While all Colorado voters receive a ballot in the mail, it is still vitally important to have centrally located Voter Service and Polling Center locations for voters who either need to vote in person with special equipment or simply prefer to cast their ballot in person. Voter Service and Polling Centers are places residents can drop off a mail ballot, cast a ballot in person, request a replacement ballot, register to vote or update registration information, or vote using equipment for persons with disabilities. The Colorado County Clerks Association will grant 4 regional one-time awards in the amount of $1,000 to seniors graduating from Colorado high schools to further their education at any university, college, junior college or technical institution. Financial aid awarded by the association will be remitted to the institution of attendance and will be credited to the student's account. Each district will select a finalist and forward their selection to the Executive Board by April 24, 2015.
Any legal, permanent resident of Boulder County enrolled in, or applying to, a vocational training program or institution of higher learning in the State of Colorado as a full, or part-time student is eligible to apply. Scholarship announcements have been mailed to all high school offices in the eligible counties, and to all Colorado higher education institutions. To finalize the election, as stated by law, the Boulder County Clerk prepared and made available to the public a statement of the total number of votes cast in the election for each candidate and for and against each ballot issue. Last week, Clerk Hall received word that the Secretary of State’s office accepted the official statewide abstract of votes cast for state races and issues. Although some have raised questions about the effect of the canvass board’s prior decision not to certify, Clerk Hall says the election results stand. Because the margin of victory was so large in all of the races and ballot issues involved, no recount was triggered or requested.
Composition of the canvass board: The canvass board is composed of two members from each of the “major” political parties plus the Clerk. 2014 Canvass Board Vote: This year, the canvass board signed off on the election audit, which tests the election’s vote tallying systems and processes to ensure accuracy, but in a 4-to-3 decision voted to not certify the election results.
Earlier this week, elections staff completed the 2014 election audit, a post-election quality assurance test that ensures the accuracy of the machine tally of votes.
Despite the fact that there were no documented discrepancies found in the audit or reconciliation that impacted the outcome of any contest, the Boulder County Canvass Board voted in a 4-to-3 decision to not certify the election. In regard to these actions, Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall had the following to say, “The Canvass Board’s decision not to certify is purely political, without basis and out of line with their role as defined by Colorado law. Hall continued, “The election judges and our staff did an outstanding job conducting the 2014 General Election. By Secretary of State Rule, if nothing found in the audit or reconciliation of the election impacts the outcome of the election, the results must be certified.
The Canvass Report, Statement of Vote and audit documentation is now available at BoulderCountyVotes.org. The server upgrade will enhance maintenance and support of the Colorado State Titling and Registration system, which means better performance for the citizens of Colorado. The Division of Motor Vehicles apologizes for any inconvenience due to this important maintenance work.
Boulder County also has three 24-Hour Ballot Drop Boxes that can be utilized overnight tonight and up until 7 p.m. Voters who have returned their mail ballots can check BoulderCountyVotes.org to make sure their voted ballot has been received by the Boulder County Elections Division. Additionally, for the public’s convenience, the Elections Division has added a new ballot drop-off location at the Lyons Town Hall. Visit BoulderCountyVotes.org to view ballot content, see if your ballot has been processed if returned, or find more information about the election. Specifically, the recent news article mentioned the need for additional Republican Party election judges for Signature Verification roles. During each open house, Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall will give walking tours of the election wing approximately every 30 minutes as needed. These tours offer people interested in local elections the opportunity to see how ballots are processed, understand how signatures are verified on mail ballots, and learn about how ballot resolution works among other ballot processing procedures and safeguards. Also, any citizen who has resided in Colorado at least 22 days may register up to and including Election Day.
Please visit BoulderCountyVotes.org to view ballot content, see if your ballot has been processed if returned, or find more information about the election. Welcome to our final week of Emergency Preparedness.  Over the past 2 months, I have shared how my family is prepared for an unexpected emergency or natural disaster. Week #1 Storage- This week we designated a space in our home that would store all of the essentials needed for an emergency. If you have not yet created your emergency survival station, you can purchase my E-Book, with step by step instructions on how to create your own station. I would become a shelf reliance consultant to get reduce priced items and to share the product with family and friends.
Basically, OPSEC is the idea that the details of your preparations should be on a need-to-know basis. My water supply is hidden throughout my home in old soda bottles, mostly in closets behind other stuff.
It’s not for everyone, but my husband and I will also include our guns if we have to evacuate.
I live in Canada so I don’t need nor can I have bazookas, rifles, pistols, or tazers as the main components for my kit. Could you please explain what exactly you put in the backpack and HOW you fit it all in there. Allergy to penicillin is the most commonly reported allergy, which leads to a restriction of your medication choices, and the use of more expensive and less effective antibiotics to treat common infections.
Allergic symptoms to penicillin range from a mild skin rash to a severe reaction called anaphylaxis, which can be fatal if not treated in time. CDC recommends physicians to test patients for a true penicillin allergy before prescribing broad-spectrum antibiotics, the frequently used alternative to penicillin.
Since many patients have been wrongly diagnosed over the years, either by overly cautious physicians or physicians not qualified to conduct thorough allergy testing, many people have been forced to use costly and less successful penicillin equivalent medications to treat their infections. Alert the community to be cautious when choosing a physician for penicillin allergy testing to avoid inaccurate diagnosis and costly, ineffective drugs and treatments. Inform that testing usually takes about three hours to complete and it consists of two phases.
First, the skin is pricked and injected with small amounts of penicillin to then observe for a reaction. Second, after the skin test is completed without a positive reaction, an oral challenge to either penicillin or amoxicillin is administered to confirm the patient can safely take the medication. If a person has a negative skin test and no reaction to an oral dose of the antibiotic, they can then be safely classified as having no allergies to penicillin.
The season of blooms, pastel colored flowers, fresh fragrances, celebrated by Botticelli as rebirth and life, may not be as ideal if you add allergies to the mix. There are 4 families of allergens and the ones called environmental are the equivalent of a big, raucous, noisy huge family. Pollen, dust, particles visible and invisible, dirt, mold, trees, grasses, dust mites and pet dander,  imagine them all entering in contact with your body and producing undesired results. Pollen can also cause a cross-reaction known as food allergy syndrome : patients reacting to grasses or some trees may also be allergic to related fruits and vegetables. We leave this to scientists and experts to determine, but we would like to draw attention to them.
