There are so many talented people out there.  So, I love it when they share their talents with the rest of us! Bekah from Pinch A Little, Save a Lot created cute Family Emergency Planning Kits that you can print off for FREE.  They include pages for Emergency Contacts, a Family Emergency Plan, an Emergency Preparedness Sheet and more.
I’ve re-pinned her Family Emergency Printable Planning Kits on Pinterest.  So, feel free to re-pin and share as well! The reasons that people and preppers go about preparing, are many and wide ranging (What Are You Prepping For?). First come up with the major areas or categories that are of the most importance to your survival, your needs and well being. They may not be the same for everyone, but here are some ideas for the top row of the org chart to get you going. Will everything you do be the result of manual labor, or will you enable alternative energy sources… Short term solutions, generator, fuel.
Short and long term solutions including cash on hand, precious metals, other tangible assets that will store wealth for trade, barter or holdover to next financial system. First aid, supplies, training, knowledge, know-how, prevention, medications, natural solutions, where to go or what to do for major emergencies in a collapsed society… Infections can kill.

Understanding the risks and threat assessment based on current events and knowledge, is paramount to success. These top level categories each will easily contain many sub-categories right beneath them.
Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof. Alternatively, if someone did not have internet access, they could call our customer service centre and ask to speak to the Emergency Planning Team. Be it for surviving after an economic collapse or an EMP blast that takes down the power grid, the planning and preparation can be become unwieldy and overwhelming, especially while considering a complete social breakdown and the requirements to keep one’s self and family safe, sustained, and viable into the future. It’s the County Council Emergency Planning Team’s job to make sure that Northamptonshire is as prepared as it can be for extreme weather, an accident, or other circumstances that might put us at risk. You’ll help run reception centres providing a base for emergency service personnel and a refuge for evacuees. Gardening, hunting, trading, equipment, know-how, sustainability, food groups, edibility of indigenous plants, etc.
After you put the caps on them they are water tight and air tight and you can burry them for later retrieval.

Resources on the ground and community preparedness are vital to ensure that danger and lasting damage caused in an incident is minimised.
I have used PVC for anything from seeds, ammunition, guns, medical supplies etc and they will keep for a long time.
One way is to have each page with a top level item followed by the immediate subsets, while the next page may be a subset with its own list of sub-subsets, etc.
Just keep in mind that every shower, brushing of teeth, cooking and drinking is coming from a very limited source. Once you do this you will better understand that what you take for granted NOW will be a luxury later.

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