Honolulu – atchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Honolulu are called to action by a urgent request for assistance.
Chief Petty Officer Jacob Buckley, a machinery technician stationed aboard the 110-foot Island Class patrol boat, noted that conditions were far from optimal. A temporary steering system made by Coast Guard Cutter Kiska engineers was used to escort the motor vessel Mellow Yellow back to port, March 3, 2013. Buckley and other crewmembers made an emergency steering system by rigging a six-foot board to the left outboard engine. The 23-year-old Kiska, homeported on the Big Island of Hawaii, is one of two 110-foot Island Class patrol boats in the Hawaiian Islands. Despite the capabilities of these ships, most of the 110’s in the Coast Guard are past their intended service life, established when a ship is designed. Due to the age of the Galveston Island and Kiska, some parts are no longer available from the manufacturer or the manufacturer is no longer in business. The combined issues cost the crews valuable time and reduce service to the people of the Hawaiian Islands, Jones noted. The delicate balance between maintenance and operations has not gone unnoticed and efforts are being undertaken at the highest levels of the service to ensure the missions and service of the Coast Guard patrol boat fleet are maintained. The Acquisitions Directorate, the office in charge of recapitalization projects, has worked with industry partners to develop the Sentinel Class Fast Response Cutter. Today, two 110-foot patrol boats provide essential missions to the Hawaiian Islands and beyond, but due to the increase of maintenance issues, their time is running out. After recently introducing a car that parks itself, Nissan has unveiled a new emergency system that helps prevent vehicular accidents.
It works on situations like “sudden intrusions onto the road in low speed zones, or when a collision at high speed is imminent due to the driver’s delayed recognition of the tail end of a traffic jam”.
The emergency system is set to be available in their upcoming Elgrand vehicles, early next year. Der US-Autozulieferer TRW hat einen neuen Fahrassistenten entwickelt: Den Emergency Steering Assist (ESA), also Notausweichassistenten. Das Unternehmen TRW hat schon einige Innovationen im Bereich der Assistenztechnologie hervorgebracht. Wenn das System bemerkt das der Mensch einem Objekt ausweichen mochte, wird die optimale Wegstrecke gesucht und berechnet.
Die Grundlage fur dieses System ist ein elektronischer Horizont, also eine Sensorik, hier bestehend aus Radar und Kameras, die die Umgebung uberwacht. Der Fahrassistent von TRW wurde in Kooperation mit der Technischen Universtitat Dortmund entwickelt und soll ab 2018 auf den Markt kommen. The HYDROVANE is both mechanical self steering for offshore sailboats and an emergency rudder and steering system 'ready to go'! We know your lockers are brimming with spares and you probably even have some back-ups for back-ups!
All offshore sailors are prepared for breakages and certainly for the scenario of a hole in the boat, but what about steering failure?
Rudder post fissure: crevice corrosion in the steel shaft is often to blame for rudder posts that shear in half. Steering quadrant failure: most boats have a back-up tiller, but when was the last time you tried to use it? While in the big following seas, averaging over 10 knots under bare poles, the Hydrovane steered, most of the time, while a crewmember simply sat behind the wheel, ‘riding shotgun’. Under such circumstances fatigue is a serious and insidious problem, leading to passivity and impaired judgement and potentially deadly mistakes.
When we attempted deploy a sea-anchor we fell backward off a wave and busted our main rudder’s steering system, but the Hydrovane carried on. I don’t know of any other unit that could stand up to that kind of punishment.
So we are now proceeding directly to Atuona for repairs, and expect to arrive tomorrow in the late afternoon.
A heavy boat with everything in place steers with the vane, surely! Before the incident happened the Hydrovane steered beautifully and everybody onboard was amazed by its easy operation and the fact that it seemed to steer better than our old autopilot.

