Electromagnetic radiation poisoning, also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, is a negative reaction to the over-exposure of a body to electromagnetic radiation.
Imagine sitting your cell phone close to your television and getting a call or text message come through. Because Tanja worked online, via her laptop and a wireless network, she was exposed to copious amounts of EMR without even realizing the danger she was in.
These symptoms, with a rapid, unexplained onset and no diagnosis, are terrifying and impact every aspect of daily life, leaving sufferers like Tanja bed- or house-bound.
According to the BioInitiative Report of 2012, electromagnetic radiation poisoning has also been linked to cancers and impaired brain function, as well as impaired gene expression and a reduction in melatonin production, which increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers. There is a significant amount of contention as to whether or not electromagnetic radiation poisoning actually exists.
Ideally, you should make sure you are never exposed to any kind of artificial electromagnetic radiation. Be smart and don’t expose yourself to more electromagnetic radiation than is necessary, as the potential health effects are disturbing, to say the least. Julius Genachowski, the agency’s chairman, is asking fellow commissioners to approve a notice commencing a formal inquiry, Tammy Sun, a spokeswoman for the agency, said in an e-mailed statement. The FCC last updated its guidelines setting maximum radiation exposure levels, which are based on the amount of heat emitted by mobile phones, in 1996. There have been concerns that radio-frequency energy from phones held close to the head may affect the brain and other tissues, according to the National Cancer Institute, part of the U.S. The number of mobile phone calls per day, the length of each call and the amount of time people use the phones have increased, and phone technology has also undergone substantial changes, the cancer institute said.
The weight of scientific evidence hasn’t effectively linked exposure to radio-frequency energy from mobile devices with health problems, according to the FCC’s website on wireless devices and health concerns. Wireless devices emit energy when used, and the closer the device is to the body the more energy a person absorbs, the FCC said. The city of San Francisco in 2010 required that stores post the level of radio waves emitted by each mobile phone they sell. CTIA-The Wireless Association challenged the requirement in court, saying it would mislead consumers about a safe product. More research is needed into whether mobile-phone use harms people’s health, as a “growing number of experts” raise concern, U.S. Some researchers believe the low level of radiation from mobile phones may cause cancers of the brain and central nervous system, said Harkin, chairman of an Appropriations subcommittee on health. There is possible evidence linking mobile-phone use to an increased risk of tumors, according to a study of scientific studies and articles that was published in 2009 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
In July, another body found that studies from several countries have failed to show an increase in brain tumors as many as 20 years after mobile phones were introduced and 10 years after the technology became widespread. Concerns that the technology might be harmful to the health of the 4.6 billion people who use mobile phones aren’t likely to be put to rest soon because data is limited and researchers can’t prove the complete absence of an impact, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection’s committee said.
Symptoms of electromagnetic radiation sickness are for example sleep disturbances, dizziness, heart palpitations, headache, blurry sight, swelling, nausea, a burning skin, vibrations, electrical currents in the body, pressure on the breast, cramps, high blood pressure and general unwell-being. The World Health Organisation does nothing at all to recognize and take care of the many sufferers reporting electromagnetic radiation sickness.
Scientifically the harmfulness of electromagnetic radiation is proven, based on the many testimonies and anamneses, epidemiological research and most of the laboratory and provocative research. In the last decade, cell phone usage has increased dramatically around the world and the United States. With so many cell phone users, especially children and teenagers, and a rise in cell phone towers, Green Schools Initiative has been contacted by many parents and school staff with questions and concerns regarding potential health hazards. One of the main reasons why there are concerns regarding cell phones and health issues is because cell phones emit radio frequency energy (or radio waves), a form of electromagnetic radiation, which is known to produce heat. Scientists and public health experts are extensively engaged in determining the cancer potential of cell phone radiation. On the other hand, the National Cancer Institute examined several studies and concluded that low levels of radio frequency energy, such as energy emitted by cell phones, produce little heat. In 2010, the parents at North Oakland Community Charter School, an elementary school in California, opposed a proposal to install nine cellular antennas across the street from the school as well as a nearby park.
Due to more awareness and concern over the health effects of radiation from cell phones and cell towers, legislation is emerging. In 1993, George Carlo, PhD, JD, an epidemiologist and medical scientist, was hired by a pool of telecommunications bigwigs to investigate the hazards of cell phone use, which at that time, was just starting to boom.
