Can electromagnetic fields (EMF) from power lines, home wiring, airport and military radar, substations, transformers, computers and appliances cause brain tumors, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, chronic fatigue, headaches, cataracts, heart problems, stress. Numerous studies have produced contradictory results, yet some experts are convinced that the threat is real. In addition to the long-term health concerns, buying a house with high fields will be an economic disaster. This explanation does not satisfy many critics who claim that the EPAs upper management was influenced by political and economic considerations exerted by utility, computer and military lobbyists.
Another thing to watch out for when purchasing or renting a Gauss meter is whether or not it is frequency weighted. This means that if the field is different than 60 Hz the meter will consider the frequency and use it in calculating and displaying the EMF’s strength. An enormous amount of electricity is created at power generating stations and sent across the country through wires that carry high voltages. A substation is an assemblage of circuit breakers, disconnecting switches and transformers designed to substations have been blamed for causing cancer clusters among nearby residents. A key component of a utility’s electrical distribution network depends upon numerous, small transformers mounted on power poles. Even when the electrical service is underground, you will often see a metal box (usually square} located on the ground near the street. EMFs near a transformer can be quite high, but due to its small structure, the field strength diminishes rapidly with distance, as it does from any point source.
If your home has high EMF readings, it is important to determine the sources of the EMF so that remedial action can be taken, if possible. The devices must be unplugged to delete the EMF exposure Additionally, there is the issue regarding the vibrations that are generated by sleeping on standing water. Electric clocks have a very high magnetic field, as much as 5 to 10 mG up to three feet away. Microwave ovens and radar from military installations and airports emit two types of radiation — microwave and ELF. When measuring microwaves from military and airport radar sources, 100% accurate readings can only be found with extremely expensive digital peak-hold meters.
Measure your home, work and school environments with a Gauss meter Measure EMFs both inside and outside your home. Much of what is covered in Silencing the Fields depends on taking AC magnetic field measurements.
If you already have a three-axis meter, or want to get one, it will indeed be handy for many purposes. A Smart meter is a radiofrequency (RF) emitting device that the utility company has installed on your gas or electric meter.
If you are also concerned about the magnetic field emissions (due to the presence of electric current), see magnetic shielding material and the magnetic shielding FAQ. An RF reflector will cause the majority of the signal to bounce off, somewhat like a mirror reflects light. In both cases, SOME amount of RF does get through the shield, as no shield is 100% effective. Cover enough wall so that the people would be in the protective "shadow" cast by the shield.
In a hypothetical world where your Smart meter is the only source of RF radiation, either absorbers or reflectors would work well. Any small amount of Smart meter signal penetrating the reflector will be absorbed by the absorber.
Take Back Your Power uncovers the shocking story behind why hundreds of local governments are standing against the multi-billion dollar rollout of ‘smart’ utility meters.
With compelling insight from whistleblowers, government agents, lawyers, doctors, researchers and environmentalists, Take Back Your Power investigates the claimed benefits and emerging risks of a profit-based global initiative that seeks to change the way we live. We get this question a lot: “How do I shield my smart meter?” Remember, you want the shield to be placed between the source of radiation and the people you wish to protect. Drapes and curtains for windows: VeilShield and High Performance Silver Mesh allow good light penetration.
Laminated MW Absorber is a convenient, 48 inch wide film that is very low cost and easy to install. You can cover over your shielding materials with almost any decorative medium that you like. Get your message out with customizable imprinted anti-Smart Meter T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers. From a classical perspective, the electromagnetic field can be regarded as a smooth, continuous field, propagated in a wavelike manner; whereas, from a quantum mechanical perspective, the field is seen as quantised, being composed of individual particles. Some suggest that these epidemiological studies should be rejected because they claim that there are no known biological mechanisms. Konig (1974) and Wever (1974) prove that ELF EMR interacts with and interferes with human brains at extremely low field intensities. Balcer-Kubiczek and Harrison (1991) observed a significant dose response in cells exposed to microwaves.
Two laboratories show that cell phone radiation significantly alters proto oncogene activity; Ivaschuk et al. Impairment of the immune system is related to calcium ion efflux, Walleczek (1992) and to reduced melatonin, Reiter and Robinson (1995).
Anti Radiation Cell Phone headsetThe safest, anti-radiation mobile phone hands-free available today! EMF bed canopy babySwiss Shield Daylite is a decorative, unbleached, sheer white synthetic fabric.
Home Test KitBody Voltage Home Test Kit AC Electric Fields from live electrical wires are attracted to our bodies. Potassion Iodine solution 30ml 65%In 1982, the US FDA approved potassium iodide to protect thyroid glands from radioactive iodine involving accidents or fission emergencies. For the last couple of years, mostly since the new millennium started, there has been tremendous research on electromagnet radiation exposure. Emf protection reviews show that Establishment of Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have greatly ensured consumer Emf protection. Emf protection reviews have also shown that long term effects of Emf exposure will include, among other diseases, adult cancer, tumor, and breast cancer and childhood leukemia. The Met Museum of Art had hired EMF Shielding, Inc to perform a couple of surveys at the Ground Floor of 61 East 82nd Street and on the 3rd Floor in the Photo and Paper Conservation Lab.