We have decided to dedicate the first post of 2016 to answer those first-timer questions patients, parents and care-takers have.
Let us begin by wishing a very Happy New Year to everybody, filled with health, happiness and a great deal of success. We have decided to dedicate the first post of 2016 to answer those first timer questions patients, parents and care takers have. Doctor and nurses give you a list of tips, suggestions, ideas, pamphlets, changes that involve your daily life that come as a cold shower.
Then you go home and you have to explain to your child, children, family members, report to school, colleagues and start living a new life. Parents with one of the children allergic to food tend to feel assured by testing everyone even before the incurring of a first reaction as a form of prevention.
It’s been shown that results may be false-positive and cause more confusion than reassurance. Take one step at a time, keep your epinephrine available at all times, don’t panic and educate your family. Overlapping symptoms of both ailments: Digestive struggles (stomach cramps) Gastro-intestinal complications (diarrhea). The help of a professional nutritionist, the pediatrician and the allergist will assist you in the process of keeping up with growth standards and peace of mind.
To learn about the substitutes refer to this article published by Kids with Food Allergies Foundation.
To better serve you, we moved to a location with plenty of free parking available at all times.
Please note that hours of operations, email address, phone and fax numbers haven’t changed. It’s been a year of accomplishments, challenges, surprises, discoveries and we went through it with you.
Overall, there’s so much information about allergies and asthma, that why bother reiterating it and concentrating on the risk of ending up at the ER? School gatherings for Thanksgiving or holiday celebrations can be stressful instead of fun and joyful: do you really trust someone who is not familiar with food allergies to know the repercussions of using, touching or mixing an allergen in the recipe? There are some chances you could be allergic to house plants and even pine, although rare in South Florida, but if you suffer from environmental allergies you may want to watch out for synthetic trees, garlands and scented potpourri that are catalysts for humidity, accumulated dust and eventually mold. Excited for the opportunity to expand the care for our patients with a valuable member of the specialty, we invite you to visit the website for his complete bio. First of all, let us confess that we like decorating, choosing costumes, getting dressed up, trick or treating and waiting for children to show up at the doorstep.
This is why we have been searching for ideas on activities to do with our families other than the ones that involve preparations for the night of October 31st.
A dream for parents of small children and truly, with children suffering from allergies or asthma, staying indoor is more than a simple choice. Temperatures have calmed down and even if we encounter the usual rainy cloud, rain-boots and seeking shelter under a porch momentarily will be compensated by fresher air.
If you have environmental allergies you may want to be prepared for sun, dust, grasses, bring Epinephrine auto-injector, insect stings repellant sprays and creams.
In Florida they are of course indoor (although we hear that there are some built outdoor just for a short period of time) but they are the best excuse to wear some snow gear, scarf, beanies & gloves. Statistics show that approximately two weeks after Labor Day there is a peak day for hospitalizations and ER visits due to asthma episodes.
We still have a window of happiness with Labor Day, the last long weekend before we mean business as usual. However, an unusual date is lurking in the calendar for all who suffer from allergy and asthma.
Statistics show that approximately two weeks after Labor Day is the peak day for hospitalizations and ER visits due to asthma episodes. Asthma is a chronic disease that causes inflammation of respiratory airways; however environmental allergens may exacerbate the flares. What happens in September is that children are exposed to all potential triggers upon going back to school and being in their classrooms. Monitoring the daily count and the weather forecast support the allergic patient and help them with the prevention of unwanted symptoms. What one is allergic to is not the visible yellow dust that deposits on car’s windshields, but the invisible particles produced by grasses and trees. When inhaled by the allergic patient, those particles irritate the respiratory ducts and cause allergy symptoms such as eye redness, trouble breathing and nose running commonly known as hay fever. Prescribed medications and pollen awareness are preventative measures to diminish asthma attacks.
This year we have decided to go a bit further than just school-aged students and we have gathered resources, tips, suggestions, forms also for college students, aiming to extend our reach of awareness. Speak, meet, educate the school‘s employees and caregivers your child will be in contact with.
Be sure to have a Food Action Plan filled out by your allergist, as well as your 504 Plan or the health plan that most fits your child’s condition. Your child must be confident that everybody around him knows what to do in case an emergency should arise. Know that children with allergies, especially food allergies, have a three-fold increased risk of incurring a severe reaction. Before moving in: after you have selected the college, you have to extend your reach from the staff strictly pertaining to food handling, to the dorm staff, resident advisor and counselor who will all need a copy of your emergency treatment plan delivered or emailed. Now that you are free from your parent’s supervision, it may come easy to slip into the habit of not following restrictions and best practices regarding your allergies and asthma. First of all you should keep up with the schedule on how your medications have been prescribed.
One more time, the most compelling tool in preventing emergencies or anaphylactic attacks is knowledge and the strength that comes with it.
Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Care is sharing with the community the results of a study that evaluated strategies of peanut consumption and avoidance to determine which strategy were most effective in preventing the development of peanut allergy in infants at high risk for the allergy. Peanut allergy has become the leading cause of anaphylaxis and death related to food allergy in the United States. The Learning Early About Peanut (LEAP) study randomly assigned 640 infants with severe eczema, egg allergy, or both to consume or avoid peanuts until 60 months of age. The conclusion was that the early introduction of peanuts significantly decreased the frequency of the development of peanut allergy among children at high risk for this allergy and modulated immune responses to peanuts. During the 2015 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Annual Meeting in Houston, Professor Gideon Lack, MB, BCh, presented the highly anticipated results from the LEAP study, providing evidence that early introduction of peanuts offers protection from the development of peanut allergies.
Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Care regularly treat patients of all ages with peanut and food allergies. Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Care has been in business for 40 years and has board certified physicians with extensive experience in treating both adults and children. A pet allergy, like any other allergy, is an immune system response to a protein it has encountered that the body has interpreted as foreign and overreacts to combat it.
The most common symptoms of pet allergies can mimic symptoms of hay fever or rhinitis, chiefly sneezing, congestion, itchy watery eyes, coughing and wheezing, eczema or rashes. Keep your air clean by using a HEPA filtered air purifier system, changing filters seasonally. Vacuum frequently using a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner, which permanently traps airborne allergens. Use a nasal lavage daily to wash away allergens that may have collected in the nasal cavity. Bathe your pets weekly using a dander-reducing shampoo, which can reduce the level of allergens by as much as 84%. An allergy specialist can use their training and expertise to accurately diagnose your symptoms and determine the best course of treatment to help you or a loved one manage their symptoms so you can adopt a pet.
Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Care has been in business since 1974 and has Board Certified physicians in allergy with extensive experience in treating both adults and children. The frequently asked questions of patients diagnosed with a pet allergy, because, if you have allergies to pets, you don’t need to put your companions up for adoption. In South Florida we are blessed with warm and sunny weather that doesn’t allow high rates of air pollution, but we are not exonerated from airborne allergens such as pollen, dust, mold, dust mites and also pet dander. Because June is pet adoption month and because we will never get tired of saying one more time that if you have allergies to pets you don’t have to put your companions up for adoption, we have rounded up the top questions patients ask our doctors when diagnosed with a pet allergy in a series of downloadable images for you to share.
The protein contained in the saliva, dander and urine of your four-legged friend is what you are allergic to. PLEASE NOTE: if symptoms are severe and evolve in asthma attacks and hospitalization, stricter measures must be taken prioritizing the health of the patient. The most effective treatment is immunotherapy (allergy shots) that helps the body desensitize over a period of time.
The fur length of the pet doesn’t interfere with the allergic potential of the animal, however the longer the fur the more it can collect other airborne allergens such as pollen or dust.
At the beginning of the school year there’s a spike in asthma episodes, because children allergic to cats are reintroduced to the allergen that may not be present at home, but brought by their schoolmates.
The Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Care announced their support for Food Allergy Awareness Week. When hosting guests with food allergies at home, all the recommended steps should be taken to avoid any uncomfortable or dangerous situation.
With 17 locations in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Care can help you get your symptoms under control.
Emergency Preparedness Week 2014 is from May 4 – 10 and the Halton Hills Fire Department is partnered again with the Ontario Fire Marshall Emergency Management playing a leading role co-ordinating activities and events. This annual event takes place to inform community residents and businesses about the preparation and needs in the event of an emergency. In an effort to increase awareness and understanding of Emergency Preparedness, Ontario Fire Marshall Emergency Management (OFMEM), would like to encourage all Ontarians to take the Emergency Preparedness Challenge. From making a family emergency plan to preparing a 72 hour Emergency Preparedness Kit, we encourage you to discuss Emergency Preparedness with your family, your neighbours, friends and colleagues. The iPhone SE promises an A9 processor with faster LTE and Wi-Fi speeds, better battery life, 4k and 240 fps slow-mo video recording, live photo support, and Apple Pay. The starting price for the 38mm Apple Watch Sport is now $299, down $50 from the introductory price. Apple announced the launch of Carekit, a companion to ResearchKit that allows six partner medical organizations, including John Hopkins University and Stanford Medicine, to create apps to help patients monitor their symptoms and care with their doctor.
Apple also gave an update on its goal to run all facilities on 100 percent renewable energy.
Many firms create a 10-20-page written information security plan that formalizes the definitions and policies that govern the creation, access, and deletion of confidential information and computing services. Regulatory Risks – Following the right security practices will enable you to achieve clean audits from industry and government regulators. Personal Email – Even if your employee is following all of your processes and practices with work-related email, you could still be vulnerable if her private, personal email is breached or corrupted. By developing an internal culture of security, the organization does far more than deploy and configure bits and bytes. Show investors that you have a 3+ year budget for working capital without any performance fees. Make sure to properly allocate expense and investment opportunities if you decide to launch a single investor fund or separately managed accounts. When it comes to seed arrangements, pick the right partner and put parameters around potential issues that could arise. Become familiar with the changing expectations on the cybersecurity front, from both investors and regulators.
Investment firms often place too much emphasis on managing portfolios and not enough on managing the business as a whole. The decisions you make from the outset will define how your firm is regarded within the industry, by both investors and competitors. Since the 2008 economic collapse and scandals caused by the likes of Madoff, transparency has become a key requirement for investors.
By investing upfront in operational and technology systems that can support your business and propel operations, you provide your firm with marketing tools that will far surpass the capabilities of a presentation or pitch book. These critical considerations are ideal for new managers to address as they enter the startup phase.
Operating capital may be limited in the first few years after your launch, so careful budgeting and long range planning will serve your firm well. Governmental oversight of the financial industry has evolved dramatically in the last decade. Apart from registration, you should also determine if there are any legislative implications for your new firm. Since 2014, cybersecurity preparedness is also a critical area of focus for regulatory bodies. Cloud services offer more flexibility than traditional infrastructure models and, beyond cost-savings, can reap rewards for new launches. Of course, one of the greatest benefits to using an outsourced cloud service is professional management and monitoring.
Beyond infrastructure safeguards, it is critical that firms implement policies and procedures to protect firm and client assets. While the list of considerations is surely long for new hedge fund managers, we've whittled it down to 10 Keys to Launching a Hedge Fund Successfully - a guide for new startups to use when setting off on their new journey. We at Eze Castle Integration have identified the top four reasons why backups are critical to not only a firm’s growth, but also their survival. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has instituted regulations on the storage of financial records and electronic communication, and financial industry regulatory agencies such as FINRA now provide standards and guidance information on potential threats.

The reasoning behind these recommendations is the volume of things that can go wrong with your data storage solution. Regulatory and compliance organizations recognize the necessity of data security and advocate for firms to have a comprehensive backup solution in place. As reported by Gartner in the 2015 Gartner MQ Report for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances, by 2017, the number of enterprises using the cloud as a backup destination will double, growing from twelve percent (12%) today. Consider the impact to your business if you lost the data held in your CRM, financial, or reporting systems. Backups should be an integrated part of not only the IT department, but of the overall business strategy. Businesses invest large amounts of time, money and resources into their operations; however, most are lacking a plan to protect this hard work.
Because the security of data is imperative, it’s critical that firms choose the right provider to maintain tight control and visibility over business critical information. Marc Berger’s opening statements emphasized the extent of the cybersecurity threat currently facing firms across a wide swath of industries. Where there is reliance on third-party service providers, the AAM is NOT relieved of its cybersecurity risks but rather, has the obligation to assess and monitor the provider’s security policies and procedures and conduct adequate due diligence.
While the SEC has issued various Risk Alerts providing guidance on areas of focus, the guidance and rules are not prescriptive. Only 39% agree that their organization has ample resources to ensure all cybersecurity requirements are met.
