This covered water tank is situated on the former headquarters site of RAF Bawburgh and provided the emergency water supply for fire fighting. RAF Bawburgh RGHQ ROTOR was an extensive, elaborate and very costly air defence radar system built by the British Government in the early 1950s in an attempt to counter possible nuclear attacks by Soviet bomber aircraft. By the 1960s, many of the bunkers which had been constructed only a relatively short while ago had already become redundant, and when the policy of Regional Seats of Government Headquarters was introduced a number of ROTOR sites where utilised. RAF Bawburgh was decommissioned in 1990 and sold off in 1994 and the main site including the now disused bunker has since been privately owned. At this stage contractors will want to note that the two data collection periods have been agreed as Monday 9 March to Sunday 22 March 2015 (inclusive) and Monday 23 March to Sunday 5 April 2015 (inclusive).
Fiona Kaley, Information and Development Worker, gave a brief presentation to the CPNY Committee during their September 2015 meeting. How can PharmOutcomes support the management of your seasonal influenza vaccination service? ECAS (Emergency Caravan Accommodation Service) are one of the leading companies in the UK, specialising in the supply and rental of mobile homes for relocation purposes. We can offer an unrivalled service, with over twenty five years experience in the supply, delivery, siting and connection to the services of mobile homes.

Our fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers is fully equipped to deliver an emergency water supply to anyone experiencing a water loss, water contamination or other water emergency situation. The Liquiline water tanker fleet comprises of 13000 litre rigid chasis up to 30000 litre capacity articulated units. If you are unfortunate to suffer from a loss of your water supply you can access our emergency water tanker service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. If you need an emergency water tanker deployed to your site, please call us now on 01258 830324.
UK Emergency Water Tanker These small water tankers can deliver an emergency water supply just about anywhere!
The site is now privately owned and this view was taken from the adjacent woodland burial ground. In April 1956, 39 new stations were handed over to RAF Fighter Command and the existing structure was re-arranged into six Sector Operational Commands (SOC), each with its own command bunker.
Both of the audit periods will include two full weekends so that emergency supplies made when GP practices are closed can be assessed. Each emergency water tanker has a high volume water pump on board, capable of delivering water direct to anywhere on your site, including water tanks on your roof.

Only four of these were however used, one of them being an originally three-level ROTOR bunker located near the village of Bawburgh and RAF Bawburgh was designated the SOC for the Eastern Sector (4).
The second period covers the Easter holiday and was selected to provide an opportunity to audit provision of emergency supplies during a peak period for healthcare provision.
PSNC has stressed that this is a busy time for pharmacies and to help mitigate any potential risks to patient safety resulting from increased operational pressure they have secured agreement that the audit data collection should be as straightforward as possible to complete. SC 009152 Property Factor Registered Number PF000155Registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (REG. To support this, contractors undertaking the audit in the second two week period will be permitted a lag of up to two weeks post 5 April 2015 in which to complete the data collection retrospectively.
PSNC believes that this will demonstrate the positive impact that pharmacy emergency supplies can have in reducing the demand for urgent and emergency services such as, out of hours GP care, NHS 111 and Emergency Departments. The audit may also be useful in helping pharmacies to identify patients suitable for the repeat dispensing service.

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