Special response police officers carrying machine guns and other special equipment are prepared to respond to unusual emergencies. Above: Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Jerome Hauer speaking at a New York State Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday, Feb. There's a new sheriff in town: Jerome Hauer, the new head of the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services.
The state will establish five "Regional Disaster Logistics Centers" -- in the North Country, Western New York, Hudson Valley, Southern Tier, and Long Island -- that will store emergency equipment and supplies, mobilize regional teams of first responders in emergencies, and help local governments respond to disasters. The state is also rolling out a new statewide credentialing system for all first responders. While New York's first responders showed tremendous leadership and ability, the review found shortcomings in the state's coordination and preparation, including assets not being aligned with needs, a lack of resources pre-deployed to regions in the storms' paths, and response units with outdated equipment in place. Some of that outdated equipment is slated to end up on eBay, where the state is setting up a store to sell unneeded equipment, including over 500 cars. NYSStore will offer a spectrum of surplus state goods including office supplies, computers, cell phones, furniture, medical equipment, cameras, generators, tools, and other supplies that are no longer needed by the state. The New York City Police Department Emergency Service Unit is the Emergency Service Unit (ESU) for the New York City Police Department.
ESS-11 is not a patrol squad but a vehicle manned by trainers and support staff assigned to ESU headquarters at Floyd Bennett Field and can respond to nearby incidents or as back-up to other Emergency Service Squads when required. Lieutenants are city wide patrol supervisors who are assigned to patrol multiple "trucks", They patrol as either U-5 (Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island), or U-4, (Manhattan and the Bronx) respond to major incidents within their assigned boroughs for the shift. The ESU Canine Unit maintains 36 dogs-handler teams which include three bloodhounds and several dogs cross-trained in cadaver recovery.
40 Radio Emergency Patrol (REP) trucks which are ESU's work horse and are used for regular patrol.

ESU also has six jet skis, plus numerous Zodiac inflatables assigned to units throughout the NYPD. The personnel selected for ESU become highly trained, elite members of the NYPD who perform rescue, SWAT and other high risk tactical, counter-narcotic and counter-terror operations.
There are minimum time-in-grade requirements before an NYPD officer can apply to transfer to ESU. ESU lost more members (14 out of 23 NYPD officers) than any other NYPD unit during the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001.
New York City Police Department Organized Crime Control Bureau — The NYPD Organized Crime Control Bureau (NYPD OCCB) is one of the ten bureaus that form the New York Police Department. Frank Semeraro Construction is a preferred contractor among various organizations, municipalities, and property owners throughout the tri-state area. We understand that you can’t predict when you will have an emergency situation, but we do know that you can be prepared. Units have become more visible in New York City since the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. And under his watch, the state's emergency response system is about to get a massive overhaul. Andrew Cuomo announced a series of major changes to the statewide emergency response system on Wednesday, Feb. A component of the Special Operations Division of the Patrol Services Bureau, the unit provides specialized support and advanced equipment to other NYPD units. The ESU canines are an integral part of the US-TF1 Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team as deployed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Each REP is equipped with scba gear, medical kits and rescue equipment including heavy hydraulics.

In addition, all ESU candidates must be approved by a group of current ESU members to ensure that they will integrate into the unit successfully.
The Bureau is charged with the investigation and prevention of organized crime within New York City. The Emergency Service Unit also functions as a Special Weapons and Tactical Unit (SWAT) and NYPD hostage negotiators assist and secure the safety of hostages. They are always on patrol (all three tours, 365 days a year) with 10 Heavy Rescue trucks, each manned by a police officer and a sergeant, and often more than twice as many smaller Radio Emergency Patrol vehicles containing two ESU police officers. As you know when we came into office we found a number of problems with the 911 system,” de Blasio said during the budget presentation at City Hall.
There are also two or more patrol Sergeants or Lieutenants in unmarked vehicles on duty at all times to supervise ESU operations where needed.
During the budget presentation, first deputy mayor Tony Shorris explained there are two systems used to measure an ambulance’s response time: From when the emergency is reported or when the ambulance is dispatched. Shorris acknowledged, however, that currently the city’s response time is "a little higher than it’s been in the past.” De Blasio said the proposed improvements and added ambulance tours will focus on areas of the city where response times had been problematic including Staten Island, western Queens and the South Bronx. For now, Crowley said, the council will focus on preparing its response over the next couple of days, and likely focus on the issue when the budget hearings begin.

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