Electromagnetic radiation poisoning, also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, is a negative reaction to the over-exposure of a body to electromagnetic radiation.
Imagine sitting your cell phone close to your television and getting a call or text message come through. Because Tanja worked online, via her laptop and a wireless network, she was exposed to copious amounts of EMR without even realizing the danger she was in. These symptoms, with a rapid, unexplained onset and no diagnosis, are terrifying and impact every aspect of daily life, leaving sufferers like Tanja bed- or house-bound. According to the BioInitiative Report of 2012, electromagnetic radiation poisoning has also been linked to cancers and impaired brain function, as well as impaired gene expression and a reduction in melatonin production, which increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers. There is a significant amount of contention as to whether or not electromagnetic radiation poisoning actually exists. Ideally, you should make sure you are never exposed to any kind of artificial electromagnetic radiation. Be smart and don’t expose yourself to more electromagnetic radiation than is necessary, as the potential health effects are disturbing, to say the least. The city of Berkeley, California, is voting on a measure that would require retailers to inform consumers of the minimum separation distance a cellphone should be held from the body. The mobile industry is trying to shoot down another law requiring cellphone radiation warnings. The US centre for Disease Control identifies Radiation Poisoning in the name of Acute Radiation Syndrome.
Besides radioactive sources, electromagnetic radiations (EMR) also cause considerable health problems. The main sources of radiation poisoning arising out of ionized radiation are nuclear industry accidents, detonation of nuclear bombs and sometimes excessive exposure to diagnostic radiation sources such as x-rays. Radiation poisoning was discovered by scientists while performing experiments with radioactive materials during the second half of the 19th century,.
The health hazards of electromagnetic radiation are of recent origin and detected only recently along with growth of the use of gadgets using the electromagnetic radiation like mobile phones and their signal transmitting towers, wi-fi equipment, domestic microwave units.
Specific absorption rate or SAR, the unit for measuring the absorption levels of radio frequency exposure per unit of body mass is used to find the safe exposure levels based on elaborate scientific studies. In persons who are under the influence of low dosage of radiation over a period of time, like biochemical workers, will develop other diseases related to the damage of tissues, cells, organs and also immune systems. A special device known as dosimeter is used to measure the radiation dose absorbed by the body.
Research in this area is still in the nascent stages and a lot has to be done before a final solution is revealed. During radiation therapy and X-ray imaging, the body parts which are not exposed or treated should be safely covered to avoid radiation exposure. Due to nuclear assaults on the environment and life on it, humans are increasingly susceptible to irradiation poisoning them. You won't believe radiation on an airplane vs Chernobyl - all flight attendance must watch.
Every now and then, green builders are approached by clients who are worried about exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Electric fields are governed by voltage; they are generated (for example) near wires that are plugged into an electric receptacle, even when the appliance isn’t turned on.
Magnetic fields are governed by current; they are generated near electric wires when an appliance is turned on and current is flowing through the wires. The electric and magnetic fields from 60-cycle AC electricity are considered extremely low frequency (ELF). A website called Best EMF Health reports, “On this website you will hear the truth about EMF dangers stated in simplest terms and learn about the best EMF protection. A website called Dirty Electricity warns, “EMF exposure can lead to Electrosenitivities, Chronic Diseases and Cancer. Although the Internet is full of websites with these types of warnings, it’s hard to know how many Americans are actually worried about the health effects of EMF exposure. Those who worry about EMF exposure often warn about the dangers of microwave ovens, wireless internet routers, cell phones, baby monitors, televisions, computers, electric blankets, and hair dryers. A website called the EMF Safety Network warns, “Smart meters emit radiation — which is making people sick! Psychologists might be able to explain why some Americans are more worried about health problems caused by electric cars than health problems caused by internal combustion engines. In 2012, Consumer Reports looked into worries over EMFs generated by electric cars, and reported, “Some concern has been raised about the possible health effects of electromagnetic field radiation, known as EMF, for people who drive in hybrid cars. The syndrome is defined on a website maintained by the Healthy House Institute: “Recently, the term electromagnetic sensitivity has emerged. The World Health Organization is also skeptical: “Some individuals report ‘hypersensitivity’ to electric or magnetic fields. To some readers, these worries over “EMF hypersensitivity” might ring a bell; they resemble worries by some Americans that they suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity. It doesn’t take much web surfing to realize that some people concerned about EMF exposure don’t believe in the scientific method. For example, a website called Weness.org explains, “The sober reality is that … there is overwhelming scientific evidence that EMFs cause far-reaching health effects. When I make my leap, and successfully reach a parallel world, I hope that I will be blessed with a job I love — perhaps debunking nonsense. It only stands to reason that if there is a group of Americans worried about a health threat, there is also a group of scam artists who are eager to prey on them. A California company called Clarus Systems wants you to know about EMF dangers and how to protect yourself: “The solution to electromagnetic radiation is very simple.
