Natural or manmade disasters may result in other types emergencies, such as chemical spills or releases of hazardous materials.  This information is provided to help you evaluate the situation so that you can make informed decisions and stay safe.
This information was created and is maintained in cooperation with the staff of Transport Canada, the U.S.
The 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG2012) was developed jointly by Transport Canada (TC), the U.S. The ERG2012 is primarily a guide to aid first responders in quickly identifying the specific or generic hazards of the material(s) involved in the incident, and protecting themselves and the general public during the initial response phase of the incident.
This guidebook will assist responders in making initial decisions upon arriving at the scene of a dangerous goods incident.

Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG): Canada in collaboration with the United States and Mexico prepares an Emergency Response Guidebook for accidents involving dangerous goods. Within the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Program, CANUTEC continuously work at keeping the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) up-to-date, including a PC version (ERGO2008), and an On-line version of the ERG.
CANUTEC is in constant contact with end-users of the Guidebook who are mostly fire-fighters, police officers and private emergency responders (normally from industry).
Constructive comments concerning the ERG2012 are solicited; in particular, comments concerning its use in handling incidents involving dangerous goods.
Department of Transportation, and the Secretariat of Communications and Transport of Mexico with the assistance of many interested parties in government and industry including the collaboration of CIQUIME of Argentina.

It should not be considered as a substitute for emergency response training, knowledge or sound judgment.
ERG2012 does not address all possible circumstances that may be associated with a dangerous goods incident. It is primarily designed for use at a dangerous goods incident occurring on a highway or railroad.

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