Specifies that the product has been tested and found to be within its stated tolerance for accuracy.
Sper Scientific warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a the stated period from the date of purchase, and agrees to repair or replace any defective unit without charge.
Opening the meter to expose its electronics will break the waterproof seal and void the warranty.
To receive Free Shipping on orders over $75 you must use the Coupon # "BUSTED" at checkout- Offer Valid For Domestic Ground Shipping (UPS Ground & USPS Priority) only.
The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies wireless radiation as a 2B carcinogen, based on studies linking cell phone radiation to brain tumors! I have been a cynical towards people who worry about smart meters for a couple years, even was an early adopter nearly 5 years ago. On Thursday, 4 days ago, newer and stronger meters we put in to replace the ones installed a little over a year ago.
Since I am in a rental, I am going to have to try to move, probably to another state, because I do not feel that California is going to do anything good on this matter to protect my health. But I want you to know that in my opinion, making all of our technology communicable with wireless technology is going to bite us in the rear BIG TIME one day and we will be totally unprepared!
In many of these science fiction stories, those using wireless technologies, (most were begun for POPULATION SURVEILLANCE!) were completely defenseless! In a desperate attempt to figure out what is wrong with me, I came across a website that revealed a possibility that I may be exposed to the smart meter radiation. Since then I have left my home and have been getting sicker because I cannot find anyone that believes me.
If I stay away from the meters are my symptoms reversible mainly the insomnia and the anxiety. The following Monday the electric company came to our home, with no notice nor explanation, and physically, right in front of me, cut our electric lines with a huge pair of clippers! I have purchased an RF meter but, even after much reading, still don’t understand the subject very well. The effects that I feel from this exposure take a long to to subside even when I go to my father in laws where the meter shows no high levels of RF. I am afraid I am being caused permanent damage and most importantly that my young sons may be receiving damage from this exposure. Since the whole Smart meter incident we have removed our home wi-fi and we put our cell phones on airplane mode. Then, when a bank of smart meters were put next to our apartment, both my wife and I starting experiencing headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations and tinnitus.
I managed to have smart meter installation delayed at my house, but suddenly became sick overnight with palpitations, chest pain, insomnia, dizziness, inability to concentrate and memory loss and fainting spells.
I can no longer drive, I can’t work (I’m a doctor), I have to go and sleep at my mother in law’s place (there are no smart meters there yet).
My life is completely ruined and the energy companies and members of Victorian Parliament completely ignore me.
I had no idea that a smart meter would pose a hazard to my health when I agreed to let them install one on my home. I am plagued with various health issues because of the Smart Meters, such as insomnia, constant headaches, blurred vision and ringing in my ears, and other various aches and pains. For the past year, I have been suffering health effects due to the installation of a Smart Meter at my home and the other homes in my neighborhood. I would like to see Smart Meters pulled from the market until thorough testing is done and they can be proved safe.
I have been suffering since the installation of 3 meters in my complex (of 12 units) and from larger multi-unit complexes on both sides of where I live. I have been suffering horrible migraine headaches since a SmartMeter was installed on my home in the fall of 2010. It took almost a year of 15-18 debilitating migraine level headaches before the cause was discovered.
I am a high school teacher and was able to go visit my Mom in a neighborhood that has no Smartmeters when school let out in June of 2011. I have been severely harmed by the installation of two smart meters on my family’s home where I reside with my elderly parents and nephew. I was forced to go to the emergency room only three hours after the two meters where installed on our home (one for gas and one for electric)from severe nausea, heart palpitations and a severe headache. After several days, with the help of several highly trained medical doctors and a PA at my personal doctor’s office, I finally found a medication that allowed me to stay home and assisted me in not having to continue to visit hospital services.
However, though the nausea was lessen by the mediation they gave me, which by the way is what they give to people who have radiation poisoning, it’s side affects where too severe (mild to severe constipation and cramping leading to the need for more medical treatments)to continue for more than a few weeks.