A website called EMF Protect Now warns, “Every member of your family is likely to need personal protection and also an additional Household protection device depending on the strength of the fields.
If you are worried about the EMFs coming out of your television, you can protect yourself with a device called an EMF-Bioshield. Here's more information: The manufacturer warns warns, “What if the CRT screen turns out to be one of the main culprits of many afflictions of modern civilization, such as abnormal general fatigue, neuropsychological disorders, increased absenteeism, loss of productivity, declining ability to concentrate and to memorize, aggression and scholastic problems in prepubescent children, predisposition to dyslexia, and lowered spermatogenesis?… If you work in front of a computer screen, often watch TV, or have children who watch TV and play videogames, and some of the symptoms mentioned above are familiar to you, EMF-Bioshield will give you the protection you need. After spending a few hours visiting these kinds of websites, you’ll probably have a headache. Most scientific committees that have looked into connections between EMFs and human health have concluded that there is no reason to worry about the EMFs encountered in a typical home or office. The one remaining unresolved concern is a possible connection between EMFs and childhood leukemia. According to a website maintained by the state government of Victoria, Australia, “In 1979, researchers investigating childhood leukemia in Denver, Colorado (USA) found an association between high-current configuration electrical wiring near the home and an increased risk of childhood cancer (Wertheimer and Leeper). According to a website maintained by the government of Canada, “There have been many studies on the possible health effects from exposure to EMFs at ELFs [extremely low frequencies]. In short, there is some evidence of a possible link between EMFs and childhood leukemia, but the link is so weak that it doesn’t show up consistently in all studies.
Several reputable organizations have reviewed the relevant scientific studies and have issued summaries and recommendations.
The same document also notes, “To date, no adverse health effects from low-level, long-term exposure to radiofrequency or power frequency fields have been confirmed, but scientists are actively continuing to research this area. Although there isn’t any convincing evidence that exposure to EMFs in a home or office causes any health problems, some people feel that the precautionary principle dictates that they should take efforts to reduce exposure to EMFs in the home.
If you want to follow the precautionary prinicple, you’ll find lots of free advice on the web. The Wisconsin Division of Public Health advises worried homeowners to stand as far away as possible from electrical appliances, to move clocks and radios away from beds, to turn off electric blankets when you go to bed, and to minimize use of hairdryers.
A website called Healthy Building Science advises homeowners to use battery-operated alarm clocks and to make sure that there are no electrical cords under one’s bed. It’s always possible, of course, that future research will shed new light on ways that exposure to EMFs affects human health. Researchers have identified several real health hazards that exist in some homes; these hazards include tobacco smoke, lead, asbestosMineral fiber once commonly used in many building materials, including insulation, fireproof siding, and resilient flooring. The European text equivalent to the US Architectural Graphic Standards is by Ernst Neufert, and the book is referred to fondly as Neufert. This "EMF protection device" must be designed to protect innocent bystanders from the radiation emanating from the wearers own cellphone.
