The agreement names Tunstall Americas as a distribution partner for Numera's mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS). Recalled Classic models have catalog number 0-7425 and serial numbers 0408044281 through 4410052723. SAN DIEGO (AP) — A consumer advocacy group has filed a class-action lawsuit against Aetna Inc. About this (in-person) workshop Get hands-on education and training in how to select the right emergency response system (medical alert) for a specific older adult. With Personal Emergency Response Systems, Help is literally there at the touch of a button, around the clock.
With personal emergency response systems, or PERS, you are connected to a state-of the-art emergency response center where trained professionals are ready to receive your call, and take appropriate action to get help. When you press your medical alert call button, a signal is transmitted to the personal emergency response system medical alarm console which immediately contacts our monitoring center. Unlike systems that can be programmed to dial a neighbor, friend, relative, or even 911, our personal emergency response system connects you to help immediately who are in a position to take action and get you the help you need. The waterproof emergency Medical Alert Call Button may be worn on your wrist, as a clip-on, or around your neck as a traditional pendant. The Medical Alert Call Button can communicate with the Medical Alert Base Station up to 1,000 feet away – that’s the length of three football fields! The Medical Alert Base Station is so sophisticated that we can communicate with you throughout your home. In the event of a power failure the Medical Alert Base Station has a built-in battery allowing it to continue to operate up to 72 hours. When the Medical Alert system is activated, it automatically and instantaneously contacts our Medical Alert Monitoring center. Press the Medical Alert Call Button and a distress signal is sent, over your existing phone line, to the Medical Alert Monitoring Center. When the high speed (2-way) connection is complete you’ll hear the reassuring voice of a professional monitoring team member. Your contact and medical information is kept strictly private and collected prior to activation. With a state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot headquarters facility in central New York State, The Medical Alert Monitoring Center is listed by Underwriter Laboratories. Your personal emergency response system is full featured, yet it is so simple to use and doesn’t require costly installation. When you get it you just unpack it and plug it in, it is as easy as connecting a new phone or answering machine. Automatically notifies us if the batteries in your medical alert call button needs replacing. Integrated back up battery system automatically keeps your Medical Alert System operating normally during power failures in your home, up to 72 hours. Call us at 1-888-995-5520 for immediate assistance, or use the form below to get our FREE personal emergency response system brochure by mail.
You are viewing this website using Internet Explorer 6 and some features of the website may not work properly as this browser is no longer supported. Emergency Response Systems Ltd (ERS) is reacting to the increasing demand for Ambulance provision to NHS, Public and Private Sector persons who require transportation for Emergency, Urgent and High Dependency patient transfers. ERS is able to provide Cost Effective ambulance transport for both NHS and private persons, by offering Trained, Qualified and Well Equipped ambulance crews for this aspect of seamless clinical care ambulance provision throughout the UK and Europe. MobileHelp has built a reputation for quality and affordable solutions for personal protection and peace of mind in or away from home and is the first FDA registered mobile medical alert system provider. The device provides hands-free voice communication with the care center that can in turn respond with appropriate help.It has an internal accelerometer to automatically determine when the user has a fall and is able to place a call even if the wearer may not be able to. The ADT medical alert system can be added to their home security monitoring system and can call for assistance when the pendant button is pushed.