I also suffered severe headaches (one meter was right outside my room, only two feet from my bed) and I was forced to move from a private room in front of the family house into the back of the house where the pain is much less. Now I live my life in our family’s den, always intruded upon by the need for my parents and other family members who reside here to work in the same area. A man who identified himself as working for PG&E, came to my door stating that he was here to install a Smart Meter on my home.
Since installation, our high-speed internet connection has slowed, been interrupted often, dialing out we have static on the phone lines, similar to taking a cordless phone too near a microwave oven in use.
My family has suffered since moving to this house (our old house did not have a smart meter). Within 5 hours of having a smart meter installed on my apartment building I developed a severe band-like headache. I am disabled and, try as I might, I have been unable to find subsidized housing in an area that is free of meters. Several of my neighbors are experiencing similar symptoms, complaining of insomnia, headaches, difficulty concentrating. I am writing to file a complaint against PG&E and CPUC due to the health hazards of installing a Smart Meter in our home without our consent.
This kind of radiation is not good for anyone?s health, and as someone with chronic health issues and immune dysfunction, to have a Smart Meter in our home is completely unacceptable.
Within 1 hour of having our smart meter installed my wife started getting heart palpitations, headaches, brain fog and trouble sleeping. If you are normal or of normal health than a smart meter may not effect you but to the percentage of people that have medical issues please do not discriminate or destroy their ability to function normally or lose productivity.
Within a month or 2 of installation of my EvilMeter, aka SmartMeter, I noticed for the first time in my life that my heart was skipping beats.
However, a month or two ago I noticed that my skipped heartbeats were getting worse — my heart would only beat 2-3 times, then skip a beat, beat 2-3 times, then skip a beat, etc.
Please make PG&E (and other utilities who may be doing the same thing) stop installing EvilMeters, and make them leave the analog meters in place. Since the installation, I have had headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion and memory loss. I live in Encinitas and the Smart Meter was installed in my home without even asking or considering the Health issues for myself and those living here. Since about a month after the meter was installed on my home, I began experiencing hives all over my body and near constant ringing in my ears which gets very loud at times. When the installer came to change out my analogue meter which was working perfectly, I followed him out to the side of my house and told him I objected strongly to the meters because of the problems I’d been hearing about inaccurate readings. When I called to have the smart meter removed I was informed that I will be charged to go back to the analog and will not longer be able to use the Time of Use plan (which I have been a part of before the smart meter…this is a cost saving program as to when the peak and off peak hours are for usage) Their reasoning is that a technichian will have to come out monthly to read meter. I called PG&E and they have refused to take it off and gave me misinformation on the phone saying that the meter was not even working yet. Since the SmartMeters have been installed on the condo building where I live, I started suffering from heart palpitations.
I happens especially during the night awakening me and keeping me awake, without being able to fall asleep again. I also started suffering from Hypothyroidism, a problem I never had in my life until now (I am 41).
How is that eating only organic foods, not smoking, having low stress level got me into an autoimmune disease?
Since Smart Meter has been installed, I am suffering from heart palpitations, unusually dry skin, and insomnia for months. De EMF safe range meter helpt u in kaart te brengen welke apparaten welke hoeveelheid EMF straling hebben. To test the effectiveness of the Smart Meter Guard, which is a custom Faraday cage that blocks smart meter RF waves, we performed several tests on a number of smart meters in different locations. In each test we used a GigaHertz Solutions HF35C High Frequency Analyzer with a 20 decibel attenuator.
An RF reflector will cause the majority of the signal to bounce off, somewhat like a mirror reflects light.
DescriptionModel 100 XEThe original TriField® Meter combines all the features needed for fast, accurate measurements of electromagnetic fields. That’s right, professional ghost hunters use the Extech EMF meter to detect fluctuations in EMF to track down rogue energy sources that could be the source of your paranormal activity. If your model has since been discontinued, an equivalent Sper Scientific product will be substituted if available. This Electromagnetic Radiation Meter will help you locate EMF fields and determine their strengths.
The last year I have been experiencing a chronic sore throat that my doctors can’t explain, my kids are developing learning disabilities, among other strange health issues.