Other than the tobacco smoke and formaldehyde, In new construction, I would be more concerned about good IAQ in homes that have open flame fireplaces, gas stoves, pets, uncleansed and nasty housekeeping , pets and bad HVAC systems, including no ventilation or make-up air, to name a few. This is a great article and most welcome, especially out here in California, where energy fields seem to affect people more intensely in some very, um, 'interesting' ways. When I started the article I thought I had found the reason for the arthritis, nose bleeds, headaches and all the other ills I've acquired over the years. BTW, those tinfoil hats may protect you from mind control but they probably attract lightning. The Environmental Building News has it sort of right- the really big fields at the extremely low frequency (ELF) end of the spectrum are from high current loops in power lines. If I lived in 20 unit apartment building and the transformer serving the building was pole-mounted 6 feet from my bed I'd be inclined to at least measure it.
So sure, sticking your cat in a 1000 watt microwave -oven for sixty seconds is going to be pretty dangerous (for the cat) but the maximum legal radiated power out of a cell phone is 0.4 watts, more than two orders of magnitude lower power, and unlike the cat in the micro-wave oven, most of that radiated power is going somewhere other than into your body, call it at most 5 orders of magnitude or lower field that's actually applied to your mammalian tissues.
Your home wi-fi router's radiated output is limited to no more than 0.03 watts, about order of magnitude below the cell phone. At the ELF end of the spectrum you're also looking at a handful of orders of magnitude of what's measurable in a typical house v.s that at a power station where it's STILL difficult to separate out the occupational health effects of that daily high-ELF dose on those who work in those environments. OK, time to check back on KickStarter to see if I need to start designing the platinum-plated mu-metal body suit for protecting against EMFs. Martin, you are ignoring the well-known fact that almost all scientists are only in it for the money and will say anything to protect big industry. It's easy for electrical experts who are not experts in biology to pipe up and state that such and such an emission field poses no threat (and vice versa). Also, the reference to Smart Meters emitting 100-1000 times less than cell phones I take issue with.

I made reference to the precautionary principle in my article, and you are welcome to adhere to the principle if you choose. Last year we had Smart Meters installed here and people immediately noticed an increase in the frequency of various ailments - and that all their bees disappeared! When you throw in the community that promotes the use of magnets as miracle health-giving tools, what's left of the precautionary principle? The thesis that ELF at some unspecified power level has health consequences (also unspecified) is at odds with the thesis that RF at cell-phone levels has health consequences (with similarly vague specificity. Those kinds of recommendation lists have some vague correlation to lowering field strengths in some band or another, but seem more designed to give the anxious a sense of security by giving them something to do, but in the absence of data it's not clear at all that the "doing" is always going to be in the right direction, even if there were a measurable hazard level.
Health issues related to ELF seem restricted to chronic exposure to VERY high magnetic fields (higher than those found in 99.5% homes), with a possible but not clearly measurable increase in the incidence of childhood leukemia, that has not yet been verified.
There isn't even enough smoke there to say with any certainty that there's a fire, but if eventually it turns out there IS a fire, it has to be a very small one, given the number of well-qualified eyeballs who have been parsing the data for the past 3-4 decades. Jonathan, I don't think it's fair to characterize EMFs as having only 'super vague' correlations to disease. I agree that there are certainly plenty of other factors, as you've listed, which contribute to our modern day health challenges, and in no way mean to downplay those. My point is that I felt it would have been a more honest investigation had things like the Bioinitiative Report, Dr. Had there been a control group doing the same 4 hours with a wired internet connection (or no connection) one might be able to tease out whether the wi-fi had anything at all to do with it, but the control was "no laptop use", not "wired laptop use". The intensity of the ELF from the backlighting power supplies is at FAR greater power density than the wi-fi link, but without proper controls assigning ELF as a proximate cause would be a stretch. In any urban or suburban area, looking at the relevant RF bands for wi-fi using a spectrum analyzer & antenna to measure it's power at different distances, unless it's being tested in a shielded anechoic chamber it takes some skill to even find the output of your home wi-fi in the forest of other emissions at nearby frequencies that are of equal or higher power.