The first four digits of the serial number are manufacture dates from January 2008 through August 2010 in WWYY format.
Why: A single Amber Base station set to Common Area Mode will not detect a low battery or dead battery warning signal from the remote pendant that notifies the end user or system administrator to replace the pendant battery.
Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue. Within moments a real person is talking to you, armed with your personal medical information, and ready to get you help.
Professionals are ready to respond to any emergency around-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This signal opens up the line of communication between the monitoring center and your home. We immediately check on your status and, in the event of an emergency, dispatch your local EMS. The Monitoring Center boast quadruple system redundancy for superior service reliability, utilizing in-house programming, technical and support staffs.
The personal emergency response system is custom programmed and tested prior to being shipped to you. Previously, provision was met by regional NHS Ambulance Services, who now, due to the current climate, find themselves committing their resources to patients requiring transportation via the 999 emergency systems. All vehicles compliment current practices and are targeted specifically to react appropriately and effectively to demand requirements. The device provides 247 monitoring with a care center that is able to dispatch an ambulance or call a loved one. Of course what Q was referring to at that time was only in the world of fiction, but this has now become a reality that is available and affordable by all. The benefit for your parents is both the home security and their physical safety can be monitored. Recalled SelectX models have catalog number 0-100729 and serial numbers 2308600299 through 3013079617 The first four digits represent manufacture dates June 2008 through July 2013 in WWYY format. Consumers should immediately contact their system installer or a Visonic alarm installation professional to determine if their Amber base station is set to Common Area Mode, and if so, to either reset their unit to another mode or make other system changes, such as adding an additional base station. Richard Caro leads you through a simple five step process that lets you decide which of the bewildering array of emergency response systems (medical alerts) would be the right one for a specific older adult. The large call button itself is easily pressed during an emergency, ensuring that you get help quickly. The Medical Alarm Base Station has a powerful speaker allowing you to hear us from most, if not all, parts of your home.
We then contact the people on your emergency list including doctors, family members, loved ones, neighbors, care givers, or anyone you designate. They can tell EMS about any conditions you may have, and even how to enter your home if your door is locked. The facility has been custom designed and maintained to exceed all industry monitoring standards. The EverThere system makes use of GPS and allows the care center to instantly determine the users location. Every so often a system comes along incorporating the latest technology which represents a major step forward in the world of public safety, not just the safety of agents; something that really knocks your socks off! The centers feature high-speed communication infrastructures and the highest security available.
The first two digits are week of manufacturer and the second two numbers are the year of manufacture. Only a professionally-trained PERS system installer can identify and modify the particular mode configuration. The workshop also includes background information about the different types of emergency response system, and a clear description of the big decisions one needs to make to decide which features will be most useful for a given person.

And, because no one likes to be alone in an emergency, we stay on the line maintaining voice contact with you until help arrives. The work areas and on-site training center are equipped to be both comfortable and technologically advanced to keep personnel focused and efficient. The portable system, which was designed by a Seattle based company called Numera, makes use of internal gyroscopes and magnetometers, along with the accelerometer, to help learn the users daily routine. PERS in global terms is not new, but the latest technology has resulted in such systems being available and affordable by all in the Algarve, whereas previously it had been limited to James Bond movies. The centers are HIPAA compliant and staffed by professional telephone Tunstall Agents who have been highly trained on the mPERS solution. For example serial number 2308 600299 indicates a manufacturing date of the 23rd week of 2008 or roughly June 2008.
Owners are also reminded to manually test their Amber PERS pendant regularly for low battery status.
If you are unable to speak or we can’t hear you for any reason, the Medical Alert Monitoring center immediately dispatches emergency personnel and contacts the emergency contacts on your list. The device then sets the threshold to differentiate between the users normal motion and abrupt motions like falls. This feature, therefore, looks at the development of PERS, what exactly they do and how they can in certain instances be a lifesaver. By simply pressing the mPERS emergency response button, the customer will be connected to a Tunstall Agent who will evaluate the situation and determine appropriate action. If the center cannot contact you or determine whether an emergency exists, it will alert emergency service providers to go to your home. Each unit has an external label on the back of the base station, with the product name and serial number. In October 2011 he formed Safe Communities Algarve an on-line platform here in the Algarve to help the authorities and the community prevent crime. Transmitters Transmitters are light-weight, battery-powered devices that are activated by pressing one or two buttons. This workshop is aimed at anyone who needs to help make a decision about which medical alert (emergency response system) would work best for a specific individual.
Background Tech-enhanced Life has been working on a research project studying personal emergency response systems for older adults (medical alerts). The project is designed to answer questions like "Which emergency response system is right for my parent, or for me?" We have turned months of hands-on testing, research and evaluation into a course that outlines what you need to know about emergency response systems, and uses a simple 5 step decision process to turn questions about the older adult who needs one of these products into a specific list of features that are right for them. We have also built an online selection tool that turns your personalized feature list into a short list of specific products with those features (selected from over 50 products in our database). And then lets you dig deeper using results from hands-on testing of individual products by the Tech-enhanced Life analyst team. In this workshop we will be presenting much of this material, and will give you access afterwards to the remainder. This workshop is based on independent, objective analysis and hands-on testing by Tech-enhanced Life, PBC, with help from a community of older adults, called Longevity Explorers, and guidance from an advisory panel of clinicians, and aging services veterans. It is funded entirely by Tech-enhanced Life and is not sponsored by any of the companies that make these products, and contains no advertising or sponsored content. He is co-founder of Tech-enhanced Life.  He has broad experience in high tech companies in Boston and Silicon Valley (as both CEO and CTO), and is a former member of the research staff at Stanford.

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