EMF is hazardous form of electrical and magnetic radiation found in our day to day environment.
Electromagnetic energy negatively affects the energetic balance in the subtle body and causes adverse changes in overall health levels.
Subscribe To Our Newsletter and get 10% off your next purchase!Receive monthly emails with the latest sales and offerings. As these are hand made, our selection is sometimes different than what you see on our website. Transviber products are designed to filter and transmute the energy of radiation and EMF's, neutralizing the waves rather than completely blocking.

As a result, harmful waves are transmuted and purified rather than blocked, allowing for uninhibited used while providing you a powerful shield. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new company, Working Vibes Research dedicated to restoring well-being to humanity through the development of cutting edge technologies that restore body, mind and spirit! The Vortex BioShield line of EMF Harmonizer Blockers is a collection of groundbreaking products that completely releaves stress caused by Electro Magnetic Field radiation produced by cell phone or other Wi-Fi devices such as Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Modems and Boosters as well as personal EMF protectors in the form of custom jewelry by using crystals with harmonic frequencies. Our products operate through the principle of a€?vibrational resonancea€? and perform a dual servicea€”working to cancel harmful EMFs, and at the same time, restore harmony to the body on both an energetic and physical level through sustained coherent frequencies contained within the shield that align with the bodya€™s healthy natural state. Through a special combination of processed and charged earth minerals, our products go several steps above and beyond orgone technology, traditional aluminum EMF blockers, and neutralizers for an end result that is non-intrusive to your devicea€™s function and is as protective as it is healing.

As more and more people discover our products, they report that not only do they have more energy, but their headaches are gone, their devices arena€™t getting as hot, and they are messaging us by the dozens to thank us for their new found energy, sense of safety, mental clarity and piece of mind. Contact us if you have a preference on design and we can send you photos of what is currently available. Please feel free to hang out, watch our YouTube testimonials, do your own research, check out our products, and become part of our community!

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