In 2006, the Danish Cancer Society has released results of a study claiming that there is no direct link between cell phone use and brain tumors, which Dr. In May 2011, World Health Organization (WHO) has included mobile phone use as “carcinogenic hazard” along side lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. Prior to this announcement, WHO has maintained that the use of mobile phones has no adverse health effects but recent studies have shown that: at this time, there’s been an increase glioma and acoustic neuroma brain cancer for mobile phone users, but associations to other type of cancer has not been established yet there’s more risk in contracting brain cancer for people who hold their cell phones against their heads compared to those who keep their handsets away from their heads.
Currently, there are more than two billion cell phone users being exposed every day to the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
Mobile phone manufacturers responded by issuing warnings of the possible effects of mobile phones usage.
We can’t deny the convenience of using mobile phones but we can’t take these risks for granted. The US centre for Disease Control identifies Radiation Poisoning in the name of Acute Radiation Syndrome. Besides radioactive sources, electromagnetic radiations (EMR) also cause considerable health problems.
The main sources of radiation poisoning arising out of ionized radiation are nuclear industry accidents, detonation of nuclear bombs and sometimes excessive exposure to diagnostic radiation sources such as x-rays. Radiation poisoning was discovered by scientists while performing experiments with radioactive materials during the second half of the 19th century,. The health hazards of electromagnetic radiation are of recent origin and detected only recently along with growth of the use of gadgets using the electromagnetic radiation like mobile phones and their signal transmitting towers, wi-fi equipment, domestic microwave units.
Specific absorption rate or SAR, the unit for measuring the absorption levels of radio frequency exposure per unit of body mass is used to find the safe exposure levels based on elaborate scientific studies.
In persons who are under the influence of low dosage of radiation over a period of time, like biochemical workers, will develop other diseases related to the damage of tissues, cells, organs and also immune systems. A special device known as dosimeter is used to measure the radiation dose absorbed by the body. Research in this area is still in the nascent stages and a lot has to be done before a final solution is revealed.
During radiation therapy and X-ray imaging, the body parts which are not exposed or treated should be safely covered to avoid radiation exposure. These invisible but highly reactive energy waves and artificial EMF’s from high-voltage power lines, transformers and home appliances have become the big unknown factor in our health and they continue to be a cause of concern for everything from autoimmune disease to cancer. All of these artificial energy fields and unnatural energy frequencies to which we are presently exposed to daily- cause extremely harmful reactions between toxic chemical pollutants and natural biochemicals within our bodies.
My advice is to remove as many of these harmful products from your daily life and use only what is necessary. Every person has a different tolerance to EMR, and some may experience hypersensitivity without even realizing the cause of their ill health. In many cases, the incoming signal, which produces electromagnetic radiation, interferes temporarily with the signal and the electromagnetic field of your television set, causing the image to jump and the audio to falter. Some people notice no detrimental effects, and others feel an unspecified feeling of general ill health.
She underwent regular, rigorous testing, but, for two years, no doctor could give her a definitive diagnosis. As her illness progressed, she was unable to leave the house, and spent more hours each day on the computer, trying to work, inadvertently making her condition worse.
Thankfully, Tanja eventually saw a specialist physician who immediately recognized her symptoms as that of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The report also highlights the dangers of EMF-related enzyme changes that can cause a whole host of disorders including, but not limited to, fetal abnormalities, cardiac problems, and an altered metabolism. Some organizations and health professionals claim that the condition does not exist, and that, in spite of the evidence from clinical studies and expert doctors and researchers, patients who present with symptoms may be experiencing other more common conditions or may, in fact, be imagining the symptoms through misguided fear. As this would involve moving to a completely deserted island, out of the vicinity of any satellites and with no electricity or battery-powered objects of any kind, this isn’t really practical. Federal Communications Commission plans to ask whether its standards protect people from mobile phone radiation, a question it hasn’t posed in 15 years, as people use smartphones for longer, more frequent calls. Food and Drug Administration found no evidence linking wireless phone use to heightened risk of brain tumors, according to its website.

People can reduce exposure by using a speakerphone or earpiece and increasing the distance between wireless devices and the body, the FCC said, without endorsing the need for such measures.