The parallel universes thing is entertaining, but I'd quibble that it's a bit of a "you won't believe what these people say" argument, and is off topic.
It may be a bit out of your bailiwick, but I'd be curious to see you dive deeper into cell phones and wifi (possibly separate topics). Kyle, the organizations you listed have no special expertise or credibility for me in this area, including WHO.
As I noted in my article, you are welcome to follow the precautionary principle if you want, and stick to land-line phones. I occasionally run across advertisements for EMF mitigating jewelry or stick on decals or desktop chatzkas, which make me roll my eyes. On the other hand , there is an organization called International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology, originating in Germany (BauBiologie) which takes a scientific approach to examining the invisible effects of many man made additions to our environment.
Martin, thanks for your overview of this sector of green building, controversial as it is. I'm sorry, but I disagree with you when you suggest that there is any scientific credibility to Bau-Biologie principles.
For more information on this topic, I suggest you read Warning Signs of Bogus Science (in the form of Bau-Biology). I just did a search and found this statement by one of the organizers of BauBiologie, explaining how they derive their standards. Bau-Biologie is more cult than science, and most scientific researchers give it little credence. Even the document you linked to, which was created to explain and defend the Bau-Biologie approach, notes: "Is it [Bau-Biologie] scientifically comprehensible? Notwithstanding the lack of definitive health data, and the scams involved with EMF "avoidance", it is quite easy to minimize exposure in a house.
Like other potential "pollutants", it makes sense to minimize exposure especially when it is inexpensive to do so and relatively simple. The precautionary approach isn't a bad idea, I'm all for it when it comes to many environmental issues.
But yeah, when a customer comes to you, as a green builder, and says, "I want my house to be green, and I want to avoid EMFs", the challenge is to educate them why they might be wasting time and money to worry about EMFs in a way that maintains trust and doesn't come off as insulting judgement or intelligence. Every person has a different tolerance to EMR, and some may experience hypersensitivity without even realizing the cause of their ill health. In many cases, the incoming signal, which produces electromagnetic radiation, interferes temporarily with the signal and the electromagnetic field of your television set, causing the image to jump and the audio to falter. Some people notice no detrimental effects, and others feel an unspecified feeling of general ill health. She underwent regular, rigorous testing, but, for two years, no doctor could give her a definitive diagnosis. As her illness progressed, she was unable to leave the house, and spent more hours each day on the computer, trying to work, inadvertently making her condition worse. Thankfully, Tanja eventually saw a specialist physician who immediately recognized her symptoms as that of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The report also highlights the dangers of EMF-related enzyme changes that can cause a whole host of disorders including, but not limited to, fetal abnormalities, cardiac problems, and an altered metabolism. Some organizations and health professionals claim that the condition does not exist, and that, in spite of the evidence from clinical studies and expert doctors and researchers, patients who present with symptoms may be experiencing other more common conditions or may, in fact, be imagining the symptoms through misguided fear.
As this would involve moving to a completely deserted island, out of the vicinity of any satellites and with no electricity or battery-powered objects of any kind, this isn’t really practical. When the unstable nucleus of the atom decays, it releases ionizing particles which can be called as ionizing radiation.
As ionizing radiation hazards are relatively of higher magnitude, their occurrence can be attributed to nuclear accidents or dangers of modern warfare.
The famous scientist Nikola Tesla explained the reason for the burns he developed after his hands were exposed to the initial X-ray technology.
If the person comes under the influence of radiation poisoning, the related symptoms will be seen within few hours which are followed by fatigue and fever. But the only drawback of this instrument is it should be exposed to the similar radiation event that had affected the person.
