We are a not-for-profit emergency preparedness and response organization who develops, implements and responds to Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAPs) for more than 300 Plan Participant Members of ERAC. Our Plan Participants consist of oil and gas Producers, Retailers, Wholesalers and Carriers of LPG and Flammable Liquids, who require an ERAP approved by Transport Canada under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG Act 1992). ERAC Plan Participants pay an annual membership fee based on the volumes they transport and number of provinces in which they operate. As a Plan Participant member of ERAC and upon activation of your ERAP, our Technical Advisors and Response Teams will respond on your behalf.
ERAC Regional Training & Assessment for Response Teams (RTs), Technical Advisors (TAs) and Remedial Measures Advisors (RMAs), are held on an annual basis.
The ERAC National Training Forum is held every two years and brings together all of our Response Team Leaders (RTLs), TAs, RMAs, ERAC management & leadership and committee members.
ERAC provides our Plan Participants with a completed ERAP which is approved by Transport Canada.
The main aim of emergency response funds (ERFs) is to provide rapid and flexible funding to in-country actors to address unforeseen humanitarian needs.
This report provides information and data on these ERFs, including donors to the funds, implementing agencies and sector analysis. Sussex 4×4 Response Provides Assistance To The Emergency Services and Local Authorities In Adverse Weather Conditions. In 1999, a 4?4 response group was started in Norfolk with the aim of providing support to the local community and to promote 4?4 response across the country.

We all have a desire to help our community in times of need, using our 4?4 vehicles to go where other vehicles cannot. Sussex 4?4 Response is a registered charity & volunteer organisation that offers various services to Local Authorities, Emergency Services and other Agencies within Sussex. This would be primarily providing Four Wheel Drive transport in times of severe weather (Snow, gales, heavy rain and floods) & Any Other Major Emergencies in Sussex. In times of need we operate alongside county and local councils, Sussex Police & emergency services, Hospitals TCC (Tactical Control Centre) and EPO (Emergency Planning Officers) so operations run smoothly between all agencies involved.
If you were a parish council in need of assistance in an emergency you would normally contact your main ESCC or WSCC council for us to become involved if we had not been instructed to assist in your area already. We have MOU’s (Memorandum Of Understanding) with most councils in Sussex also with Raynet, NHS, and other local hospitals and with Sussex Police. We provide transport to paramedics, nurses and doctors to there relevant places of work or if needed transported the doctors and nurses on there patient rounds. We also providing many of the local hospitals in the area with assistance transporting staff to and from the hospitals. As a group we also attend many of the local shows and emergency services open days and also organise social events such as BBQ’s and camping events as well as running training days throughout the year for our Responders. Sussex 4?4 Response is here to assist you – Build us into your Agencies Emergency Pre-Plan ! When they do, Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) is there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ERAC also provides emergency response assistance to LPG stationary tanks greater than 450 liters, which are not regulated under the TDG Act. Our Responders attend ERAC’s National Training Forum, which is Canada’s largest flammable gases and liquids ERAP preparedness and response forum. As an approved ERAP holder, the Plan Participant will have access to of ERAC’s emergency preparedness and response resources named within the ERAP. The document also provides brief case studies of the use of the funds in Kenya and Somalia.
She supports the team with the production of its core products; GHA report, Country Profiles and briefings. A national 4?4 response organisation was then formed in 2008 to act as an umbrella charity. You can count on our highly-trained experienced response personnel to help your company with all of your emergency response needs.
At present, she is also supporting GHA’s research into private funding in the humanitarian sector.

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