The district’s Emergency Operations Centre was in full force this afternoon following the magnitude 5.8 earthquake just north-west of Wanaka. There are no reports of injury or significant damage in the Queenstown Lakes district after the earthquake at 2.29pm today. The council had activated its Emergency Operations Centre to assess and monitor the situation. Mt Aspiring Road at Glen Finnon Bluff is closed after fallen rock and a crack in the road surface. Council chief executive Adam Feeley said they have been in touch with all emergency services and there are no reports of major damage or injury. Mr Feeley said contractors would carry out an aerial inspection tomorrow morning and an update on the Mt Aspiring Road’s status is expected by 10am.
The $46M Disaster Management Centre will be the largest of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. PEOC — президентский оперативный центре по чрезвычайным ситуациям  является бункером, который находится под Восточным крылом Белого дома.
Bligh Tanner’s civil engineering expertise supports major urban infrastructure, essential to the economic development of our communities.

We are committed to sustainable land development, integrating essential engineering infrastructure with  the urban and natural environments.
Our skill set covers all aspects of civil engineering, planning and design for community infrastructure covering transport, building construction and land development for public and private clients.
The Queensland Emergency Operations Centre in Kedron is the largest disaster management facility in the southern hemisphere.
The project involved the construction of three new data and communication buildings and associated civil and external works.
The program was extremely short to meet an impending resumption of the existing vehicular entry and car parking area for the Airport Link construction, leading to Bligh Tanner fast-tracking the design process to successfully achieve the required delivery deadlines. The new facility is built on the same site, nestled in the heart of an established community. Suggesting little more than a pavilion in the park, the EOC is a truly robust facility, housing municipal operations during emergencies such as 2013’s floods.
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The project represents the construction of a 3 building data and communications centre and commercial office building of approximately 6,000m? NLA. The project is also targeting a 5 Star Green Star rating.
The department has designed a facility in line with the world’s best practice for highly effective communications centre management and disaster coordination for Queensland. Information and communication technology (ICT) will be a major aspect to the project and one of the key enablers to achieving a world class facility. This work includes engineering for major road and rail projects, development of port facilities, and building projects for schools, hospitals and commercial developments.
In order to elegantly integrate into the community, our design team buried the bulk of the building underground, pleasing both the eye and the building’s neighbours. We do this by collaborative integrated planning, design and construction of outstanding healthy sustainable adaptive buildings and communities. Combining experience in town planning, environmental and civil engineering, we provide a service that balances the myriad urban living, planning and development challenges. Not only is it able to sustain itself for up to 72 hours off the grid, but the EOC was built to LEED® Gold standards.

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