The drugs used in the treatment can only ease the pain and prevent infections to certain extent. To treat severe anemia, blood transfusion may be prescribed. As of now the chances of recovering from radiation sickness are high but it does not give any guarantee that the person is totally fit.
Workers in the radiation areas should put on the special badges which show the level of radiation. Man is becoming a victim of his own creations and radiation exposure is the best example for this phenomenon. Symptoms of cholera can begin 6 hours to 5 days after contact with bacteria (Morris and Black, 1985). Such clients have read that EMF exposure can make them sick, and they’re interested in building a house that minimizes EMF exposure.
Most of us are surrounded every day by weak electric and magnetic fields that are generated by electrical wires, home appliances, cell phones, and broadcasting equipment.
People concerned about possible negative health effects from EMFs are usually more concerned about magnetic fields than by electric fields.
But a few of them have developed an obsessive concern about the dangers of smart meters and electric cars. People with this condition are negatively affected by EMFs at lower field strengths than the rest of us. They ask whether aches and pains, headaches, depression, lethargy, sleeping disorders, and even convulsions and epileptic seizures could be associated with electromagnetic field exposure.
This comparison is made not only by skeptics, but also by those who believe in the dangers of EMF exposure. These predatory charlatans make very little attempt to make sense; when it comes to writing advertising copy, they are apparently perfectly satisfied to write gibberish. It is basically getting the photons to make up their minds, to realize who they are, linking the photons to their higher self, organizing them. This initial work, however, did not measure electromagnetic fields, relying instead on distances from power lines and the type of wiring. While it is known that EMFs can cause weak electric currents to flow through the human body, the intensity of these currents is too low to cause any known health effects. My instinctive reaction to these websites is that I probably shouldn’t dignify their advice by repeating it.
For the time being, however, the evidence seems to show that baseless worries about EMFs are causing more symptoms than actual exposure to EMFs. Inhalation of invisible asbestos fibers can lead to chest and abdominal cancers as well as scarring of the lungs. The National Center for Healthy Housing has completed a draft of a National Healthy Housing Standard here. It is loaded with terrestrial fields that must somehow be detected so that the direction of the client's sleep is consistent with the governing pattern. If you have the thing glued to your head and actively using it day & night it would still take years to get the total dose the cat got in 60 seconds, but never enough power at any one time to suffer the acute thermal effects that affected the cat.
That they chose careers in science instead of on Wall Street merely shows that they are stupid -- and why trust people who are not only greedy but stupid? I had clients who wanted the kitchen appliances moved away from their bedrooms, but their concerns never seems to extend to a serious study of where the EMFs might really be or their power.
Reminding them that the meters hadn't been activated and were not transmitting yet did nothing to assuage their fears.
I've started keeping a list of the theories I encounter that supposedly explain some or all of the various mysterious ailments of modern society (cancer, autism, ADD, Alzheimer's, and so on). And personally I suspect that some of these indeed do cause trouble beyond the mainstream belief. For sake of precaution do you opt out of the smart meter, and then simultaneously start wearing magnet-impregnated clothing? I also have multiple close relatives working hard-science research biology- I respect those capable scientists who make a serious efforts to tease out the causes and effects. You only referenced WHO, which very matter of factly has listed EMF's from cell phones (have they even investigated other sources?) as a class 2B carcinogen, up there with gasoline and diesel, and they readily state that there are gaps in the data that need further study.

I'm quite sure that most people couldn't explain the scientific method in any detail, but many if not most people are otherwise reasonable sounding and grounded. However, it's noteworthy that anyone who researches this issue online will find a remarkable number of EMF-worriers who use an unscientific New Age vocabulary that includes references to parallel universes, aligning with vibrations that most of us can't feel, and feng shui principles.
Here's a link to a World Health Organization document: "A large number of studies have been performed over the last two decades to assess whether mobile phones pose a potential health risk.
Using an inexpensive field meter, I can see that most of my house has a magnetic field of about 2 milligauss or less.