We spend a lot of time educating our clients about security best practices and encouraging them to implement comprehensive security policies and procedures to mitigate risk and protect both the firm and its employees.
While companywide policies should reflect long-range expectations and corporate best practices, they should also include tactical recommendations that employees can follow to ensure they are complying with the company’s overall risk strategy. Provide information such as login IDs, passwords, social security numbers, account numbers, etc. But what effect do these changes have for the person responsible for technology at a hedge fund or investment firm? Regulatory Requirements: With the Dodd-Frank Act and other new regulations in effect, investment management firms have a whole new host of requirements to meet. Compliance: In addition to complying with the regulatory requirements above, there are also new internal compliance procedures hedge fund CTOs have to grapple with. Communication Skills: Despite the fact that they are forced to work with inanimate objects all day, technologists must also maintain good communication skills to support their technical operations.
While dealing with increased focus and responsibilities relative to regulations, compliance, and due diligence have added to the plates of hedge fund CTOs, another phenomenon has also contributed to this change in role.
While some firms have opted to reduce or eliminate their IT staffs and outsource all technology, others have opted to maintain internal technology resources while also utilizing the cloud. Regardless of the approach, the prevalence of cloud computing in the hedge fund industry is driving technologists to evolve their technical and non-technical skills.
Voice over IP has come a long way especially in the business world, but many financial services firms still have hesitations about making the switch. Call quality is a key concern and can be impacted by a number of items including the network, available bandwidth and even the type of phones being used.
When evaluating VoIP for financial firms, it is important to inquire about the underlying network and how voice traffic is prioritized and routed. According to the FCC, if you are moving from one geographic area to another, however, you may not be able to take your number with you. The report found that in 55 percent of all cyber attacks in 2014 were carried out by either malicious insiders or inadvertent actors and that unauthorized access triggered nearly twice as many incidents in 2014 compared with 2013. Another example cited was that malicious code and sustained probes together accounted for 40 percent of all the incidents observed. These examples demonstrate that the risks facing large organizations and smaller firms (read: hedge funds) are just as real.
Feedback on eSentire’s offering and approach is always received positively and the spark for this tech spotlight article. Eze Castle Integration and eSentire are working together to give hedge funds using the Eze Private Cloud or on-premise IT complete protection from security risks that could jeopardize operations and threaten proprietary information.
In a SaaS model, firms are offered a complete range of applications via the Internet, all of which are managed by the hedge fund cloud provider.
Infrastructure as a Service provides data centre, infrastructure hardware and software resources over the Internet.
The Internet, of course, is an essential vehicle for collecting and distributing market data, as well as communicating with your clients, investors and partners via email. Whichever Internet access method you select, seek out a plan that bundles proactive monitoring and security features to ensure the highest possible availability. During a disaster or emergency situation, you may need to survive an extended period of time without power, city water, or gas. You should keep all of your emergency supplies in one location, in your home (the emergency survival station). Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster but they cannot reach everyone immediately. The following contents are items I found important to have on hand, from my research on emergency preparedness.
My husband just got me an LED lantern for Christmas that has a cell phone charger and radio, too. Your list and wise advice can make a world of difference for any family going through an area wide emergency.
I want to say again, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and helping each of us think about being prepared for an emergency. Solar charged path lights make a good substitute for lanterns and can be found at Walmart for very little during the summer months.
If it’s cold and snows like it does where I live, you can add some of those packages of hand warmers. Members of the university’s Emergency Operations Group take part in a staged exercise on campus. Last week, the Emergency Operations Group and Crisis Management Team were called into action during a staged exercise designed to test and evaluate the system. Emergency Operations Group members met in the university’s Emergency Operations Centre, a functional space outfitted with special phone lines, TVs and a host of other equipment that might be required during an emergency, such as maps, computers and printers. The exercise was a valuable learning experience aimed at improving the efficiency of the university’s emergency response. The University of Calgary has an emergency text messaging system designed to ensure the ongoing safety of students, faculty and staff. Pets -- except for guide dogs -- will not be accepted at reception centres in Brampton due to health regulations. Residents with pets should plan to self-evacuate early with pets when a disaster approaches. Plans should be made in advance with a neighbour to evacuate pets should residents not be home.  Arrangements should include meeting at a pre-arranged location. Animals should not be left off-leash during emergencies or approaching emergencies, as they may not behave in a predictable fashion. If pets must be left behind, a supply of food and water for several days should be left with them. The City of Brampton Evacuation Plan indicates that City of Brampton Animal Services will provide overall coordination with other agencies such as local veterinarians, the Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals and the Humane Society in an evacuation emergency. Boulder County will have 16 Voter Service and Polling Centers open throughout the county on Election Day with some of those locations opening as early as two weeks before Election Day. Members of the Executive Board of the County Clerk's Association will finalize the scholarship awards by May 1, 2015. There are no restrictions as to the course of study or training which may be pursued, and no restrictions are placed upon applications by reason of race, creed, age, gender, or national origin. Applications will be reviewed by a local committee appointed by Sheriff Pelle, and a selection will be made on the basis of criteria established by CSOC.
Since then, this effort has continued as a meaningful expression of the sheriffs’ confidence in and respect for education and training. For more information, contact your local high school, college, County Sheriffs of Colorado, or the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. At this point, challenges to the election of candidates to office or the result of a ballot issue election are allowed only in narrow circumstances, such as fraud or corruption that could change the result of the election.
In the 2010 gubernatorial race, candidate Tom Tancredo of the American Constitution Party received more than 10% of the vote statewide, the American Constitution Party (ACN) earned “major” party status until the next gubernatorial election, this year. This was in spite the fact that there were no significant discrepancies in the audit or in the reconciliation reports. There was previously an election rule allowing a county clerk to certify local election results when the canvass board failed to certify.
Boulder County used the state prescribed audit process which randomly selects the scanning systems, the electronic machines and the contests which to audit. Our election vote reconciliation and audit show that the Boulder County election results are accurate. Colorado currently has three major parties: American Constitution, Democratic and Republican.
They have tried for years to get the courts or the legislature to change the way election canvass boards conduct their business, but have been unsuccessful in their attempts. Our office recommends that if you need a printed title immediately, that you either come in prior to the upgrade on Friday, November 7 or afterwards on Wednesday, November 12. Beginning on Monday, November 3, seven additional Voter Service and Polling Centers will be available to service voter needs. If you need to register to vote, update your registration information, request a replacement ballot, or vote using equipment or facilities for people with disabilities, please visit a Voter Service and Polling Center.
