This checklist is provided only to identify an employer's need to develop an emergency action plan in compliance with the Emergency Action Plan standard (29 CFR 1910.38). Fire alarms must be maintained and tested and employees must be able to identify the alarm, either by its distinct sound or visually. Web-based technology can be utilized to improve consistency, accessibility, and efficiencies for companies that are required to develop and maintain EAPs for multiple facilities. A well-trained employee with an on-site fire extinguisher can put out small, non-hazardous fires effectively. If professional firefighting services are available in your area, immediate evacuation may be the best policy if responders can be at the site quickly. If a hazardous substance emergency could occur at your facility and you plan to have any of your employees participate in the emergency response, you are required to have an Emergency Response Plan in writing and available for inspection consistent with 29 CFR 1910.120(q) (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response). The first observer notices the spill or fire and reports the occurrence directly to the On-Scene Response Coordinator.

The Supervisor immediately implements “ Spill Response Procedures ” for emergencies as provided in Section 2.
The team consists of trained spill response personnel at Coulson, or if needed, an external emergency response team. The Public Relations Representative handles all communication with the press and news media.
If more space is required, please attach a separate sheet showing the point # and the additional comments. It does not alert you to other OSHA standards that may be associated with your emergency plan or to the additional OSHA standards that apply to your facility. However, to do this safely, the employee must have knowledge of equipment and portable fire extinguisher limitations, in addition to the hazards associated with fighting fires.
While it is understood that this document must be made available for public review, duplication of this document, without prior written consent from Coulson, is not authorized.

The team may be called upon by the On-Scene Response Coordinator to aid in a spill response or cleanup emergency. There may be situations where employee firefighting is warranted to give other workers time to escape, or to prevent danger to others by spread of a fire.
Broadcast or published material should be monitored for accuracy and currency of information to determine if updates are required.
The Public Relations Representative should discuss with senior management any information that is to be provided to the media.

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