We had friends who had their bed against the wall with the electrical service on the outside.
I'm sorry to say your article parrots industry and government hogwash about ''baseless worries''. With adequate protection, these natural sources of electromagnetic radiation are relatively safe and do not cause any adverse effects. The human body uses electromagnetic radiation to function, and every person has their own, individual electromagnetic field frequency.
The same principles apply when your body is exposed to an artificial electromagnetic field.
Still others experience extreme symptoms, such as Tanja Reins (whose name has been changed for privacy reasons), a published author and freelance editor who, like many, experienced a sudden onset of terrifying and unexplained symptoms.
But due to a wealth of evidence and numerous studies, more health professionals are accepting that this condition does exist and that it is potentially very dangerous.
Her symptoms began to dissipate and, within three weeks, she had gained enough strength to walk again. Radiation poisoning results when body cells are exposed to chronic ionized radiation for a prolonged duration. The EMR on the other hand may be less dangerous but the exposure is continuous, and has become a part of our daily lives and is the manifestation of modern life style products usage. Another Nobel Prize laureate Marie Curie dedicated her life in learning about radiation and its advantages. But EMR is at the heart of many life style products of day to day use and hence risk of hazard is multiplying exponentially. If the radiation is limited only to hands and feet, and no other important organs are exposed, then there are very high chances of radiation poisoning not impacting the body. As science progresses, the dangers are also increasing and the unresolved question is whether science is a boon or bane to mankind. Debbye Turner Bell spoke with Gulf of Mexico scientists and fishermen who are finding Gulf of Mexico fish with "horrifying" lesions, fin rot and infections, pulled up between Galveston and Panama City.
They sometimes report dizziness, ringing in the ears, muscle weakness, confusion, fainting, or other symptoms. There is little scientific evidence to support the idea of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. This would allow the photons to have a frequency wave form that is infinitely coherent and infinitely small passing through you transparently. Some studies have suggested a possible link between exposure to ELF magnetic fields and certain types of childhood cancer, but at present this association is not established. Despite the feeling of some people that more research needs to be done, scientific knowledge in this area is now more extensive than for most chemicals.
Dana Dorsett, a GBA reader and frequent commenter on this site, has a valuable perspective on this issue. Could you at least debunk the scurrilous talk going around that it's because of my advancing age? The only trustworthy sources are those extremely rare independent, self-trained investigators of whose loyalty is to truth, justice, and free lunches. MANY well-intentioned serious professionals have looked hard at these issues over decades, and it's just not coming up on the side of things like cell-phones or wi-fi having measurable health consequences. Milham, and the more scientific, rational voices on the side of concern been covered, instead of constantly focusing on sellers of gimmicky energy pendants. If I research other green building topics -- for example, by Googling "net zero energy home" -- I don't encounter people with the same philosophies.
I see excursions up to 100 mg around some bundled electrical wires in the basement (sloppy electrician) and in close vicinity to some electrical appliances. Moving the bed to the other side of the room dropped magnetic field exposure by a factor of ten while they slept. EMFs are a major emerging public health issue since the turn of the millennium when already more than 50% of Scandinavians used a cell phone. However, radiation also emanates from all electrical devices, from small kitchen appliances to computers, game consoles, and cell phones, not forgetting wireless networks, cell phone towers, x-rays, and medical devices. According to researcher, doctor, and author Robert Becker, the cells in your body use electromagnetic signals to communicate with one another, regulating vital functions and helping to maintain homeostasis. After two months, her memory function has been restored, she is no longer disoriented, and she is back to her old self.
She ultimately died because of cancer which experts say was caused because of continuous radiation exposure.
