Relocation and project work around the world can occasionally encounter obstacles, and some things are impossible to predict. Effective emergency response requires strong collaboration, and so does an effective safety and preparedness program.
Sue partners with you to design strong solutions customized to your organization's emergency planning needs.
As a member of the Canadian Red Cross Public Affairs team, I had the opportunity to visit the Red Cross Emergency Response Unit (ERU) during a training exercise in June. Once trained, the team can be deployed with the ERU in times of disaster or conflict when the existing health system or infrastructure has been damaged or overwhelmed.
Prior to deployment, all delegates go through a week-long intensive training program that includes some classroom sessions and a simulation exercise that mimics a disaster or conflict environment. Even though all of the patients knew it was a simulation it was overwhelming to be a part of such a chaotic scene.
To date, the Canadian Red Cross ERU has been deployed to Haiti during the cholera outbreak, and some delegates on the team have deployed to Sierra Leone and Mozambique during cholera outbreaks. The Canadian Red Cross is one of the most active non-profit organizations in Canada and responds to a variety of emergency situations both in the country and abroad.
From relief for emergencies and disasters to providing support for a range of programs that help people gain vital emergency preparedness skills, the Canadian Red Cross offers an essential layer of support during times of need to individuals who have had to cope with the devastating impact of major, life-altering events.
When disasters and other incidents, including armed conflict, break out in a community, it can negatively affect the lives of the most vulnerable people in an area.
ERUs can provide efficient and quality medical assistance in the aftermath of an emergency and support the long-term health needs of people impacted by it. ERUs are comprised of highly trained and qualified medical professionals, social workers and midwives, as well as technicians and support staff who can ensure that the care provided to individuals is timely, standardized and effective. The Canadian Red Cross has two health ERUs available for deployment in the event of an emergency – one is a field hospital and the other is a field clinic, or Basic Health Care Unit. Our Remote Monitoring and Management software alerts us when something goes wrong and based on your service plan, we can respond quickly and afterA  normal business hours when you need us the most. We have a proven record of helping our customers recover from many unforeseen situations including fire, flooding, and theft. On-site Management Services - A senior engineer is scheduled on-site and will be responsible for the overall maintenance of your network.

When it comes to protecting your data AND physical assets or employees, PYRAMID can help develop a plan to help keep you secure.
Sue partners with other experts in the industry to provide a full range of services to aviation clients.
London-based aviation security training and consultancy company supplying solutions to in-flight security issues, especially in the realm of Hijacker and Disruptive Passenger Management and Restraint. Consultancy partner in emergency response planning for airlines in the Middle East, Africa and South Asian region. Private risk management and insurance coordination services for private flight departments and family offices. It’s a mobile hospital prepared for rapid deployment with teams that depart within 24-48 hours following a disaster or conflict. It also includes experts in medical logistics, communications, administration and technical support.
ERUs like this are critical because they help fill the gap in the immediate aftermath of an emergency when a country’s existing systems can be temporarily overloaded or absent altogether.
As part of the simulation, the delegates learn to put up the tents that they sleep and work in, get acquainted with the medical equipment and supplies available to them and ‘treat’ volunteers who act as patients.
As a Red Cross staff person, I volunteered to participate in the simulation by playing the role of a patient. Within minutes they were triaging patients based on different levels of injuries and assigning medical and non-medical staff to various tasks to ensure patients were taken care of. While my mock injury was non-life threatening, I was quickly treated by a nurse and then taken to a psychosocial support worker who helped calm me.
Most recently, a surgical team was also deployed to South Sudan to provide additional capacity to a hospital treating war wounded patients. One of the most important ways that the Red Cross works to provide relief after emergencies and disasters is with Emergency Response Units (ERUs). These ERUs can be sent worldwide within 48 hours of a major incident and can operate for up to four months.
Hospital News covers developments and issues that affect all health care professionals, administrators, patients, visitors and students. OMS allows us to take control of IT issues typically not addressed when providing remedial problem resolution such as security, disaster recovery, business continuity planning, policies and procedures, regulatory agency compliance, uniformity of document storage, etc.A  OMS allow us to implement measures to improve efficiency and optimize your investment in technology.

With recent unrest in places such as the Ukraine and Thailand, an emergency response plan for any business traveller who is out of the country for project work or relocation, needs to be addressed.
A team of about 40 highly skilled medical and non-medical experts spend one week on a training exercise where they learn to assemble the field hospital in conditions that simulate an actual deployment. The ERU is designed to be operational within 12 hours of arrival on site and self-sufficient for one month.  The hospital, complete with an operating theatre and emergency wards, can provide in-patient care and surgical services for up to 300 patients a day.
The team worked to treat all patients and handled all of the plot twists we threw at them with ease. The care that the support worker took to ensure my well-being was comforting despite the chaos that surrounded me. The simulation left me wondering how it would feel for patients in a real-life situation, and the comfort they must take in knowing that the Red Cross is there for them. Each ERU includes between 10 and 20 staff members, and after being set up in an area, may assist up to 300 individuals each day. Hospital News is published monthly and is made available in distribution racks placed in high traffic areas in hospitals and related institutions across the country. As would be expected in any mass casualty, there were some challenges in communicating and organizing everyone inside the hospital, but the team was able to identify these challenges and learn new solutions in a debriefing exercise following the simulation.
People may not be willing to take the time and effort to examine the problems that exist, as they think there’s no need to rock the boat and use valuable resources on a pre-emptive strategy. Emergency planning is an important part of a company’s procedures, so why should businesses prepare for something that may not happen?Aside from the major benefit of providing direction during a crisis, developing an emergency response plan has other advantages. It’s important for businesses to be aware of how stable a country actually is at all times and how likely a situation is to occur. A company needs to be proactive as well as reactive, so that it is prepared for any given situation. This means regular maintenance of a plan to avoid any procedure being outdated.The urgent need for quick decision-making means a shortage of time, a lack of resources and trained personnel can often lead to chaos during an emergency. Complete awareness of what is happening within a foreign country needs to be communicated to every part of the business.

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