Now I cannot sleep, even with the sleeping pill and I am feeling so fatigued and muddle-brained that I can barely think straight and even have trouble standing up straight. THIS IS A TWO WAY COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM THAT IS OPEN IN THE MOST OPEN WAY POSSIBLE ON OUR PLANET – THROUGH THE AIR! I am also an avid science fiction reader and I cannot even count on both hands the number of books I have read with scenarios where Earth is taken over and completely defenseless against invaders because we have WiFi’d ALL OF OUR EXISTENCE ON EARTH! ANY electrical signal retriever can catch these wireless messages floating through the air. I have been feeling sick since they installed 16 smart meters on a panel 6 feet away from my building.

I began feeling ill: symptoms included a sensation of electricity coursing through my body, headaches, my blood pressure soared, the sensation of my brain feeling like it was being squeezed, and a sensation of burning on my skin and eyes.
I do know that my meter indicated that there are strong fields all over my home and very strong pulse points in four corners of my home from the smart meters.
I would say I started to notice major health concerns since the FPL Smart meter was put beside our bedroom window and it did me in. What is killing me though is that our entire community not only has Smart Meters but our association just made a deal with AT&T and every house has U-verse. In July of last year the LADWP placed on our home a RF meter, the RF meter was placed on the back of our home which is directly located about 25 to 30 feet away from the LADWP power pole that is located on our property. I have used technology my entire adult life – cell phones, smart phones, wi-fi, laptops, you name it.
AFTER becoming sick I found out that the day I became suddenly sick was the day the smart meter roll-out was completed in my area and the smart meters were remotely turned on from base.
Two doctors have confirmed my disability is entirely due to my sensitivity to smart meters’ radio transmission and I am 100% sure of that as I can always tell accurately if I am in a smart metered area or not. What is happening in Victoria is a complete breakdown of democracy and an affront to social justice of enormous proportions and implications.
I understand that others are suffering from various health issues throughout the state and country as well.  I do not want this device on my home or in my neighborhood. I have experienced migraines, disrupted sleep, and electronic sensitivity so that I was unable to use a computer or my cellphone without immediate nausea and headache.
Other electricians say that they cannot replace the meter with an analog variety because it would be illegal.
It is the responsibility of our government to protect public health from polluting corporations. I saw doctors and had blood tests, MRI’s CT scans, took migraine medications all with no relief. I was lucky enough to find an Accupuncturist who helped with these symptoms so at least I can now manage my pain. I can’t hardly go anywhere now without an instant migraine from the fact they are installed everywhere. We did not know that the SMeters were installed on the neighbors’ homes as we did not have any SMeters.
An injury 6 years ago left me hypersensitive to the electromagnetic fields these and other devices emit. I did not know what a smart meter was when the man with the hard hat knocked on my door to tell me that my power would be turned off for about 10 minutes. The mesh network and the meters are a scourge, depriving us of our human rights and our civil rights. When we first discovered its installation in May of 2010, my husband called PG&E with the request to have it removed, and they refused.
I am writing to request that the Smart Meters at our home be removed immediately, and that action is taken to remove these meters from our area.
A couple of weeks or so after that, we noticed that our old analog meter was gone and a smart meter had been installed. It seems that America was a country of freedom of choice and not a country where things can be shoved down our throats and when we ask for reasonable changes we are turned down. I am ill from the smart meters (two of them, one gas, one electric) on my property – one at each end of my home. I now understand that there are health concerns related to the wireless network that the SmartMeters use, and I do not want this device on my home or in my neighborhood.
My MS symptoms now have progressed to feelings of numbness in my hands, burning sensations in my left arm, weakness in my left arm and a sense of confusion and memory loss intermittently from week to week. Both symptoms disappeared immediately months later when I was able to leave my home for more than a day.
Between the time of installation and this writing, I have developed tinitus–a constant, faint, ringing in my ears that negatively affects my sleep and my overall quality of life. So I am curious why my NEW monthly tehnichian fee who will come out to read my meter will not be able to do the exact same service I had prior to the having the smart meter installed!