Those positions have been filled by the Republican Party Chair and any additional interested individuals must contact the party.
No mail ballot is ever processed and counted without a bipartisan team of election judges verifying that the signature on your ballot envelope matches the signature on your voter registration record.
Drive-by ballot drop-off locations open in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, and a new walk-up station in Erie.
We have designated a space in our home for the station, built our 72 hour kits,  stored the necessary amounts of water & supplies, gathered up all the important documents we need,  as well as added comfort items, hygiene kits, and pet kits to our station. It also comes with your emergency binder “printables kit” with several pages to fill out your family information. The series will be on my blog for reference.  You will enjoy this much needed 8 week series to get your family prepared! I have been working on a family care plan (emergency family care plan) as a nursing school project. Toni, you did an excellent job of making this series very user friendly and welcoming to those who are starting out for the first time to build a family preparedness plan. Not only would they provide us with a sense of security, but they wouldn’t be at home if looters were to come looking.
I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
However, the longer people are on their own the more desperate they become and the prepared are the ones who will be a target for the unprepared. They may be able to take penicillin without any adverse reactions, either because they were never allergic, or because their allergy has been resolved. If you don’t want to go to bed with your worst enemy, which are the particles of pollen in your hair and skin, remove make-up and wash your hair before going to bed. If you get tested, diagnosed and treated by an allergist, chances are those symptoms will vanish.
Sometimes, by knowing that you are not alone and you have not only medical support, but a virtual place where you can go back and feel reassured, it helps. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described, please refer to your physician, go to the first ER or contact one of our centers for a consultation. We hope you’ll get acquainted with our new facility and look forward to welcoming you soon. Knowledge brings power and inclusiveness, no kid or adult should feel isolated or different because he or she cannot enjoy the eggnog or the pecan pie. If you think about it, before being diagnosed, did you really know what gluten was or that lactose intolerance is different from milk allergy?
Visiting family members who own a cat that is allowed to jump on the sofa and purrs affectionately can really stir a domino effect of symptoms. Correa is not new to FCAAC, he took a short hiatus and we welcome him back to serve the communities of Fort Lauderdale and North Miami Beach. You may end up with a couple of extra bruises if you are not really a pro at skating but it will provide an extraordinary experience.
When it comes to trick or treating in the neighborhood follow all rules and suggestions to make it safe and fun. Close contact facilitates subsequent exposure to colds or viruses that may affect student’s immune systems. It’s a mistake dropping the use of medications during the summer months when a child gets better.
More pressure is on when it comes to sending your children with food allergies and asthma to school.
This may take time, pragmatism, patience, diplomacy: just use your best disposition and offer material, information, training when needed. Don’t underestimate immunotherapy and anything the allergist has prescribed to keep allergies under control. Educate them on the importance of avoiding the allergen and how to recognize the approaching of an anaphylactic attack. It is known that asthma medications are effective only if taken consistently, not when needed.
A new environment may put you at higher risk of exposure to dust, mold, smoke, pollen, pet dander which may exacerbate irritation and flare-up  asthma episodes. By means of our blog posts we aim to provide support and awareness to friends and families affected by the diseases we treat. The new results show that introducing infants to peanut can lead to a reduced chance of developing peanuts allergy. In the United States alone, the prevalence of peanut allergy has more than quadrupled in the past 13 years, growing from 0.4% in 1997 to more than 2% in 2010. FCAAC has 17 centers throughout South Florida, serving communities in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. There are solutions to help those allergic to animals who have ever thought about either not getting a pet or surrendering the one they currently have.
All breeds are capable of producing a certain quantity of allergen per week, enough for your body to react. Children should be prepared for when they begin school where they may share meals with children who may have food allergy. Efforts should be made to avoid cross contamination and to truly understand the consequences in the event a guest gets in contact with the allergen.
Allergy is an abnormal immune response to the protein contained in the specific food that can lead to itching of the skin or the throat, swollen lips, trouble breathing and in severe cases anaphylaxis.
The best approach is to support an inclusive environment which cannot be created without knowledge and information,” says Adriana M. The unexpected Ice Storm of 2013 brought Halton Hills residents and businesses to their knees. We help you find local Georgetown shops, restaurants, salons, spas, retail stores, and professional services. Fittingly, CEO Tim Cook also discussed security at length – not shying away from concerns resulting from the current fight with the FBI. The 16GB model, as well as a 64 GB model for $499 go up for pre-order on March 24, 2016, with the first units shipping March 31, 2016. In addition, the screen of the new iPad pro will be 40% less reflective than that of the iPad Air 2, but will be 25% brighter.
The most important development is the introduction of voice dictation support – meaning you can ask Siri to search for a specific movie as well as enter your username and password. Users can record, track, and compare their symptoms with their doctors, and in turn the physicians can create a list of care instructions that are adjusted based on the CareKit information.
Currently, 93 percent of its facilities run on renewable power, and 100 percent of US facilities are environmentally friendly. That can be everything from a definition of personally identifiable information (PII), a description of user access privileges and roles, or policies regarding USB thumb-drives. It commits to defining and following thoughtful, far-ranging policies to eliminate the needless internal vulnerabilities that often go unrecognized. Not only must emerging managers evaluate traditional deployment strategies, but consider current factors influencing the financial landscape.
There was quite a bit of content discussed during the 1-hour event, so we’ve pulled out some key takeaways. Target those who have a history of being receptive to founder share class and who may offer lower management and performance fees. Recognize where the private cloud has an edge: high-touch, industry-specific service and support, scalability and application integration, and security and compliance. Value is derived from knowledge of the application, knowledge of business, and having a dedicated support team. By taking into account all aspects of your firm and relying on trusted service providers to support operations, you prove to the greater investment industry that you should be taken seriously and can operate successfully in a challenging environment. Nothing less than full disclosure is expected of firms from the newest launches to the most established investment firms. And while that goal is certainly reachable, the process does not stop on your go-live date. These decisions can put your new firm on equal footing with established firms and demonstrate to investors that you are built to succeed.
Our advice centers on everything from marketing and operations to IT budgeting and service provider selection. Don't forget to visit Hedge IT on Thursday as we reveal the last of our key considerations for starting a hedge fund.
