Outdoor RecreationCamping, hiking, travelling, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, mountaineering, fishing, ice fishing, small boats, pop up campers, RVs in the winter or dry camping, hunting and hunting camps, horse trailers etc. Festivals can be a heavenly place for a marketeer.  Where else can you find a relaxed, receptive and captive audience who share the same demographic and music or cultural preferences in one place at the same time?
If you are attending a festival this summer, take it from me that you are hot property indeed! Don’t forget too, that nobody wants to be lumbered with large giveaways, so aim to provide small items and consider how they will be carried around at the event. Branding the items is obviously a marketing-must but to be more memorable and to create talk-ability, why not add a bit of humour by adding unusual items? Scented pens have been around for a good few years now but never have they been as impressive as these.
Manufactured in America, these pens have extremely authentic scents which will be active for up to a year, unlike many scented pens that only work for a number of weeks; if that. In true American fashion, the range of scents available is vast and original with a scent to appeal to everyone – not just the bunch in the playground! The scents are embedded into the tip and grip using a highly sophisticated process and all the materials used in the production of the pen are crafted using renewable and natural resources.
With the option to have them branded with a logo in a simple 1+ colour print or a full colour wrap, there’s plenty of scope to make these pens work well as a nifty marketing tool.  You might use them promotionally as giveaways or to reward loyalty.
We have just created a batch of 4 different scents for a newly opened frozen yoghurt chain.  They intend to use them promotionally as giveaways and then eventually to sell them to help boost sales.  Looking forward to seeing those sales figures! Whilst the British Weather may be a little hit and miss at the moment, there is no doubt that as ‘dates’ go, we are indeed in the heart of British summertime.
If you are an event planner – capture these emotions for your event and you have created the perfect atmosphere and your event certain of success. Buckets and spades can be sourced in all sizes and colours (including pantone matching on larger quantities) and we can brand both the bucket and the spade with your logo if you wish in up to 5 spot colours.  The spade can be attached on the side, tied with branded or co-ordinated ribbon. Sadly, these wouldn’t fit into a goody bag but they would work fantastically well alongside them for health, sport, fitness or wellness campaigns! I was handed one of these at a music festival in South Devon last year.  I was very taken with them and I have kept mine, with the intention of using it again this year. Both the hat and the bag are brandable and one size fits all for the hat.  The hat folds down easily to be stored back into the bag and both are made from a nylon material and folding mechanism akin to small pop-up tents.

After the war, a lengthy court process ensued relating to the trademark and ownership of the term ‘Monopoly’ and  it wasn’t until the late 1970s that it was resolved, making way for the game to then be created as the game we know today. Monopoly is one of those huge board-game success stories that is too big a success story for anyone to ever try to compete with.  Demand for the game has never waned and is still growing in demand today globally, after many decades of sales. We have our favourite promotional goods here – the ones that we think work harder, have impact, are valued and kept.  It is rare that we see something NEW that really does turn our head.  But this ‘cool’ little operator, most definitely has! These fans are also a low minimum quantity of just 500 pieces and you can even have the handle pantone matched on higher quantities.  Handles can also be branded with your company logo from 500 units plus. The store was a magnet and people were going into that shop that would not in normal circumstances.  To them, they were getting an unmissable [free] deal and the generous and welcoming service messages that the store was conveying was making more people join that queue.
Well executed and highly targeted goody bags can be very effective by engaging directly with customers, influencing their behaviour and increasing footfall and transactional spend.
A goody bag need not be expensive and a budget can easily be produced by looking at your margins.   There are many ways in which you can monitor your return on investment too, unlike many other soft marketing campaigns that often get awarded big budgets but offer poor forms of measure.
Every retailer and e-tailer will have very differing needs with each requiring a bespoke approach to meet their own objectives.
It fascinates me how our major sporting clubs today manage to exploit every conceivable marketing opportunity known to marketing-man.
Few have the colossal funds required to secure shirt sponsorship.  Maybe your funds are closer to sponsoring the half-time pies? The clapping sound that they make is loud and effective and they build crowd participation and excitement.  They are also visually appealing to all ages and genders and have a huge double sided area in which to print your message, brand or promotion. Pop them in a goody bag along with branded whistles, face paints, hats and streamers and you’re on to a winner! The toilet mining camp manufacturers has uploaded 1937 toilet mining camp pictures for their toilet mining camp products for sale, 1-20 toilet mining camp images are displayed.
There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a vehicle, but they break down to just a few categories of responses.
Car trouble.  Mechanical problems, flat tire, dead battery, running out of gas in a remote area. Most times the first or second options are best.  But there are the few occasions where you would need to abandon your vehicle and hike to a safer location. Fire starting supplies—matches, lighter, fire starter helps.  I still love the dryer lint fire starters.

Diapers, wipes, pullups, change of clothes for potty trainers.  Of course this only applies if you have little ones. First aid.  At least bandages and common medications, but a more in depth first aid kit would be best. Small tarp or large plastic trash bags.  For shelter, ground cover, improvised pack, and whatever else you can dream up. Walking shoes.  Especially if you are usually in your car wearing either dressier shoes or flip-flops. Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article. Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites!
When it comes to the flashlight, since you won’t need it regularly, remember to remove the batteries and keep them in a baggie or small watertight case to prevent them from corroding and possibly ruining the flashlight before it ever gets used. I have shared this with my students so they can help their families be prepared during winter weather and other emergencies. Beats the hell out of not getting the boat you want because it doesn't have a head in the console. A bag which is lightweight, unobstrusive and easy to carry are the key considerations before you start to think of what should go inside.
Promotional pens can sometimes be a bit hit and miss with quality but these ones are sturdy and of the highest quality. Magie Phillips, created a game through which she hoped to be able to explain the single tax theory of Henry George [Henry George was an American political economist in the late 1800s].  The game was intended to illustrate the negative aspects of concentrating land in private monopolies. One of my students already had to use it – and was so thankful to have a relatively easy time because of it. Lazy days on the beach eating ice-creams, donkey rides, paddling and returning home later tired but bursting with happiness after the events of the day.

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