This last summer I was away for 5 weeks, when I returned to my home in mid September I began having sleepless nights. Since now, I have conducted a very healthy life style, rarely have I got sick form common things such as colds and flu. EMF’s kunnen niet worden gezien, gehoord of gevoeld maar zijn overal om ons heen aanwezig. Deze informatie kunt u vervolgens gebruiken om beslissingen te nemen welke electrische apparaten u in uw omgeving wilt hebben om zo min mogelijk aan de EMF straling bloot te staan. Online spy-shop voor spy- afluister apparatuur, spy camera's, IP beveiligingscameras en meer! Generally, this means that the shield will be placed on the interior surface of the wall adjacent to the Smart meter.
It independently measures electric field and magnetic field, and is properly scaled to indicate the full magnitude of currents produced by each type of field inside a conductive body. This warranty does not cover probes, batteries, or damage resulting from accident, misuse, or abuse. I have literally done nothing since they have been put in and feel achy all over and disoriented, slightly dizzy. I have only been away from my home for about 12 hours now and can feel the symptoms greatly reduced.
I am turning to you all for help because I am certain that I will not receive much help from the authorities.
In July of last year our children started to exhibit health symptoms and health signs that alarmed myself and my husband. I began having heart palpitations, trouble sleeping, unexplained anxiety attacks, dizzy spells, nausea and fatigue.
This product is making me sick, and even with the money to pay for it, I am not allowed to have it removed. I now have fatigue and headaches, nausea unexplained and nosebleeds at the oddest times for no other reason.
I kept a headache journal as recommended by headache specialists at UCSF and found no connection to headache development and diet, activity, etc. I have had to sleep in a heavily shielded area to get more than a couple of hours of sleep. I had a lot of pain when appliances with switching power supplies were plugged in (like my computer).
On July 31, 2010, I went into the living room, about 6 feet from the wall that holds the Smart Meters, and felt a sudden zap of energy that instantly had my chest and throat aching, sending my already delicate health into immune collapse. We should have the choice of what goes on our house that is reasonable and safe to our health. This was much worse than at first, when it would go back to normal within a short time of going into my bedroom or leaving the house.
The electric smart meter, the worst of the two, is located on my bedroom wall, right by the headboard of the bed. They both incorrectly insisted that it was mandatory to have these horrible meters on my property. My family was never consulted about the program, or even notified in advance of installation.
My old analog meter worked just fine, and I do not want to risk the health of my family with this SmartMeter. I had no idea why I developed this condition (I have suffered no head injury or severe illness this past year) until I learned today that tinitus has been associated with the emanations from these smart meters.
Since then I have experienced sleepless nights, anxiety, ringing in the ears and headaches, my children have as well.
I would awake about midnight with my heart racing and be unable to go back to sleep at all. EMF straling wordt aangegeven in milliGues (mG) en de sterkte is te meter met een EMF meter. Ook is de EMF meter geschikt als extra instrument om te gebruiken bij het opsporen van afluisterapparatuur.
Think about the Smart meter emissions as coming from a light bulb located at the meter, and the shield casting a shadow. In a hypothetical world where your Smart meter is the only source of RF radiation, either absorbers or reflectors would work well. Then again you may have a level 6 aggressive poltergeist who’s pissed you’re down in the basement again!
However cell phones, cell towers, wi-fi and other wireless devices can also affect your health!  Reducing your EMF exposure can benefit your overall health and wellness. I tried everything I could think of and finally went to my doctor who gave me sleeping pills. I can’t escape from this feeling anywhere in my home and I even experience it where ever wifi is being used and even just near people using cell phones and near cell towers.
Even though we had our wi-fi turned off from the modem we also had the company run all the cable lines through the attic to the rooms for television. The children began to have fevers out of no where, essentially their bodies were boiling and their fevers would go from 101 to 104 and sometimes to 105.  My husband is a Clinical Partner at Cedar Sinai Hospital in the ICU so he is versed in the area of taking care of patients in extreme health decline, but he was not prepared to handle the weekly and monthly bouts that our smaller children began to have.
