Emergency Sleeping Bag - Hero Provisions Please upgrade to Internet Explorer version 9 or download Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome. It has been incorporated to change the Indian political system from federal to unitary as per the situation & requirements of the country. It is called External Emergency: If the ground of declaration is due to war or external aggression. Before 42nd Amendment Act, it was possible to use national emergency on the grounds of internal disturbance.
Is permission required to be taken by the President from both the houses of Parliament to end national emergency ?
State governments come directly under the control of central government but the state governments are not suspended in this case. During its operation, life of Lok Sabha can be extended to one year at a time for indefinite period.
Similarly Parliament can extend the life of state legislative assembly to one year at a time for indefinite period.
It extends to provisions for national emergency for all the fundamental rights whose enforcement is suspended by Presidential Order.
It automatically suspends the fundamental rights under Article 19 once national emergency is declared. If President is of the opinion that government of a particular state can’t function according to constitution i.e.
A law made by the Parliament or President or any other specified authority continues to be operative even after the President’s rule. During its operation, state executive is dismissed & state legislature can be either suspended or dissolved. Under this, the relation of centre & only the state in which President’s rule has been proclaimed undergoes modification.
Every resolution for its proclamation or continuance must be passed by Parliament with Special Majority.
Every resolution for its proclamation or continuance must be passed by Parliament with Simple Majority. Parliament can make laws on the subjects enumerated in the State List only by itself that is, it cannot delegate the same to any other body or authority.
Parliament can delegate the power to make laws for the state to the President or any other authority specified by him. What kind of majority is needed to pass such a proclamation in both the houses of Parliament ? Is permission required to be taken by the President from both the houses of Parliament to end financial emergency ? Centre directs state government to observe cuts in the financial matter as the centre thinks fit.
Provisions for the state: A) Centre can reduce the salaries of any of the class serving in the state.

Provisions for the centre: A) President can reduce the salaries of any class serving the centre. It has been added in the constitution for tackling any grave economic or financial power that comes before India because for such a threat centralized financial power is the need which is provided by this provision.
Emergency provisions in the constitution are strongly criticized on the ground that once they are opted for, federal character of the constitution cease to exist & the centre becomes most powerful. It is the most effective measure against any dangerous threat that comes in front of India.
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It can be extended to a indefinite period (infinite) but it requires Parliamentary approval every 6 months.
But such a resolution before it’s effect has to be tabled before the both the houses of Parliament. It just gives the power to President to suspend the enforcement of certain or all fundamental rights as he dims fit.
Both the houses of Parliament must pass such a resolution within two month from the date its issue. It can be extended to a maximum period of 3 years but it requires Parliamentary approval every 6 months. This means that the period for which such a law remains in force is not co-terminus with the duration of the proclamation.
Both the houses of Parliament must pass a resolution for the same before it can be proclaimed within two months from the date of issue.
B) President can reduce the salaries even of the judges of the High Court & Supreme Court. It then changed to the G7 in 1976 with the addition of Canada, and to the G8 with Russia joining in 1998. Nuclear weapons states have refused to destroy or reduce their stocks of nuclear weapons despite repeated promises to do so. But if you read boring current affairs delivered by erewise then it will certainly help you crack your exams. In short, today we can proclaim national emergency only on the ground of armed rebellion & not because of the internal disturbance.
Then whenever Lok Sabha constitutes, it has to pass the resolution for the same within 30 days from its first meeting.
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