The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is the control agency for tsunami in Victoria, which means that we are responsible for planning for tsunami and for managing response if a tsunami does occur.
Even though the overall tsunami risk to Victoria is lower than many other parts of the world, a tsunami may still impact the Victorian coast. Wea€™ve put together some important information that can help you learn more about what you can do to prepare for tsunami. Download the Emergency Toolkit which will help you before, during and after aA tsunami emergency.
The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) has an important role supporting Victoria's emergency management arrangements through planning and preparedness activities.
It does this by assisting municipal councils and other agencies with the provision of advice, information, education and training in relation to emergency management, including the prevention of, response to, and recovery from emergencies.
Under the Victoria State Emergency Service Act 2005, a key function of VICSES is to assist municipal councils in relation to the performance and exercise of their duties under the Emergency Management Act 1986. VICSES is the control agency for flood, storm, tsunami and earthquake in Victoria, managing responses to these emergencies and helping communities to prepare through planning and education. The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is the control agency for storms in Victoria, which means that we are responsible for planning for storms and for managing storm response if they do occur. Storms can happen anywhere, at any time of year and are often accompanied by strong winds, large hailstones and lightning. This year already, VICSES has responded to about 15,000 requests for assistance as a result of storms. It's important to be aware of the dangers of severe weather and learn some simple, useful ways you can take responsibility for your own safety and that of your property. Wea€™ve put together some important information that can help you learn more about what you can do to prepare your home for storms.

A Also, download the Emergency Toolkit which will help you before, during and after aA storm emergency. Sign up to receive our StormSafe newsletter each September, filled with news about events happening during StormSafe Week plus ways you can prepare for and stay safe during storms.
The Department of Justice and Regulation supports the portfolios of Police and Emergency Services and has a range of responsibilities relating to the planning, management and delivery of Victoria's emergency services.
The Emergency Management Manual Victoria contains the principal policies, emergency planning and management arrangements as outlined in Emergency Management Act 2013.
Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) is the overarching body and the chief executive is responsible for the day-to-day management in Victoria. The Inspector-General for Emergency Management (IGEM) provides assurance to the government and the community in respect of emergency management arrangements and fosters continuous improvement.
The department's statutory authorities and emergency services agencies provide on-the-ground emergency response services to the Victorian community. Funding and support is also provided to organisations such as Life Saving Victoria and the Volunteer Coast Guard.
Other government departments and agencies involved with emergency management include the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the Department of Health and Human Services and Ambulance Victoria.
Emergency Management Victoria is the overarching body for emergency management, coordinating emergency management policy and the implementation of emergency management reform. The Inspector-General for Emergency Management will progressively monitor the performance of the emergency management sector and identify opportunities for improvement. The department acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present. The largest tsunami to affect Victoria in recent times occurred in May 1960 after a 9.5 magnitude earthquake in Chile.

You can use the sub-navigation or click on one of the questions below to start preparing now. The Australian Tsunami Advisory Group has put together an interactive online guide that covers everything related to tsunami using videos, animations, spectacular images and in-depth information. VICSES does this through various programmes that support Councils in meeting their legislative obligations.A Learn more about Municipal Emergency Management (EM) Planning.
Additionally, VICSES supports various other agencies before, during and after an emergency.A Learn more about VICSES Emergency Plans.
Storms cost Victorians an average of $28 million each year, and can cause significant damage to homes, businesses and community infrastructure. Much of the damage has been the result of tree branches, trampolines, outdoor furniture or other loose items such as roof tiles becoming flying projectiles in strong winds. The commissioner is responsible for improving the way Victoria plans for, responds to and recovers from emergencies. These include the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), Country Fire Authority (CFA), State Emergency Service (SES) and the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA), many of which rely on volunteers.
Flooding due to blocked drains, cars damaged while parked under trees and falling overhanging branches are some of the other major causes of preventable damage during a storm.

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