Based on the new National EMS Education Standards and endorsed by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the Fifth Edition of our core first responder textbook offers complete coverage of every competency statement with clarity and precision in a concise format that ensures student comprehension and encourages critical thinking. Interactive resources, including online testing and assessment materials, learning management system, and eLearning student resources, allow you the flexibility to build the course that works best for you and your students. Concept Reinforcement: The Fifth Edition is built on the premise that students need a solid foundation in the basics and then appropriate reinforcement.
More than one in four Americans have bone or joint health problems, making them the greatest cause of lost work days in the U.S. You Make the Call —Scenarios help you develop your decision-making skills by describing emergencies and challenging you to come up with solutions. Labeling—Reinforce your mastery of difficult concepts with illustration and photo labeling activities. Page references to Emergency Medical Responder, Fifth Edition are provided for every question in the Student Workbook. Author Brian Walsh drew from the accelerated learning and neurolinguistic programming fields to write his book, which details tools and techniques that emergency workers can use to calm casualties. The demands of an accident or disaster scene force them to concentrate so fully on the basic survival needs of the injured that an important component often goes missing: interpersonal communication.

Police lieutenant and doctoral candidate Jeffery Katz adds, "Through years of handling emergencies, first responders become accustomed to traumatic scenarios. A communication specialist, Walsh drew from the fields of neurolinguistic programming and accelerated learning for the handbook. The book was officially launched in September at the National Association of EMS Educators in Schaumburg, Illinois. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The experienced author team and the AAOS medical editors have transformed the Education Standards into a training program that reflects best practices in prehospital medicine. The Fifth Edition is the only way to prepare law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, rescue squad personnel, athletic trainers, college students, and laypersons for the challenges they will face in the field. For example, the Patient Assessment chapter fully details every step of the patient assessment process. Orthopaedic surgeons and the Academy are the authoritative sources of information for patients and the general public on musculoskeletal conditions, treatments and related issues. When orthopaedic surgeons restore mobility and reduce pain, they help people get back to work and to independent, productive lives.

Whether they are paramedics, fire-rescue personnel, police officers, or emergency medical technicians, they are constantly thrust into crisis situations. In his new book, Emergency Responder Communication Skills Handbook, he outlines tools and techniques for emergency workers to use to reduce casualties' feelings of vulnerability, distress, pain, and fear.
It's called habituation, and is certainly not the case with casualties who, involved in perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime event, are often terrified, and badly need simple reassurance to make a world of difference. His contributors include paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, rescue and crisis responders, police officers, National Ski Patrol personnel, hypnotherapists, psychologists, nurses, and physicians. Current, state of the art medical content has been incorporated along with new cognitive and didactic material, and skills and features, to create a robust and innovative training solution for your course that will engage student’s minds. This approach makes it clear how the information learned in the chapter will be used to help patients in the field.NEW!
A full chapter on Environmental Emergencies addresses response to heat, cold, and drowning emergencies.

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