Survival from earthquakes and other natural disasters can depend on your level of preparedness. Most people are not prepared at all, very few have taken the steps to put together Disaster Survival Kits. These are just some of the key items that need to be in your 72 hour Family Survival Kit and your Emergency Car Survival Kit.
We never sell, share or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances. These emergency lesson plans for Year 3 DT are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources.
This entry was posted in DT for Year 3 and tagged emergency lesson plans, information for supply teachers, lesson plans for supply teachers, resource-free lesson plans, supply teacher, supply teacher resources, supply teaching ideas by Sharon Wood. I’ll be real with you, I am one of the most disorganized Moms on the planet so in order to make sure everyone has everything they need, I have to get started early.
What better way to get your teacher’s year started on the right track than a Back to School Teacher Supply Kit! We finished off our box by organizing our itemsĀ  and creating a cute printable to top off the box. Don’t forget to use these 2 free printables when creating your Back to School Teacher Survival Kit! If you liked this post be sure to check out some of our reader favorites like Back-to-School Healthy Lunch Ideas and Drop Off and Pick Up Line Etiquette! I think it was perfect but she should have put cookies(to help keep you sweet) instead of Advil. Be secure if you are at risk for contact with contaminated bodily fluids, air, or surfaces or with others who may carry an infection. Students and faculty may need to evacuate or lockdown in a classroom during an emergency or disaster. This compact emergency kit for one student or staff member provides basic emergency survival supplies for up to three days: water, food, light, warmth and shelter.
A grab-and-go emergency response kit designed to help a teacher or staff member respond in any emergency or disaster. A grab-and-go emergency incident command kit designed to help a school administrator take charge in any emergency or disaster.
A grab-and-go emergency incident command kit designed to help an on-site incident commander take charge in any emergency or disaster. High-capacity 4-Way-Carry backpack (backpack, shoulder and hand straps, ride on rolling stations) for flexible organization of first aid supplies and equipment.
Comprehensive 260-piece emergency trauma first aid backpack kit that includes 6 Quick-Access first aid supply modules and a flexible stretcher.
The very best trauma first aid kit in a 4-Way-Carry backpack with 6 Quick-Access supply modules in ballistic nylon clear-view pouches (superior protection & visibility) and a flexible stretcher. High-capacity 4-Way-Carry backpack (backpack, shoulder and hand straps, ride on rolling stations) for flexible organization of emergency supplies and equipment. High-capacity medical 4-Way-Carry EMS backpack (backpack, shoulder and hand straps, ride on rolling stations).

High-capacity medical responder AED 4-way-carry backpack: backpack, shoulder strap, hand straps, ride on MobileAid rolling stations. If you would like to avoid shopping in the Arizona heat this summer, consider buying a complete supply package from EDUKIT.  It saves time, money, gas and stress! So make it a priority to get your family prepared with the  essential resources to survive.
It is generally packed in mylar pouches and the water has been purified and then sterilized. We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation. I know we have a few more weeks lovely Mama’s but before you know it the first day of school will be here.
Once we had our container we started brainstorming on items that would be useful for our teacher.
Next, we came up with cleaver little reasons for how each item could brighten our teacher’s day throughout the year.
Whether your child is starting a Mother’s Day Out program or is going into 4th grade they will enjoy picking out treats and trinkets for their teacher this coming year. A school emergency kit, classroom lockdown kit or emergency first aid kit can provide critical survival supplies in the event that students and faculty need to remain in your school or evacuate after an emergency or disaster. Sealed lockdown and emergency kit with essential emergency supplies for the first several hours of emergency support for a class up to 25 students and 1 teacher.
Compact, waterproof emergency kit with emergency supplies for a full 24 hours of support for up to 25 students and 1 teacher. A portable emergency support kit for evacuating students and staff or supporting them in place during a lockdown or for the first several hours after an emergency or disaster.
A portable rolling emergency support kit for evacuating students and staff or supporting them in place during a lockdown or for the first several hours after an emergency or disaster.
Durable, high visibility emergency survival backpack with a Fold-A-Potty Portable Emergency Toilet packed inside and ample room for additional emergency supplies.This backpack was designed specifically to perfectly fit this emergency toilet and still allow room for additional emergency supplies. This waterproof 5-gallon emergency supplies storage bucket that converts to a portable emergency toilet.
Hi-Visibility Emergency sling and shoulder bag with integrated flashing LED safety signal and reflective safety stripes. The SecurSeal zipper bag keeps moisture out and the die cut handle makes for easy carrying in an evacuation. Packed in an Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) clear-view ballistic nylon pouch, this kit includes a 2-way radio and other critical emergency response control supplies.
Hi-Vis comprehensive 260-piece mobile emergency trauma first aid station that includes 5 Quick-Access first aid supply modules, flexible stretcher, first aid flag, flashing wheels, Hi-Vis reflective safety stripe, and integrated seat & gear platform. Superior Mobility, Organization, and Functionality, and High-Visibility for medical professionals who need the flexibility to carry their own unique medical aid supplies to an incident. This First Aid Flag (17.5" x 12") extends to 8 feet tall and is carried in a side-pouch designed to easily attach to the side of the MobileAid Easy-Roll First Aid Bag & Frame [Empty] (31560). Designed for the medical professional who needs the flexibility to carry his or her own unique medical supplies.

A lack of medical supplies, emergency food and water, fire extinguishers will mean their disaster will become an even greater catastrophe. A radio will give you contact with the outside world to determine the extent of your disaster and what steps you may need to take next. We will checking off our list as we send them out the door one last time to make sure our little ones have everything they need. Use as a companion kit to the 25-Student Classroom Lockdown and Emergency Response kit (21001).
Includes a carrying handle, airtight lid, snap-on toilet seat for conversion to an emergency toilet, and a 3-day supply of biohazard bags and deodorizer packets. Easily converts to a regular survival backpack and includes 3-LED flashing safety signal, quick-find emergency identification, and 360 degree high-visibility reflective safety stripes. The mobile station includes an integrated gear and seating platform, 5 Quick-Access utility pouches with customizable handle IDs and clear vinyl lids for easy supply identification, an 8-foot extendable first aid flag set, flashing wheels, Hi-Vis safety stripe, and flexible evacuation stretcher. The trauma first aid flag can be extended to identify the station from a distance in an emergency.
This is an excellent compact solution for search and rescue and evacuation of student, players, personnel and patients in an emergency.
High-visibility marking and flashing safety signal provide quick emergency identification and increased safety in use. Crush-resistant exoskeleton frame protects supplies from falling debris in earthquakes and other severe disasters.
This compact stretcher fits inside the MobileAid Easy-Roll First Aid Bag & Frame [Empty] (31560). They glow for 12 hours with no risk of fires like candles and are safe for children to handle and have a 5 year shelf life.
Are there children here who can move in ways which others can’t (wiggle ears?) Can you design a moving human body? These kits also provide portable emergency support for fieldtrips and other off-campus events. Crush-resistant exoskeleton frame protects supplies from falling debris in earthquakes or other severe disasters. You must have trauma dressings, burn dressings, splints and more to make a real difference.
American made light sticks perform better have a longer more reliable shelf life and are made from safer chemicals as opposed to Chinese made. Ideally great big sheets of paper, draw round one of the children in each group, group work to label.
They also don't create an unnatural thirst like crackers, cheese or peanut butter might do.

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