The information on our infographic is the FEMA recommended disaster supplies kit and it should be considered as the minimum kit that everyone should have stored and ready in their homes.
As a bare minimum, everyone in the US should have these things store in their home, ready for use should the need arise. If you make sure you have everything on this list, you will be taking a huge step to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your family should disaster strike.
Rice is a critical component of an emergency food plan.Rice is a major staple for more than half the world's population. It supplies energy, complex carbohydrates, fiber, essential vitamins, minerals and beneficial antioxidants, making rice a healthy addition to your long-term food supply, as well as your pantry.Unlike other bulk foods, there is no worry of exposure each time you open our rice bucket.

Prepare now and it's quite possible you could save your life and the lives of your family if a natural disaster, terrorist attack or some other type of emergency were to occur. Start your emergency food storage preparation today and have peace of mind that your family is well provided for in the future. By dividing the rice into eight-serving portions, you only expose the food that you intend on using, which extends the nutritional values and shelf life of each unopened pouch to 20 years when stored properly.Preparation is easy and convenient. Stock up on bulk food, freeze dried food, and canned goods to make sure you have a readily available survival food supply. Just add water and in less than six minutes, you can sit down to a healthy, fluffy serving of rice.

Their nutrition, convenience and cost make them a smart choice when camping or used for everyday meals.Packaged in a weather-proof container, our airtight bucket provides added protection, along with easy storage and portability.

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