When an emergency happens in Queen Charlotte it will take responders time to coordinate operations, make notifications and distribute information. Once a reception center is established all displaced residents should register with Emergency Social Services so we have a record of evacuees.
If the community experiences a major earthquake assume that there is a tsunami risk and evacuate to a designated evacuation area or ideally a friend or relative located above the tsunami hazard zone. It will be a challenge to distribute information to the community quickly if the power, internet or cell services are down.
The Blewbury Parish Council has drawn up an Emergency Plan which will be implemented when the Emergency Services require community support or if a major incident has rendered a group of residents vulnerable.
Whilst the Emergency Services will take the lead in any such eventuality, the PC will endeavour to provide support for those who need it. A phone chain will be set up to ensure that were information needs to be disseminated rapidly throughout the village, for example in case of fire asking residents to restrict water usage in order to keep the water pressure up. Flood and fire will probably have a limited number of victims who can be supported by friends, family and neighbours.  It may be necessary to open a community facility to provide shelter if evacuation of premises is required.
The greatest emergency we anticipate will be long term power cuts with the related loss of water supply.  Under these circumstances the PC will endeavour to offer shelter, heat, food and drink to vulnerable residents who cannot be kept warm and fed in their own homes. The feedback from the public consultation has been very supportive and we are fine-tuning the Plan in the light of comments received.

Assisted living facilities are designed to be a safe haven for the elderly, especially during unavoidable emergencies, such as earthquakes, snowstorms, tornadoes, flooding and wildfires. The staff should be able to tell you they have a solid emergency plan in place and a capable team to carry it out. During major weather events, many assisted living facilities have plans in place in case there is a need to evacuate. Contact us to view our emergency preparedness plan for our senior living communities in OKC. It is important that residents are prepared to take care of themselves and each other during the early hours of an emergency.
Every Village resident should have a copy of the Village of Queen Charlotte Tsunami Guide and Evacuation Map. We will soon be in a position to submit the final Plan for formal review by the District Council.
During the process of choosing a senior care facility, it is important to take a look at how prepared they are to handle such emergencies. You may want to ask who is in charge if an emergency situation occurs and ask specifics about who takes care of supplies, the facility and residents. In some instances, arrangements are made with other facilities where residents can be safe during a storm and then return home once it has passed.

They should have a plan in place so they can ensure the safety of the community, even when the unthinkable occurs.
You can also inquire about what types of disasters the facility may have endured before and how it was handled. Ask how the facility keeps communication open, how family members are informed of the situation and specifically where they can find updates. Some facilities post updates online through a specific website or send emails to family members of residents.
It’s important to know what types of arrangements are planned for these situations and with whom they are made.
Here are some questions to ask when determining how well-prepared the facility is in handling emergency situations.
Ask the facility what they will offer the residents during an emergency event to help occupy them during this time. Ask if the facility has emergency generators in case electricity is affected, and what they would do if it were to stop working too.

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