Myself and my two young boys (10 and 12) were entering between the two rock breakwaters of the Nuevo Vallarta channel down here in Mexico. Complete steering redundancy is achieved when both steering systems, the main rudder and the HYDROVANE each have separate autopilots.
Teknologi keamanan di mobil yang membuat mobil bisa mengerem secara otomatis untuk menghindari tabrakan pasti sering kita dengar tetapi bagaimana dengan mobil yang bisa banting stir otomatis untuk menghindari tabrakan? Nissan Autonomous Emergency Steering System adalah teknologi terbaru dari Nissan pada sebuah mobil yang bisa melakukan 2 hal yaitu melakukan pengereman otomatis dan banting stir otomatis. Masalah pengereman otomatis tentu tidak perlu dibahas lebih jauh karena sudah banyak dimana mobil akan mengerem otomatis ketika merasa mobil di depan terlalu dekat.
Untuk banting stir inilah yang mungkin cukup baru dimana mobil akan banting stir ketika dirasakan pengereman otomatis atau manual dianggap sudah tidak bisa menghindari tabrakan.
Jangan kuatir, sistim (disebut Electronic Control Unit (ECU)) ini dilengkapi dengan berbagai macam sensor mulai dari 1 buah radar di bagian depan, video kamera dan 2 buah radar di kanan dan kiri serta 5 buah pemindai laser yang secara keseluruhan dapat memantau seluruh kondisi di sekliling mobil. Jadinya tidak mungkin mobil banting stir ketika ada mobil di sampingnya, sistim baru akan banting stir ketika dirasa aman. Sejauh ini memang teknologi Autonomous Emergency Steering System masih dalam pengembangan dan kalau sudah selesai maka mobil Nissan Elgrand yang akan mencicipi teknologi ini pertama kali. A vessel captain reports that his 24-foot charter vessel, the Mellow Yellow, is disabled six miles east of the Big Island of Hawaii with two people aboard. Fighting through eight to 10-foot seas and 20-knot winds, the crew arrived on scene and managed to lower their small boat into the water to render assistance. The options were either tow the Mellow Yellow and crew back to shore or try to rig an emergency steering system and drive them back to Hilo. They secured it in place using duct tape, 20-feet of line and a little ingenuity, allowing the vessel to be steered as they escorted it back to shore. As cutters age, crewmembers endure numerous engineering challenges in keeping them operational. That being the case, getting underway highly depends on whether or not the part that is needed is essential to the ship’s functioning.
Buckley, a machinery technician from the Coast Guard Cutter Kiska, helps steer the Mellow Yellow back to shore, March 3, 2013 (U.S.
As maintenance issues become more complex the potential impact on mission execution increases. Justin Nadolny, a Fast Response Cutter sponsor representative at the Coast Guard’s Office of Cutter Forces in Washington D.C. This new class of ship features an array of new technologies, communications systems and living quarters for the crew.
With the introduction of the Sentinel Class Fast Response Cutter, a new and capable platform will provide the Hawaiian community with readiness they can rely for generations to come. The system makes use of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that automatically takes over the steering wheel when the driver ignores signs of impending danger. Nun prasentiert man den Notausweichassistenten, also ein System das einen Unfall vermeiden soll. Das System unterstutzt den Menschen dann dabei, in dem man das Lenkmoment verbessert und das Fahrzeug stabil auf der Stra?e halt. Das System kooperiert mit der Servolenkung, um das Lenken zu optimieren.
Aber manche Situationen sind noch nicht moglich, sodass der Mensch ab und zu die Kontrolle ubernehmen muss.
Aber nur manche Situationen sind vom Computer steuerbar, einfache Strecken, wie Autobahn oder Stop-and-Go.
We’re not talking about autopilot failure (that’s a separate topic), but about damage that can happen to the boat itself. Sometimes it’s in a difficult position (such as in an aft cabin, for a center cockpit boat) and would be impossible to use in bad conditions. If you are sailing shorthanded, would you be able to avoid fatigue as you deal with the situation?

Firstly, the Hydrovane makes steering much more manageable, instead of trying to steer from the bowels of the vessel. Well, the channel into the marina was running quite a bit of a swell, with breaking waves along the rocks.
I pulled the pin and pushed it over hard, and before you knew it we are back in the channel, and at the slip. Looking at the boat from the side we saw that the rudder was completely gone. Some single-handers connect a dinghy type of tiller to Hydrovane’s small tiller to make an extension that can comfortably be used some distance away in the cockpit. Once aboard the Mellow Yellow, they inspected the entire steering system to see if repairs were possible.
Since the 1980’s, the 20-person crews aboard these vessels have conducted search and rescue, law enforcement and environmental protection missions throughout the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific.
Four of these ships are already in use in Miami and two are set to be stationed in Hawaii within the next decade. Diese Systeme gibt es bereits, meist als Prototypen, und werden in den kommenden Jahren in Serie gehen. It’s difficult to inspect and if there is any corrosion, you won’t know about it until the worst time. Without a proper emergency system in place, would you be able outrun or steer well enough in bad conditions? To ensure that I did not have to worry about the rudder, I had [an engineer] design me a new, updated rudder.
We were veering off towards the rocks of the breakwater at close to 5 knots. Thinking the steering cable broke I hit the autopilot. We later found it drifting in the channel. The shaft had sheared off, perhaps from corrosion from some as yet undetermined source. This kind of set-up is practical if you want to use the Hydrovane to hand steer in close quarters or wherever. These needs are increasingly preventing the crews from being able to perform their designated missions. Before the incident, we were having a fine sail straight downwind before a 25 kt following breeze, but have reverted to motoring for ease of handling. Thirdly, and most importantly, the failure occurred well away from land where we could sort things out in an orderly fashion, trying different steering techniques until we found the best combination. I then had [a boatyard] build the new rudder. And to really be sure, I put a Hydrovane on the back of the boat. I could see it turning the shaft and still nothing. People started waving us off and passing pangas started yelling at us to get away from the rocks. Although wood is the easiest to work with the extensions have been made from many materials: PVC, plumbing copper, stainless steel etc.
And lastly, after a wicked night of strong squalls, the skies cleared this morning in fine tradewind fashion. The whole balance of the boat was gone, making it almost impossible to steer… BUT we made it to Cape Verdes and are proud of that fact. I put the boat hard in reverse and then the waves started hitting us. According to the depth sounder we should have hit bottom, and I thought we are either going to be smashed against the rocks or we were going to get knocked down. When entering a harbour or marina most owners simply lock-off the Hydrovane rudder or even remove it by popping out the locking pin with a boat hook and shipping the rudder aboard with its always attached tether. The autopilot itself needs to be fitted nearby – either on the deck or rail or attached to the stern pushpit. HYDROVANE owners have installed such tiller-pilots report strong preference for them over their expensive below deck autopilots: less noise, not under a bunk, small electrical draw, saves the larger unit for a ‘rainy day’ – and a cheap way to have yet another back-up.

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