It is best to take a taxi as it is a matter of life and death in dystocia (difficulty in birth) cases! There are NO directions for the use of any specific water purification product printed on the bag, as we wanted these bags to be useful to all our customers who use various methods of chemical purification to include Iodine, Chlorine, and Chlorine Dioxide. Note: These bags can be frozen, however, they should not be used at temperatures above 180A° F (82A° C). Again, this is a great little Emergency Water Bag for survival kits, bug-out-bags, camping, or any other emergency use.
This bright yellow bag is perfect for storing life jackets, flares, lights and many other emergency marine equipment so it can be kept all in one place for every person on board to be able to have access to in an emergency. Designed & developed by Survival Resourcesa„? specifically for use in survival kits, the 1 Liter AQUA-POUCHa„? is a free standing, zip-closure, water storage container designed for use with water purification tablets.
The Stainless Wide Flip D-Ring effortlessly transforms from a flat, low-profile cap to a sporty, functional loop you can clip on to just about anything. The Stainless Steel Bottle Hanger is great for hanging a stainless steel bottle over a fire by inserting it into the mouth of the bottle and then releasing.
This little hanger was originally designed to hold the mouth of a fish open so you could easily remove a hook. The GEN3 Pathfinder Stainless Steel Widemouth Bottle & Nesting Cup were designed so the bottle will nest inside the cup for convenient and compact storage. The Pathfinder Widemouth Military Canteen Cooking Kit was designed so the canteen will nest inside the cup along with the stove for convenient and compact storage. The NEW NalgeneA® Everydaya„? Bottles are made from the newest material in the NalgeneA® line.

If you always run a little short on water when carrying a standard 32 oz Nalgene bottle, this one is for you.
This is a great little accessory that allows you to store essentials on the top of your Nalgene bottle.
This 2 Gallon Water Bag (shown folded in a hand and full of water) is ideal for small survival kits because it rolls or folds completely flat when empty, unlike many other soft bags which have a screw type cap.
The Fold-A-Carrier Water Containers are great for all outdoor activities and emergency storage of water at home. The four elasticated straps can be used for holding flares, lights or any other item that can fit.
We really like these Flexible containers because they have so many unique features and advantages over other flexible bottles. Stainless Steel Bottle is a great alternative to some of the other stainless steel bottles. You can store vitamins, supplements, medication, or even water purification tablets right on top of your bottle. Half water bottle, half cooking pot, it performs both functions exceptionally well while weighing less than most standard water bottles. The bag itself is water resistant but the zip itself is not and this cannot be used a buoyancy aid.
The widemouth design of this bottle allows you to easily obtain water from the shallowest of water pools, which will help conserve precious calories and energy that can be used to aid in your rescue or deal with your survival situation. Continuing to raise the bar, The Pathfinder School has developed the ONLY widemouth stainless steel military canteen on the market today.

It has dividers that allow you to use the lid completely open, divided in half, or divided in quarters. It converts easily from a water bottle to a cooking pot with a simple flip of the lid yet its watertight, temperature resistant O-ring wona€™t melt when exposed to heat. The Fold-A-Carrier is a durable collapsible water container that is made from high-grade polyethylene. The widemouth design of this canteen allows you to easily obtain water from the shallowest of water pools, which will help conserve precious calories and energy that can be used to aid in your rescue or deal with your survival situation.
When squeezed together and hooked on itself, it takes up little room in your pack (Bottles in photo NOT included). The nesting cup has a foldable handle that securely fastens the stove to the cup when not in use and has measurement graduations on the inside. It fits all Nalgene 32 oz wide mouth bottles (it does not fit the Klean Kanteen wide mouth bottle or the GEN3 Pathfinder Stainless Steel Widemouth Bottle shown above).
To use, you simply screw the Pillid to the top of your bottle and then use the original cap as a cover for the Pillid.
The comfortable handle is attached via two sturdy metal clips and folds down, making the Fold-A-Carrier even more compact.

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