Hedge funds, private equity firms and registered investment advisers now operate in a world where they are beholden to regulatory bodies with growing expectations and requirements. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, which redefined the registration requirements for hedge funds, also set forth new reporting requirements and standards for safeguards. With the prevalence of cyber threats and attacks, the SEC’s Office of Compliance and Examinations (OCIE) has incorporated cybersecurity into its examination targets. Firms can add users nearly instantly – a welcome benefit for startups looking to ramp up quickly. You can do this by conducting employee awareness training to keep all users informed and educated about the cyber environment and the threats that may arise. And be sure to come back to Hedge IT later this week when we'll be sharing an excerpt from our brand new whitepaper on the same topic! Regulatory agencies and investors now expect businesses to have backup solutions and comprehensive record-keeping practices. In addition, international regulators such as the FCA, a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, are also demanding firms to have a data backup solution. From hardware failure, software corruption, virus or network security breaches, to natural disasters and human error, the threat to your data is endless.
Businesses that demonstrate that their data is secure and backed up have a competitive edge when security questions inevitably come their way. And by 2017, seventy-five percent (75%) of organizations will have replaced their remote-office tape backup with a disk-based backup solution that incorporates replication, up from forty-five percent (45%) today. A SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey by Symantec found that downtime costs small businesses an average of approximately $12,500 per day and medium businesses $23,000 per day. Eze Castle partners with KeepItSafe, a leading provider for managed online backup and recovery, to deliver our Eze Vault services.
As a result, firms are challenged to understand what level of cybersecurity readiness will be deemed sufficient to meet regulatory obligations given their AUM.
According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2015 Global Megatrends in Cybersecurity, sponsored by Raytheon, 25% of respondents in a study say C-level executives currently view cybersecurity as a competitive advantage, versus 59% who say it will be a competitive advantage three years from now.
In an industry historically known for protecting its information, recent regulatory developments may foster a change in how firms think about sharing information.
In addition to providing employees with security best practices they should follow, don’t forget to also include a list of actions they should not. There is little doubt that the hedge fund industry has evolved in recent years with the rise of new regulations, the wide spread adoption of cloud services and deep focus on cybersecurity risks. In addition to needing knowledge on a variety of technical skills such as networking, storage, virtualization, telecommunications and resource management, a CTO must also possess a variety of business and non-technical skills to support the organization.
CTOs have to run daily or intraday reports to satisfy new legal requirements, store and archive emails and other messages, and work with regulators on a regular basis to ensure their firms are complying with all necessary directives. Particularly in the post-Madoff era, firms are implementing policies to combat insider trading and other securities risks.

The increased focus on transparency and due diligence has led to many CTOs interacting directly with investors on a daily basis, educating them on how technology is supporting and protecting their assets.
The popularity of cloud computing (and outsourcing in general) has prompted many hedge funds and investment firms to reevaluate their technical strategies and reallocate their technical resources. It can be done effectively and efficiently, and many larger firms, in particular, find it beneficial to use the cloud and also have internal staff dedicated to other technical projects.
While many of the traditional roles of the hedge fund CTO are changing, others remain the same.
But when things turn bad, it could be downright scary," so here is our latest video that covers four signs you may be outgrowing your IT service provider. In honor of this global availability, we want to debunk some common myths associated with VoIP for financial services forms. However, a well-designed business-caliber VoIP system can deliver quality of service comparable to an in-house phone system.
You want a provider that has full control over network traffic and can ensure high quality of service. While consumer-grade VoIP services work over the Internet to deliver low cost services, Business-grade VoIP services often use the Internet as a backup and have private IP point-to-point lines for primary connections. It is important to ask providers about the availability of financial industry specific features such as bridged appearances and IP ringdowns. Therefore, be sure to ask your VoIP provider about how they handle number portability when moving outside a geographic region.
Contact Eze Castle Integration to learn more about our Eze Voice Service that was built specifically for hedge funds, financial services firms and alternative investment firms. A 2015 Cyber Security Intelligence Index study by IBM found that over 62 percent of cyber incidents targeted three industries -- Finance, Insurance, and Information and Communications -- highlighting the serious risk cyber intrusions present to financial firms. To that end, we regularly team with eSentire to speak with hedge fund CTOs about the security landscape and their managed security technology.
We've talked through Why Cloud Computing is Right for your Hedge Fund and Understanding Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds.
This means firms can forego upfront investments in servers and software licenses and pay a predictable per-user, per-month fee.
The PaaS model enables hedge funds to create Web applications quickly without incurring the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying software and hardware. Through IaaS, applications are delivered as a virtualisation platform by the cloud provider and can be accessed across the Internet. They are all delivered over the Web, and services can be accessed in the cloud on demand, usually via subscription payment.
High-speed Internet and voice connectivity are necessary to access market data feeds, communicate with investors and facilitate trade orders and other investment decisions. You’ll likely find four Internet access choices, depending on availability in your area.
You could also consider using multiple providers and a router in order to establish a safety net in the event one of your sources fails.
Your PBX will be installed in your data center and provides several options for routing calls and storing voicemails, as well as services such as caller ID, auto-attendant and integration with ring-down lines to various brokers. If there ever comes a time when you need them, you will not have to go searching around to find them. I swear by them and know they are what kept Dave, my husband, from getting very ill while we were were camping in the Sahara Desert. One thing I would add to your list is 2 weeks of clean underwear for each member of your family.
They also require virtually no energy to run, just place them in the sun during the day and bring them in at night. Photo by Patrick HarderLike most major institutions, the University of Calgary has a Master Emergency Response Plan that guides activities during an emergency.
Although both groups regularly train to respond to a variety of emergencies, Friday’s exercise was an opportunity for both groups to engage in training simultaneously.