The absence of definite epidemiological evidence isn’t proof that there’s not a problem and shows that not enough studies have been done, she said. The result was reported by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection’s committee on epidemiology in Environmental Health Perspectives, a monthly journal of the U.S. According to many testimonies of victims the symptoms appear in the vicinity of sources of electromagnetic radiation, like GSM- and 3G (UMTS)-antennas, cellphones, DECT wireless telephones and WIFI wireless networks. Nothing is done to prevent future victims, nothing to map the epidemic and assess the high risks.
Health problems caused by electromagnetic radiation are not allowed to exist, even if a lot of people report them in thrustworthy and verifiable testimonies.
The instructions say the symptoms may be registered, as Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance attributed to Electro Magnetic Fields (IEI-EMF). Like with asbestos the only research that can give proof is epidemiological research, because electromagnetic radiation is a man-made environmental factor.
A growing amount of municipalities takes the anxiousness of citizens seriously, but they don’t register or investigate the reports of electromagnetic radiation sickness.
Nevertheless, the EMF-project of the WHO denies the existence of electromagnetic radiation sickness and even promotes the non-existence, though many scientists give a warning. According to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, as of 2010, there were about 303 million subscribers to cell phone services in the U.S.
So, Green Schools Initiative reviewed recent articles and reports on this topic and is sharing this overview and summary on the current state of knowledge. Cell phone towers are made of electronic equipment and antennas that send and receive radio frequency signals. Currently, in Georgia, for example, state legislators have presented bills that would ban the construction and placement of cell phone towers throughout the state on public school properties.
Especially limit children’s phone use as their bodies and brains are developing and particularly vulnerable.
Store cell phones in purses, briefcases, or backpacks rather than in pockets to avoid any extended exposure.
But after a few years, the relationship had gone sour when his research revealed preventable health hazards associated with cell phone use. Carlo disputed as the research was funded by the cell phone industry and “was designed to bring a positive result.
The announcement was made after a team of 31 scientists from 14 countries, including the US, analyzed a peer-reviewed studies on cell phone safety. The danger mechanism is triggered within seconds, so the amount of time spent on the phone is irrelevant, according to Dr. Here’s a few measures that we can do to minimize our exposure to electromagnetism radiation. One study shows that using a headset lowers radiation exposure eightfold with the logic that the further the phone is from the body, the less radiation is absorbed. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery published a study in 2010 linking cell phone radiation to decreased bone density in the pelvis, and another study conducted in 2008 by the Cleveland Clinic found that it lowers fertility in men.
They have thinner skulls, and their brains are still developing making them more vulnerable to any potential harmful effects of RF radiation.
Aside from the distraction it creates, using your phone in the car forces your cell signal to jump between wireless towers. Poorer signal means your phone will have to work harder to get reception, the harder it works the more radiation it emits. Those shiny stickers that claim to block radiation don’t work; they actually force the cell phones to transmit at a higher power. Earpieces don’t emit as much radiation as a phone, but they release some even when you are not in a call. When the unstable nucleus of the atom decays, it releases ionizing particles which can be called as ionizing radiation. As ionizing radiation hazards are relatively of higher magnitude, their occurrence can be attributed to nuclear accidents or dangers of modern warfare. The famous scientist Nikola Tesla explained the reason for the burns he developed after his hands were exposed to the initial X-ray technology. If the person comes under the influence of radiation poisoning, the related symptoms will be seen within few hours which are followed by fatigue and fever.
But the only drawback of this instrument is it should be exposed to the similar radiation event that had affected the person. The drugs used in the treatment can only ease the pain and prevent infections to certain extent. To treat severe anemia, blood transfusion may be prescribed. As of now the chances of recovering from radiation sickness are high but it does not give any guarantee that the person is totally fit. Workers in the radiation areas should put on the special badges which show the level of radiation.
Man is becoming a victim of his own creations and radiation exposure is the best example for this phenomenon.
They create poisons in the tissues of our bodies and have strong acid-forming effects in our blood and other bodily fluids, which disturbs our natural pH balance in our blood and tissues and causes a state of acidosis, which is the primary precondition for the development of all cancers. Use a regular toothbrush, blanket and razor as well as a gas stove and lower watt bulb for example.
With adequate protection, these natural sources of electromagnetic radiation are relatively safe and do not cause any adverse effects. The human body uses electromagnetic radiation to function, and every person has their own, individual electromagnetic field frequency. The same principles apply when your body is exposed to an artificial electromagnetic field. Still others experience extreme symptoms, such as Tanja Reins (whose name has been changed for privacy reasons), a published author and freelance editor who, like many, experienced a sudden onset of terrifying and unexplained symptoms. But due to a wealth of evidence and numerous studies, more health professionals are accepting that this condition does exist and that it is potentially very dangerous. Her symptoms began to dissipate and, within three weeks, she had gained enough strength to walk again.
