to assist elders in recovery and prevent hospital readmission.

How much do meals cost?Emergency Meals on Wheels are provided at no cost to the client for up to four weeks. I was frustrated with having to eat out because my meal plan (or lack thereof) didn’t come through for me. Now you too can prepare for–and therefore avoid– those same meal time emergencies! How much would this book be worth if it saved you just one meal out at a restaurant because you used an idea that helped you avoid a meal time emergency? The EMOW program helps temporarily isolated, homebound seniors who need short term home delivered meals to ensure nutritional intake because they have been discharged from a healthcare facility within the last 30 days.
All volunteers are screened through background checks and receive training prior to their service.
With the finest quality ingredients blended in the most delicious recipes on the market, we've done all the work for you – you just add water and serve! Our food storage kit includes 16 different flavorful entrees and 3 beverages that work great for all situations, everything from emergency preparedness to a backpacking excursion.
The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!!
So I made a list of the circumstances I was finding myself in, and meals that would work in each.

This 180 serving emergency food storage container has 19 different just-add-water gourmet meals that are perfect for long term storage, regular meals or to throw in your backpack. For example, a freeze-dried strawberry is convenient since rehydration is unnecessary and it can be consumed easily in cereal or as a snack. You’ll find at least twenty different step-yb-step meal plans for each of six different dinnertime emergencies.
Another example would be freeze-dried lasagna with meat where it is frozen, dried and packaged for easy rehydration. Our goal is to make food storage easy, so every home can be prepared for a disaster, economic difficulty or even a spontaneous weekend camping trip! In soups and other mixes where the ingredients will be rehydrated in warm or boiling water, dehydrated ingredients are best. With Lindon Farms, you're just one step away from checking emergency food storage off your list.
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