The Crisis Management Team gathered in a separate location, similar to what would occur in a real emergency. Experienced external consultants were on hand to observe and record key observations and will share their feedback with the groups at the end of May to help improve future emergency response activities. Check the UToday website for news about events, people and trends at University of Calgary. In fact, since taking office, Secretary Williams and I have already met and spoken several times at length, and while our parties may differ, our dedication to administering proper and fair elections is aligned. CSOC considers this an investment in the future and believes that our membership is helping to provide deserving students with an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society. Additionally, the final Statement of Vote, a document that shows precinct-by-precinct results for every candidate and issue on the Boulder County ballots this year, will be forwarded to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office to become part of the official statewide election record and is available now online. Despite this pre-calculated political action, the Boulder County Elections Division anticipates that the Colorado Secretary of State’s office will accept the results of the election as they did after both the 2012 General Election and 2014 Primary Election when similar political action was taken by a Canvass Board (see below for background details). In Boulder County, like every other clerk office, we simply follow election law when conducting our canvass. The Elections Division also has several drive-by ballot drop-off locations where voters can turn in their mail ballot without even exiting their car. With the opening of these locations, that brings the total number of Voter Service and Polling Centers servicing the public to 13 within the County. Visitors will be able to observe workers processing ballots for the Tuesday, November 4 General Election. So make sure to sign your ballot envelope as you normally would – then check to make sure we received your mail ballot by visiting BoulderCountyVotes.org. Avoid the rush and visit one our Voter Service and Polling Centers this Saturday from 9 a.m. Mind you, we didn’t allow for everything else in the garage being thrown on top of it which made accessing it harder.
We took $60 from our grocery budget and put $30 to food storage and $30 for food storage we would cook with. The one difficult thing about earthquakes is that if you actually need your kit half your house may be on top of it.
Human nature is kill or be killed and polite society is not going to change that – a long lasting survival situation will only aggravate it. Penicillin is part of a family of antibiotics known as beta lactams, and are very commonly used because it is often the best drug to treat infections, safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, safe for children, and less expensive than similar drugs.
You may want to READ this blog post and eventually forward it to your family before you travel. The best way to bypass fear and let things run smooth is to put yourself in charge as room parent or chaperone. Or, building trees with buttons as leaves, it has trees and leaves as children are learning in school about the seasonal foliage, it’s still a seasonal activity and no risks of sneezing.
The Centers specialize in the testing and treatment of adults and children who suffer from allergies, asthma and other disorders of the immune system. Through immunotherapy, Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Care has been able to successfully treat patients allergic to their dog or cat.
With rising cases of food allergies, education is important to dispel confusion that can lead to preventing a dangerous situation or identifying when an emergency is taking place. All precautions related to food allergy must be taken, such as using different cooking tools and appliances when preparing foods and separating the plate and handling it individually. Symptoms can occur within minutes to an hour or so of smelling, touching or ingesting the wrong food. At one point after midnight on Sunday December 22nd, 2013 all Halton Hills Hydro customers were without power and for some residents, this power outage lasted several days. Other new features include Folders, allowing users to organize apps in the home screen, access to the iCloud Photo Library, and Live Photos. The bank believes hackers executed a hack that allowed $81 million to be taken from the bank’s foreign exchange account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. And the way that starts to happen is through systemic and comprehensive training practices.
Prepare an institutional set of documents up front if you are looking to attract institutional money versus high net money.
They include risk assessment, governance, training, access control, vendor management, and information sharing.
That means you have to demonstrate to investors that you take your business seriously and that you’ve made investments in your operations, technology, etc.
As such, fund managers should take this to heart and make strong efforts to comply with increasing investor expectations.
From your legal paperwork to security practices and technology safeguards, the importance of documentation cannot be understated in today’s environment.
For example, system safeguards such as data protection, disaster recovery measures and email archiving are requirements under Dodd-Frank.
Having released two extensive questionnaires and several risk alerts focused on security, the SEC has made it clear to investment firms that they will be investigating the practices employed at firms and increasing expectations for the future.
Startups have a variety of options when it comes to settling on their technology infrastructure. Users can gain access to email, file services and applications from virtually anywhere, and built-in disaster recovery provides confidence that everything is protected from the inside out. Users should understand how security threats may present themselves (phishing schemes, social engineering, etc.) as well as how they can become cybersecurity assets to your firm.
Successfully operating a new startup beyond the first year is a feat many managers struggle to accomplish, therefore it's critical for emerging managers to gain a full understanding of the industry that awaits them and the hurdles they should expect to face. Understanding the need and importance of implementing a backup solution can add instrumental value to your business. With today’s financial services companies managing exponentially growing volumes of sensitive data, the risk of loss grows as well. If something were to happen to the data center where your production system lives, you can resume operations in DR. Having a third-party backup solution provides geographic diversity of data assets, which is key for a complete business strategy. Recently, KeepItSafe highlighted the success of a backup and recovery case when a company’s servers crashed, and with it, so too did their records of billing history, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Highlighting the importance of information sharing, on December 19, 2015, after years of failing to enact cyber threat information-sharing legislation, Congress passed the controversial Cybersecurity Information-Sharing Act of 2015.
Take a look below and discover a vast range of security tips and tricks from email encryption to proper security measures for protecting computers and mobile devices. But as the industry has experienced rapid change over the last several years, so too have the CTOs and their responsibilities.
Mobile security and BYOD issues are another area for technology directors to focus their attention. Working more frequently with investors and regulators means CTOs need to work on their interpersonal communication and ensure they are properly representing their organizations.
Many firms still maintain that they need an internal resource for troubleshooting and other projects. In business settings, where calls are made over private IP connections, Quality of Service (QoS) can be monitored and guaranteed because the entire IP connection is controlled by the party making the call.
For added confidence, ask to speak with existing VoIP customers (over the phone!) to hear about their experiences first-hand. If Internet is the primary transit, be sure you are working with a VoIP provider who manages the entire network and has control over traffic prioritization.
Additionally, Eze Castle Integration utilizes eSentire intrusion detection technology within our Eze Private Cloud and to power our Eze Active Threat Protection services.
The firm has full control of the virtualised platform and is not responsible for managing the underlying infrastructure.
Hedge funds can easily upgrade or downgrade plans in real time to accommodate business needs for cloud business solutions.
To help you make an informed decision about your voice and Internet needs, we’ve provided a few suggestions below. As you consider your options, it will be useful to know the approximate number of users and required functionality of the system. Additionally, basic services such as electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment and telephones may be cut off for days or even a week, or longer. We were out of power for 4 days after Hurricane Sandy, and I sure did get sick of sitting in the dark — so the lantern will come in handy. In the event an emergency occurs, the university’s Emergency Operations Group and Crisis Management Team are called to respond, depending on the nature of the emergency. I look forward to having a strong working relationship with Secretary Williams and his staff and am confident that our offices will have much improved communication.Last December, in the midst of closing out an election (which is an extremely detailed process), the now former Secretary of State Scott Gessler issued a report on our office practices.