The cancer institute said on its website that studies of cells, animals and humans haven’t produced evidence that radiofrequency energy can cause cancer.
There were 332 million wireless subscriber connections last year, according to CTIA-The Wireless Association, a trade group. The agency examined a 2010 World Health Organization study and a separate program by the NCI that found no increase in brain cancer as mobile phone use increased. The iPhone meets FCC and European Union exposure guidelines, the Cupertino, California-based company said in a manual for the iPhone4s. Davis is founder and president of the Environmental Health Trust, a Teton, Wyoming-based group, according to its website. The information is based on instructions by a working group of five people in Prague, 2004. After his owner had put a Faraday cage of fine wire mesh around the cage, shielding against part of the radiation, the bird started singing again and did not pick his skin anymore. The instructions for the public: the symptoms of electromagnetic radiation sickness exist, but it is not allowed to attribute them to radiation.
The EMF-project works together with scientists who serve the wireless providers, not even keeping the appearance of independency. Such health impacts include increased risks of brain, salivary gland, glioma, and acoustic neuroma tumors, sperm abnormalities, and increased blood pressure.
The Environmental Working Group suggests that one possible explanation for the discrepant results is that cell phones have only been used in the last decade, and cancer generally takes 15 to 20 years to develop.
The parents were primarily concerned with the close distance between the children, whose bodies and brains are still developing, and the towers.
One of the bills would also mandate local governments to conduct public hearings 45 days before leasing public property to a cell phone company. The report, published in the Reviews on Environmental Health (15), highly recommends that national governments adopt much lower biologically-based standards for human exposure to electromagnetic fields. EPA School Siting Guidelines did not include a specific recommendation limiting cell phone towers near schools, we believe a precautionary approach should limit cell phone towers, transmission lines, and other major sources of electromagnetic radiation near schools and yet we recognize that cell phone towers emit radio frequency.
Cell phones expose us to a form of electromagnetic radiation called radio frequency (RF) energy. Since RF is highest when a connection with a tower is first established, talking while traveling can increase exposure.

Radiation poisoning results when body cells are exposed to chronic ionized radiation for a prolonged duration. The EMR on the other hand may be less dangerous but the exposure is continuous, and has become a part of our daily lives and is the manifestation of modern life style products usage.
Another Nobel Prize laureate Marie Curie dedicated her life in learning about radiation and its advantages. But EMR is at the heart of many life style products of day to day use and hence risk of hazard is multiplying exponentially. If the radiation is limited only to hands and feet, and no other important organs are exposed, then there are very high chances of radiation poisoning not impacting the body. As science progresses, the dangers are also increasing and the unresolved question is whether science is a boon or bane to mankind. There are 250 million times more artificially generated radio frequencies in the Earth’s atmosphere today then there were back in 1930.
However, radiation also emanates from all electrical devices, from small kitchen appliances to computers, game consoles, and cell phones, not forgetting wireless networks, cell phone towers, x-rays, and medical devices.
According to researcher, doctor, and author Robert Becker, the cells in your body use electromagnetic signals to communicate with one another, regulating vital functions and helping to maintain homeostasis.
After two months, her memory function has been restored, she is no longer disoriented, and she is back to her old self. It reads like a political manifesto, to hush up the epidemic and leave the patients behind without any care. Radiation measurements taken afterwards and investigations show, that the radiation density indeed is increased. The EMF-radiation project does not even answer highly relevant questions about individual and collected cases. Moreover, it is impossible that the negative impact does not exist, since more than half of the in vitro and in vivo laboratory and provocative research finds damage. They simply do not take notion of or wipe away the epidemiologic research and make laboratory studies cancel each other out, which is scientifically inadmissible. So Joel Moskowitz, highly recommends the switch from GSM phones to CDMA phones in order to reduce radiation from cell phones. These signals are given off into the surrounding environment, which can travel extremely long distances, where people may come in contact with them.
