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Ever want to give a list of people gifts, but you don't have the time or money to give something meaningful to each person on your list? Just cut along the lines of the template and add a bit of glue to the top white section of the paper. My favourite things in the world are inventing things, writing songs, sleeping, Self improvement, and trying new things! The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The Food and Agricultural Organization, International Fund for Agricultural Development and WFP work with agricultural youth associations and networks and undertake youth development projects and capacity-building initiatives in local communities. Around the world more than 2.5 billion men, women and children live in grinding poverty on less than $2-a-day.
Halving the number of undernourished people by 2015 from 1990 levels was the goal of the 1996 World Food Summit and a target of the Millennium Development Goal 1.

The combination of lower volatile incomes and higher prices has caused food, a basic right for all, to be beyond the reach of millions of people. Rural areas, especially in regions of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, are the populations hardest hit. Eliza remembers a time when she went without food for two days because there was nothing to eat at home.
Once the younger students are fed, Eliza and the older students get their share of the food.
According to Eliza, the meals have made a big difference in both her physical appearance and ability to learn. I plan to slip one cute candy bar each into a few Christmas Crackers which I'll be taking apart meticulously to avoid detection. This results in chronic hunger and malnutrition, preventable diseases such as malaria, measles and tuberculosis, environmental degradation, low literacy rates and countless other social, public health, economic and political problems. Unfortunately, however, hunger and malnutrition rates in the world continue to grow and are accelerating due to the recent global financial and economic crisis and the 2008 food crisis.

One sixth of all of humanity a€“ approximately 1 billion people a€“ are hungry and undernourished. Children and young people, particularly girls, are among the most vulnerable as hunger and malnutrition severely affect their physical and mental development and inhibit their ability to learn and participate in social activities.
These meals encourage children from poor households to go to school, stay in class and learn.
However, four years ago she began receiving food at school under the WFP School Meals Programme. They allowed fifteen year-old Eliza Sabolo to keep alive her dream of becoming a journalist. From 2011, the School Meals programme will be graduated into the Home Grown School Feeding initiative that will feed 1 million children in conjunction with the Zambian Government under the Ministry of Education.

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