Looking at every variable possible, it was finally discovered that when I am around Smartmeters, I get headaches. There aren’t many places to escape the horrible effects of these meters because they are everywhere. These SmartMeters and the technolgy they use have turned me from a happy and productive member of society, into a desperate and miserable person. I have also had pain in my sinuses and pressure in my face, and increased bleeding episodes.
Wireless and the high frequencies produced by switching power supplies affects many people. It took several days before the aching in my chest, and the intense fatigue and brain fog that accompanied it, abated.

We went to visit our family away from our home for 2 days to celebrate Thanksgiving and again felt much better.
This should be among the top priorities for our legislators, as exposure to electro magnetic radiation impacts children and the ill the most, but will also make healthy people ill.
It was on the outside of my living room wall, only 1-2 feet from my sofa, where I often used to sit. My head was less than a foot, about 8 inches or less, from the smart meter for six months, as I slept and read in bed, sitting up. I have felt more tiredness,stress and aggitation since they were installed and I want them out of my home. As stated above, my symptoms began about a month later and have continued non stop since…except when I was able to leave my home for more than 24 hours. My wife then attempted to contact PG&E and local electricians regarding the replacement of the smart meter with an analog meter. After a week of this I went to visit a friend and slept perfect at her house, that has no smart meter. Zo kunnen de meeste detectors niet alle electrische apparaten detecteren als deze niet zenden, waar dan wel de EMF meter voor gebruikt kan worden. In both cases, SOME amount of RF does get through the shield, as no shield is 100% effective.
It has significant sensitivity at 100,000 Hz, well past the 17,000 Hz horizontal scan of video displays. Extech 480823 EMF Meter Related: How to be a Ghost HunterIf you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. For over a year I needed a pill every night, sometimes a half worked, but only for a few hours and soon I would be using the second half. We video taped it and sent their meter back to them with a letter, along with all the other correspondence we had sent (return receipt and notarized). Our houses are so close together that our house gets both of our neighbors signals from each side. Our children also began to have problems with the inability to control their bodily fluids, our five year old began peeing and pooping herself, our four year began to display the same problems, soon many of the smaller children were all displaying these symptoms and concerns. I specifically want the old analog back which worked just fine.  I want this Smart Meter removed now! I am concerned for the long term health consequences on us and on my daughter who is almost 3.
Our entire county, once a pristine, safe and desirable place to call home is now a sea of massive radiation from the thousands of smart meters now installed. I have been avoiding all types of radiation since the 80’s due to poor health…and here it was now permanently attached to my bedroom wall!!
I shielded the SM with simple aluminum shielding, and the migraine headache significantly reduced to a normal headache. My Mother feels that her health has declined in many aspects since the installation of her meter (she lives next door).
The next morning I also experienced nausea and began to think that I was coming down with the flu. I contacted the CPUC and was told that they have no jurisdiction over my utility company and was instructed to contact my City Council. We hired an electrician to come to our home with his radiofrequency radiation meter, to determine the frequency and strength of the Smart Meter radiation in our home. I tried taking my pulse many places, and my pulse was normal everywhere except in the front part of my house. Did no one do any research on the effects on Health before considering installing these on our homes. She was informed by the local electricians that it was illegal for them to remove the smart meter from our property. I hold a MA in Social Work, have a BA in psychology, have been employed in a professional setting for many years prior to the birth of my children. My Smart Meter peak occurred when I was in a deep sleep around 6:00am and was awaken to massive pressure in my head.
The children became depressed, and essentially we began to realize that our children were not the children who we cared for prior to the RF meter being placed on our property. Then I found out that so many others have had the same reactions to smart meters in their homes and neighborhoods.
When I remove the shield the intense migraines come back; replace the shield, they go away. Moments later, he entered our gated yard again and I heard pounding at the side of my home, where the 4 meters for our townhouse are located.
We all have noticed our immune systems are weaker.  The biggest complaint is difficulty sleeping.
