It’s the motto of the Boy Scouts and an injunction well heeded before times of crisis, while the power is on and the shops are open.
Below is a checklist of suggestions—with product numbers—you can pick up today at your local London Drugs. And here is aWhat is the best kind of emergency kit?In some disasters, your best (or only) escape will be by foot, and you’ll want to be able to take your emergency kit with you. A good example:8340861 ATLANTIC ROLLING DUFFEL 32 INCHHow much water do I need in an emergency?The Government of Canada rates your daily water needs at 2 litres per person.

If you have young children, you’ll need formula, baby food, diapers and any needed medications. If you have children you will want kid-sized antihistamines and analgesics (pain relievers). It never hurts to have a couple of bottles of water, cans of foods, and blankets in your trunk. During the times when you’re grateful to be safe, but waiting to return home, you’ll be happy to have diversions on hand.

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