Survival Supply, official government and military contractor and number one website for survival gear, will be running specials on certain items until the end of the month. To have food and water stored in the event of an emergency is smart, but what about communications?  If you are without power, how will you be able to stay connected with the outside world and get news about what’s happening?  Having an emergency radio on hand with the rest of your survival supplies is the smart choice.  They’re available in a wide variety of styles and can be cranked by hand, or solar powered, or both. Even in the relatively benign event of just being without electricity due to a power outage, a radio you can charge manually or with the sun’s light can be of great advantage if you want to listen to something other than silence. Legacy Premium’s 720 serving freeze dried emergency food buckets are jam packed with great tasting nutritious meals that will store for up to 25 years if needed.
This feeling of urgency can make you feel hopeless and panicked, and that’s not productive. However, if you do not have a food supply waiting in your pantry, now is the time to focus on creating an emergency stockpile quickly.
There are a few different ways to calculate food storage, but I find breaking it down by serving size to be the most practical.
If you’re trying to build a food supply quickly, consider ordering a kit with a month’s supply of meals in it. You may look at the prices of these items and say, “Oh, I can’t afford this.” But you have to remember, this is enough food for an ENTIRE MONTH. The Eat Tomorrow Foods 1-month Emergency Food Kit contains 100 meals for one person (that’s more than 3 meals per day!). If you must have gluten free the Relief Foods Gluten Free Emergency Food Supply Bucket  is a good choice. If you happen to have an LDS cannery or self-reliance store in your area, you’ve got a great resource.
A 28 pound starter kit contains wheat berries, oats, rice, beans, and flour for only $33.50. If it’s in the budget, adding some fruits, vegetables, desserts, and dry milk can go a long way towards fighting food fatigue. Don’t forget to add an assortment of spices and condiments to make your emergency meals tastier.

All of the special items come with free shipping to the Continental United States and have discounted prices. With Survival Supply’s pre-packaged food you can have 60 servings of food that only need water to prepare. They are a great way to have the essentials ready in an easy to carry bag in the event you must flee your home quickly. The Kaito weather radio for sale on the Survival Supply website uses three AAA batteries, is compact, and has several functions and features. These emergency food buckets have 19 different lunch and dinner entree's and 4 breakfast choices. The emergency meals are packed in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers and each bag is Nitrogen flushed.
Made with top quality nutritious ingredients that are not only good for you but taste great.
I write about focusing on whole foods without additives, and I firmly believe that is the very best way to build your food supply. You can also create a food plan, make a list, and go shopping, purchasing the highest quality items available, and repackaging them for longer shelf life. If a worst case scenario occurred, the goal is to be able to feed your family for at least a month. If you never ever cook from scratch, will you suddenly want to make pots of beans and homemade bread? However, as disasters strike America over and over, people are beginning to see the value in the way we do things. The emergency freeze dry meat grab and go kit has a shelf life of up to 15 years and if you order before Match 31st you will get 20 bonus servings of rice. The emergency preparedness mini backpack that Survival Supply has on sale is for one person and has the essentials needed to survive for three days.
The radio is connected to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) through the National Weather Radio (NWR) network that is provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).

The quantities in this article are per person, so you’ll need to multiply this by the number of people in your home. You can order these items online and get them to your door within a couple of days. Meals are freeze-dried and packed in heavy mylar pouches before being sealed in an FDA approved food bucket. It’s been proven time and time again that when issues occur, you’re completely on your own. This feature will automatically activate the radio to inform you of any hazardous weather conditions or warnings, including natural, environmental, and public safety while the radio is set to the “Alert” mode. If an event occurs during which you are unable to leave your home, you want to make certain that you can do this without assistance. This creates the most effective long-term food product you can get, preserving food for up to 25 years if stored correctly. Such an event could be a mandatory quarantine, self-imposed isolation due to a pandemic, civil unrest in your town, martial law, or even a terrible storm that leaves you stranded, with no access to the store.
Try to stick as close to your normal eating habits as possible, to lessen the stress of an already highly-wrought situation. With the recent advances in the freeze-drying process, these meals also taste great and continue to maintain a high level of nutrition. To prepare them you only need the ability to boil water – this could come in very handy during a grid-down situation.
All of their food is low fat and certified MSG free, GMO free and contains no trans fat or cholesterol…super healthy! There are 10 different meal choices, each in a resealable mylar pouch holding 10-servings of a particular dish.

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