This application domain relates to all the applications and services that are intended to improve the quality of life, increase safety and reduce personal risks.
To use contextual and sensible information needed to generate real-time notification even if not requested for early warning and safety purposes.
Cities, as a social body, need to motivate elderly people to do walking activities combined with going out support for their healthy and enjoyable life. ClouT 2013-2016Creating long-lasting synergy for smart city initiatives between Europe and Japan. Emergency Response and Disaster Management are different domains of activity with different information sharing requirements.

The OGC's geospatial standards enable interoperability among and between systems used by organizations operating in different jurisdictions, knowledge networks and domains of activity. OWS-9 scenarios involved aviation information systems, cross-community interoperability, security and services interoperability and OGC Web Services innovations of various kinds.  The OWS-10 marine oil spill and fire scenario advanced work in semantics, conflation, data provenance, linked data, field annotations the new GeoPackage "universal data format". While IoT devices can give valuable information on emergency situations, security violations or data on health and well-being of citizens, cloud technologies enable leveraging that data by providing necessary processing and access facilities to the citizens. They do, however, overlap and and in both domains there is a need to rapidly discover, share, integrate and apply geospatial information.
Systems that implement OGC standards reduce the time required to find, analyze and update crucial information.

The standards work of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) plays a key role in addressing this need.
Speeding the flow of location information means more lives and property saved and less risk for first responders.
The net result of open standards is that Emergency Response and Disaster Management stakeholders have more information available to them before, during and after an emergency or disaster occurs.

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