Parents of NOCCS students are not the only ones worried about cellular antennas near schools. Current exposure guidelines are based on physics and only protect from damage associated with a heating effect. Scientists have suspected that this radiation might increase the risk of brain cell damage leading to tumors, and in 1995 they found this to be the case in rats. She ultimately died because of cancer which experts say was caused because of continuous radiation exposure. Therefore, the introduction of artificial electromagnetic radiation frequencies interferes with the specific frequencies required for the body to function optimally. However, because everyone has their own individual tolerance, the effects are negligible or apparently non-existent in some, while dramatic and even life-threatening in others. Tanja describes how amazing it feels to have her life back again, and not to be living with the fear that she may have an incurable illness.
Many sufferers find out the relationship with the radiation, when they stay for a while elsewhere, where the symptoms diminish or disappear. The public should be warned against products to measure radiation density and to shield against electromagnetic radiation from GSM- and 3G (UMTS)-antennas, DECT wireless telephones, WIFI wireless networks etcetera.
The working group writes, that governments are not allowed to propose an official diagnosis, nor to introduce a classification for handicap status. Such investigations can never fully represent true life with all the parameters of permanent exposure of living people, animals and plants.
In addition, unlike intermittent and concentrated cell phone radiation, radiation from cell phone towers exposes the entire body for extended periods of time. Parents and school districts nation-wide are raising awareness about cell phone towers near schools. No one can deny the convenience mobile phones have brought us, but through the years, research have shown conflicting results whether the use of mobile phones pose a serious health threat.
Radiation poisoning can even alter the genetic code of the DNA resulting in diseases that might recur for generations.
If, for example, you spend 10 hours with your laptop sitting on your knees while you surf the net and play games, and you find yourself feeling unwell, inexplicably flushed, or experiencing a bad headache, put the laptop away. However, she also details how she can immediately feel her health deteriorating with exposure to moderate EMR levels, so she has had to adjust to life in the Digital Age, taking more care than most people to stay away from harmful levels of EMR. He says, he has met many people who suffer from radiation sickness and electrical hypersensitivity. That is a reaction to Sweden, where the Federation of Electrical Hypersensitive (FEB) is a member of the umbrella organization of federations of handicapped. At last governments have to promote dialogue, to take away the anxiousness about the electromagnetic radiation sickness.
However, if most of these investigations show a negative impact, something must be the matter. The information leaflet is based on instructions by a working group of only five people, organised by and participated by the EMF-project itself.
In the end, the city of Oakland claimed that there was not enough evidence to prove that cell phone towers have the potential to harm human health and approved the permits for the antennas.
But the extent of damage came to light only after the nuclear bomb attack of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945. Checking your social networks or beating the big bad demon boss really isn’t worth the health risk. WHO staff only act as the secretariat to facilitate this process and then to promote the results through normal channels of communication. There should not be made any correlation between the symptoms and following diseases and disabilities. In San Francisco, in 2010, the city council established a law requiring cell phone retailers to display the Specific Absorption Rate on cell phones. Others try to shield themselves against the radiation, for example building a Faraday cage of fine wire mesh. The public should be reminded that only ionisating radiation, X-rays and radioactive radiation, is considered to be able to damage health.
Why WHO refuses to give comment on the many thrustworthy and verifiable testimonies and cases? In a report for T-Mobile by the J’lich Institute of May 9 2005, the experts report effects on the central nervous system, cerebral bloodflow, neuronal activity, EEG, working of the brain and cognitive function. This new law allows cell phone buyers access to information so they can decide for themselves the amount of radio frequency they deem acceptable when purchasing their phones. Studies related to radiation exposure conducted all through decades reveal that there is an increase in the incidence of cancer and other related diseases. The symptoms of electromagnetic radiation sickness should be interpreted as the consequences of stress by the introduction of new technologies. The European Reflex study found damage to DNA, which is an confirmation of earlier research and has been confirmed afterwards.
The instructions for this information leaflet were formulated in Prague, October 2004, by a group of five people, including Emilie van Deventer of the EMF-project.
Institutions who take the reports of citizens seriously, get a warning shot across the bows.
Although studies are inconclusive, like the case with cell phones, it takes several years for cancer to develop and the symptoms have perhaps not yet been detected. Healthy Schools Network fought in support of requiring the FCC, when launching a new major cellular phone program, be required to take into consideration the safety of children and to produce an Environmental Impact Statement (as part of the National Environmental Policy Act) on the human health effects of electromagnetic fields before allocating cell tower licenses. These are more than recommendations – they are instructions of a political character.

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