Recent Scandinavian studies found that individuals do not show consistent reactions under properly controlled conditions of electromagnetic field exposure. To date, serious limitations have been identified in nearly all studies on power lines and cancer.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified ELF magnetic fields as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans.’ The IARC classification of ELF magnetic fields reflects the fact that some limited evidence exists that ELF magnetic fields might be a risk factor for childhood leukemia. Based on a recent in-depth review of the scientific literature, the WHO concluded that current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low level electromagnetic fields. Dorsett wrote, “I’ve spent a significant part of my career as an electrical engineer chasing interference and emissions issues at high power and low, high frequency and low.
Consumer Products Safety Commission; manufacturers also have adopted voluntary limitations on its use. For now, I'll give you benefit of the doubt that you've been hoodwinked, and are not actually an agent of 14th dimension overlords seeking to sap our precious bodily fluids. It's not that it's impossible for them to be causing the kinds of harm that some people claim, it's just that the odds are quite small--say, about as small as the odds that the climate "skeptics" are right that measured climate change has no human causation. In a posted comment on this page, Bronwyn Barry implied that there are significant clusters of these folks in California. Bedside clock radios are a case where changing to a battery-operated alternative makes a huge difference in field strength and overall exposure. This probably will not result in any measurable improvement to health but it was not a big imposition either.
The most famous electrohypersensitive person is none other than Gro Harlem Brundtland, the former Norwegian Prime Minister who also headed the World Health Organization (WHO): she can detect a hidden cell phone that is turned on - but not in use - up to 4 meters away because it gives her a headache, she told reporters in 2002. Therefore, the introduction of artificial electromagnetic radiation frequencies interferes with the specific frequencies required for the body to function optimally.
However, because everyone has their own individual tolerance, the effects are negligible or apparently non-existent in some, while dramatic and even life-threatening in others. Tanja describes how amazing it feels to have her life back again, and not to be living with the fear that she may have an incurable illness. Radiation poisoning can even alter the genetic code of the DNA resulting in diseases that might recur for generations. I have been in close communication with people from two parallel worlds that split off from the one many of my readers are on.
Our main system for homes, the home device, uses a quartz crystal oscillator, and has a clock display built into it, so that you can use it as a clock.
These devices will help to recharge your bio-shield while you continue with your daily life. However, the vast majority of scientific research to date does not support a link between ELF magnetic field exposure and human cancers. When found in older buildings (most commonly in floor tiles, pipe and furnace insulation, or asbestos shingles), the product's friability is a major determinant in how it must be handled during renovations. If there is a segment of population with EMF hypersensitivity, than they at least have the choice to use or not use a cell phone or WiFi (usually).
For all we know the UV emissions off the screen were a factor, or even the heat from the power supply, or there could be nothing do it at all: A study where N=29 isn't broad enough to get very far statistically with any of it, and while results that show some effect might be interesting enough to prompt further study, NOTHING in that study points to wi-fi. The meter is also good at showing microwave leakage in the kitchen (probably not a good idea to stare at your coffee through the little window) and the EMF present in vehicles of all designs.
If, for example, you spend 10 hours with your laptop sitting on your knees while you surf the net and play games, and you find yourself feeling unwell, inexplicably flushed, or experiencing a bad headache, put the laptop away. However, she also details how she can immediately feel her health deteriorating with exposure to moderate EMR levels, so she has had to adjust to life in the Digital Age, taking more care than most people to stay away from harmful levels of EMR.
But the extent of damage came to light only after the nuclear bomb attack of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945. Checking your social networks or beating the big bad demon boss really isn’t worth the health risk. Reclassified by the United Nations International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2004 as a “known human carcinogen.". Studies related to radiation exposure conducted all through decades reveal that there is an increase in the incidence of cancer and other related diseases.
However, it is clear that if electromagnetic fields do have an effect on cancer, then any increase in risk will be extremely small. There is very little evidence, however, that the types of EMFs encountered in American homes are injurious. No Longer Has Any Strategic Grain Reserves At All?Direct Trade Is Fair Trade (without the Other Eight Principles)Do you have a bank account?
Why, through Citigroup, of course.How Do You Know When Your Society Is In The Midst Of Collapse?

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