Simple things like paying your electricity bills on time keeping your cell phone charged will matter a lot during a blizzard. Stock up your pantry and fridge and cellar and other nook where you normally keep your food in the house. Get a box and fill it with some emergency equipment like a flashlight or two with plenty of extra batteries. If the local weather reports are giving out a warning that a blizzard is going to hit, be sure to charge all of your cell phones before the power goes out. Frostbite occurs when the skin and body tissues are exposed to cold temperature for a long period of time.
You can treat frostsnip with first-aid measures, including rewarming your skin. All other frostbite requires medical attention because it can damage skin, tissues, muscle and bones. Indoor activities such as board games, cards, puzzles and coloring books for smaller children will keep the entire family entertained while you wait out on a storm. High winds and blowing snow can create white-out conditions, making the area zero visibility and making it easy for you to get lost. Traveling in a blizzard is just not a good idea, avoid traveling even the shortest distance during a blizzard.
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Follow the advice of the American Red Cross and assemble a single bag full of items that are essential for survival during a disaster. When winter comes to the north it brings along the potential for blizzards and powerful nor'easters.
In addition to being snowed in and unable to leave your home, severe nor'easters and snowstorms can also be accompanied by spells of sub-freezing temperatures and if the storm had knocked out power in your area staying warm will a high priority. Having warm clothing including insulated socks, fleece pullovers, wool knit hats, gloves and thermal underwear will also help you stay warm when temperatures drop. If a winter storm is bad enough you may be isolated for a few days since roads and highways will be covered in snow. 1 Person Earthquake Survival Kit by for Disaster Emergency Preparedness Hurricane Tornado Flood Blizzard Earthquake Terrorism home car office by Earthquake Supply CenterQuality survival supplies to help you get through the first 3 days of an emergency.
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You don’t have to be the ultimate prepper to survive a blizzard, but everyone should have a working knowledge of cold weather know how. You don’t want to lose electricity to an unpaid bill before a snowstorm hits your place and knocks out your power. Make sure to include non-perishable food such as canned goods that you don’t have to heat, bread and margarine, fruits and vegetables that can stand being at room temperature for a few days. Keep at least 10 gallons of water on hand, more if you have a large number of household members.
It may be the only means of contact left once electricity and phone lines die, and in the event you need help, you won’t want to be without phone service! No matter what the situation, if you’re stuck in a blizzard, keeping yourself and everyone else entertained will nurture a positive mental attitude and a will to live which are both as important as any survival technique.

Items in the kit will vary based upon the size of your family and each person's medications. Though not as hyped as hurricanes and earthquakes, a severe winter storm can cause massive damage too including cars and homes buried under snow and ice, downed power lines and flooding when the snow begins to melt. With no electricity you will be without heat and hot water and while waiting for power to be restored you will need warm blankets and kerosene heaters with supplies of fuel to keep from freezing and frostbite.
Remember to stay active since remaining stagnant will only make cold temperatures worse by lowering your blood circulation. If power lines are down due to freezing rain you may be without power during this period so it is essential that you have backup supplies for staying warm and providing light.
Watch for whiteout’s and always stay indoors and avoid driving during these types of storms.
Keep sleeping bags and wool blankets and kerosene heater with enough fuel for a week of steady use. Watch out for numbness, tingling, burning, itching, and pale skin that is is very cold to touch, hard and waxy looking as these are signs of superficial frostbite or frostsnip. If you live in areas that are at risk for severe winter storms such as Minnesota, Illinois and upstate New York be prepared for blizzards and nor'easters by having well-equipped disaster and first aid kits to protect you and your family during snowstorms.
Other suggestions are to keep water running if possible to prevent pipes from freezing and to lower the temperature in the house to conserve fuel. Exercising and moving around often will help to keep your body temperature up and prevent hypothermia. By stocking up on emergency supplies and fully-equipped first aid kits and disaster kits you have a much better chance of surviving severe winter storms.

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