However, when I left my apartment and went to another city (no meters) my symptoms cleared up.
I have spoken several times at City Council meetings but the council members are relying on the information provided to them by the CPUC, the California Council of Science and Technology, and Burbank Water and Power.  It is the most of vicious of circles. At the time of his reading on Wednesday, August 4th, the meter was pulsing about 3 times a minute, and inside the house the radiation from the Smart Meter was definitely high in the living room.
America will be destroyed by these multinational companies and the politicians who cater to them, if we don’t take action to stop the smart grid. In this example, the majority of the bedroom area is protected, but that is not true for the rest of the living space.
In addition, the magnetic setting and the electric setting measure true magnitude, a feature found elsewhere only in more expensive meters. We were the only family in our area to have this new meter so we do not have a frame of reference in our community to measure the health side effects against. I called out to him, and he came to the front door and told me that he was installing 3 Smart Meters for my neighbors–on MY HOUSE! I developed numerous symptoms, including very shrill (painful) ringing in my ears, severe headaches, skin cancer, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to rf radiation and more, all following the exposure to the smart meters. In such a situation, if you use a reflecting material, it will reflect on BOTH sides, and you could end up increasing the amount of RF in your living space. If you hold the meter in the center of a room and tip it to various angles, the magnetic reading will stay approximately the same regardless of which way you tip or rotate it.
Please help us, we are good honest people who have suffered for the past few months trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together. Finally my doctor told me about the dangers of smart meters and diagnosed me with radiation illness. The idea that a private company is somehow entitled to place a device on my home that is harmful to me and to my family flies in the face of my understanding of property rights in this state and in this country.
On the other hand, if you use an absorber, it will absorb on BOTH sides, so you cannot increase your exposure. The electric reading is similar, although the presence of your body alters the actual electric field, so readings will vary more. After 5 days I could no longer tolerate the symptoms and left my home of 23 years, to live out of my car and sleep in the homes of friends and family to avoid the unbearable health issues.
I would ask that you give rapid consideration to a method by which homeowners can opt out of having a smart meter.
If, you use both materials, a reflector on the side closest to the RF source, and an absorber on the side closest to the living space, you get the best of both materials… and the absolute lowest RF transmission. I now sleep (for the past year) in the living room (very uncomfortably) and he sleeps in another bedroom. The longer this goes on, the greater the harm that will be suffered by the populace and the greater the damages that will ultimately be recovered against PG&E in the numerous lawsuits that will inevitably result.
Any small amount of Smart meter signal penetrating the reflector will be absorbed by the absorber.
The few other meters below $150 read only low-frequency magnetic fields and only in one direction (not true magnitude). I begged him to stop–telling him repeatedly that I was not well, and I was not giving my permission for Smart Meters to be installed on my home.
Any signal coming from the opposite direction will have to pass through the absorber, then reflect off the reflector, and finally pass through the absorber again before it re-enters the living space. The magnetic section of the TriField meter has three field-detecting coils pointing in the X, Y, and Z directions. A circuit amplifies these signals and gives them the proper frequency-weighting (sensitivity increases linearly from 30 Hz to 500 Hz, but with some residual sensitivity up to 100 MHz). Getting anywhere near the electric meter, especially, inside or outside, produces extreme illness that lasts for three or four days. A unique network combines the three coil outputs nonlinearly to approximate a true magnitude.
What are they going to do to our children, who are sleeping in the rooms where they are connected? I and numerous others in my community will also be watching to see how quickly and successfully this issue is addressed in considering how to vote in the next election.
PGE lied to us, sneaked into our homes to put these in, have not done proper testing, and are causing health problems to millions. Accuracy is 20% at mid-range.The TriField Meter comes with a one-year warranty and a 9-volt transistor battery included. I will have to ask my landlord if he is willing to opt out, and I will pay whatever to get peace again. When the BATTERY TEST reads low, the battery can be replaced with any rectangular 9 volt transistor or alkaline (which lasts about 50 hours) type.

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