Additionally, Boulder County’s election had no documented discrepancies in the audit or the reconciliation that impacted the outcome of any contest.
Nothing in Colorado law states that a canvass board’s decision not to certify the county’s abstract of votes nullifies the election of county candidates or decisions on county or local ballot issues. As of October 31, in Boulder County, the Republican Party represents 46,316 active and inactive voters, the Democratic Party represents 101,259 active and inactive voters, and the American Constitution Party represents 313 active and inactive voters.
During this time, business at the Clerk and Recorder’s office Division of Motor Vehicle will be conducted as usual on Monday, November 10, except for a few small changes (Note: County offices will be closed on Tuesday, November 11 for Veterans Day). Any citizen who has resided in Colorado at least 22 days may register and vote, just visit any Voter Service and Polling Center and don’t forget to bring your ID. Also- you may have included it in another post but be sure to have sunscreen and bug spray for everyone. My #1 problem is our kids learning room as well as me being overwhelmed with too much stuff. Small grocery stores may be more approachable and willing to special order food than big chains. Among the most common allergies treated are allergic skin diseases, food, drug and pet allergies. Among the most common allergies treated are allergic skin diseases, food, drug, insect, and pet allergies.
Children should be made aware that food allergies are to be taken seriously and be encouraged to avoid sharing food at all costs.
It appears that the initial point of entry for the hackers was a spear-phishing email, potentially sent weeks before the fraud took place, which allowed the criminals time to remotely monitor and probe the bank’s networks without detection. Tools such as risk management or document management systems can give extra peace of mind to demanding investors with high expectations.
Regardless of the assets your firm is launching with, you will be expected to have sophisticated and comprehensive policies and procedures in place from day one to combat cyber threats. With the birth of cloud technology, firms can save on upfront capital expenditures and host their infrastructure in the cloud – providing flexibility within those startup budgets. A reputable cloud services provider not only provides world-class infrastructure and resiliency; it also assumes responsibility for the management and daily maintenance of your cloud environment. Investors also have high expectations, and before they will even consider allocating money to your firm, they want to understand what protections you’ve put in place to protect their assets. However, if something is deleted in the production environment, that action is typically mirrored, thus deleted in DR as well. DR allows the rapid recovery of IT operations while cloud backups provide another layer of protection by leveraging a third-party vendor to secure your data in an alternative location.
As of June 30, 2015, per ITRC data, in 2015 the banking industry experienced an increase of 85% versus 2014 data for the same period. However, regulators may also be looking at whether enforcement action is warranted if the AAM failed to implement appropriate security measures that would have prevented the attack from occurring. In most cases you want to ensure voice traffic takes precedent over data or travels on a different network. PaaS is great for firms creating or managing their own applications or looking for testing and development environments.
As I stated at the time, I was extremely disappointed in the accusations in the report and the manner in which Secretary Gessler released the report with no interaction with my office.
A final report is issued to the Boulder County Canvass Board for verification prior to election certification. It is unfortunate and frankly a disservice to the voters of Boulder County that once again the Canvass Board chose to operate outside the boundaries of their duties as outlined in law and rule.
Services available include: same-day voter registration and voting, in-person voting, ballot drop-off, replacement ballots, and voting using equipment and facilities for person with disabilities. I find it scary that people have mentioned having a gun in the kit.That is not part of the New Zealand emergency kit! D) Make sure to visit the health clinic and have a conversation about their protocols on allergy reactions. Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Care Research conducts clinical trials on new medications.
Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Research conducts clinical trials on new and existing allergy medications.
Food sensitivities are simply unpleasant experiences that include lactose intolerance and celiac disease which are digestive problems that aren’t caused by an immune system response and are not life-threatening. With competition for investor allocations at an all-time high, you’ll have to work to determine what sets your firm apart from the others. Be sure to enable your firm’s processes to comply with SEC recommendations including risk assessments, infrastructure practices, policy documentation, etc. With hackers savvier than ever and financial firms as known targets, it’s critical that firms establish a comprehensive approach to security to not only meet investor and regulatory demands but also to protect firm assets and mitigate business risk.
Backups, on the other hand, create an offline copy of your data which is not accessible except to restore, sometimes utilizing a third-party vendor to store that data in an alternate location. The importance of protecting this data is interconnected to the importance of the overall operations of the business.
Firms can no longer act in silos, but must share information with industry peers (including competitors) to protect the entire sector.
This means having your own food, water and other supplies in sufficient quantity to last for at least 72 hours. Our process after each election is to spend a lengthy period of time examining our practices and how they can be improved upon. E) Carry at all times your emergency medical identification (jewelry or tags), insurance card, emergency treatment plan and medication.
The goal of the FCAAC team is to provide professional and quality care resulting in total patient satisfaction.
If you don’t learn how to differentiate yourself, your chances of getting lost in the crowd are much higher. If not forthcoming, you may open up your firm to serious regulatory and criminal prosecution.
Your cloud services provider should act as your trusted technology adviser and, as such, give you the flexibility and time you need to focus on your investment priorities without worrying about security updates and patch controls.
If access to a file was lost in both production and DR, backups grant the ability to recover the data and continue business as usual. This is an example of a successful case; however, many businesses lacking a backup solution are not so lucky. Cyber-attacks carried out on the financial community have almost doubled in 2015, and industry experts believe these numbers will continue to increase unless adequate precautions and prevention measures are taken. AAMs can expect to see investors placing greater emphasis on cybersecurity as a part of its due diligence and regulators focusing on cybersecurity in their routine regulatory exams. The role of the hedge fund CTO has certainly changed in recent years, and like the technology these professionals support, it’s safe to say their job functions may be markedly different in the years to come.
You never know when an emergency will occur & it could take hours, days, or even weeks to regain utilities, so your family needs to be ready!
And remember, Boulder County also has three 24-Hour Ballot Drop Boxes open every day, 24-hours a day, until 7 p.m. The second line of defense are the bags and the third is all of the other supplies that can’t be carried in the bags ie stoves, shovel, portable toilet. This keeps one set of data locally at home and one set away in case of fire, tornado, hurricane etc. It is a weapon designed to kill and you have this in your home with your family and children??? If you don’t have a lot of files you can accomplish the same task with a few thumb drives.

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