The objective of these surveys was to collect and analyze extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic flux density data, identify the sources of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) and recommend magnetic field management strategies to mitigate the electromagnetic interference (EMI) and exposure levels in the surveyed areas. Significantly elevated magnetic flux density levels were recorded one-meter above the floor around the transformer and switchboard equipment and permeated into the open work area of the 3rd floor where the Photo and Paper Conservation Lab is located.
In order to mitigate the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in the surveyed area to a safe and reasonable level, EMF Shielding Inc.
Red Copper Wire Mesh Cloth  Brass wire mesh (cloth) and phosphor bronze wire mesh (wire cloth) are frequently used as sieving and filtering materials in screening pellet, powder, porcelain clay and glass, chinaware printing, filtering liquid and gas. Fiberglass mesh fiberglass mesh clothfiberglass mesh is a new pattern building material and is necessary goods in modern building. In a few years, when power line radiation is as well known as asbestos and radon, a house with high fields will be practically impossible to sell. A meter used for measuring EMFs from power lines, transformers, substations and appliances around the home, for example, should be able to measure as low as .1 mg.
Then, you combine the three readings in a mathematical equation to calculate the combined field strength. This feature is why frequency weighted meters will show a higher EMF reading than those meters typically used by electricians and engineers. Paul Brodeur wrote about several such cancer clusters in the July 9, 1990 issue of the New Yorker Magazine. Many people don’t realize that when they see a transformer, the power line feeding the transformer is 4000 to 13,800 volts. Since these transformers can be seen in almost every neighborhood, they are a source of concern.
For this reason, having a transformer located near your home is usually not a major source of concern, although just to make sure, everyone should measure the field strength around it. If you suspect that your home is wired improperly, obtain the services of a licensed electrician. Thus it is not surprising that an epidemiological study has linked electric blankets with miscarriages and childhood leukemia. Nancy Wertheimer and Ed Leeper, who originally discovered that magnetic fields were linked to childhood leukemia. There is less hard data in this area but some experts are concerned about the consequences.
If you are using a bedside clock, you are probably sleeping in an EMF equivalent to that of a powerline Studies have linked high rates of brain tumors with chronic exposure to magnetic fields, so it is wise to place all clocks and other electrical devices (such as telephones and answering devices) at least 6 feet from your bed.
Answering machines, particular those with adapter plugs (mini-transformers), give off high levels of EMFs. This seems alarming, but we don’t know if this is worse (or better) than a chronic exposure to a 2-3 mG field. Don’t let your children play near power lines, transformers, radar domes and microwave towers. Measure the EMFs from appliances both when they are operating and when they are turned off.
If you insist on using these, unplug them before going to bed (don’t just turn it off). In the home, it is best that all major electrical appliances, such as computers, TVs, refrigerators etc, be placed up against outside walls. Computer monitors vary greatly in the strength of their EMFs, so you should check yours with a meter. You may choose not to wear a quartz-analog watch because it radiates pulsating EMFs along your acupuncture meridians.
The EMF you are reading on your Gauss meter could be radiating from the next room…or from outside your home. The RF signal emitted transmits information back to the utility company about your gas or electric usage. It can have very high shielding performance, and in general should be grounded for peak efficiency. Generally, this means that the shield will be placed on the interior surface of the wall adjacent to the Smart meter. Any signal coming from the opposite direction will have to pass through the absorber, then reflect off the reflector, and finally pass through the absorber again before it re-enters the living space. Take a journey of revelation, examining evidence of in-home privacy invasions, systemic over-billing, extortion, health & environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability. To protect your loved ones from these emissions, your shield must be placed between the source of emissions and the people. The Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit includes everything you need and requires no tools (except a scissors) to install. In this kit, you get everything you’ll need to set up a simple but effective shield for the brain jarring beat of the smart meter.
The electric field is produced by stationary charges, and the magnetic field by moving charges (currents); these two are often described as the sources of the field.
Emf protection reviews have shown that advancement of technology has led to great exposure to electromagnetic fields. Trade unions and workers unions are campaigning on the importance of Emf protection at work places. Emf protection reviews has shown why electromagnetic protection is important to reduce Emf and health complications. The FTC enhances consumer protection by enhancing consumer confidence by formulating and implementing policies and laws that protect consumers. Protection from electromagnetic radiation is important since technology is here to stay, see EMF protection Reviews Here.
It was assumed previously that… »Big Insurance Company Concerned About EMF RiskIt is repeatedly claimed that electromagnetic pollution from mobile phone systems was not harmful to health. The area was bathed in 50 to 78 milligauss EMF levels affecting some of their very sensitive infra red photographic equipments. Single axis meters are much simpler than triple axis meters to manufacture and thus, are less expensive.
Thus, you must not only be concerned with sitting in front of the monitor but also if you are sitting near a computer or if a computer is operating in a nearby room. Similar health effects have been noted with users of many electric blankets and waterbed heaters will emit EMFs even when turned off. Because analog devices begin to drop their reading immediately after the radar sweep passes.

Place the Gauss meter right against the ear piece and the mouth piece before buying a phone.
Some EMF consultants recommend that hair dryers not be used on children as the high fields are held close to their rapidly developing brain and nervous system. But as Discover Magazine postulated, aside from making our life easier, is electricity also making our lives shorter? Even though there is no magnetic field when they are turned off, there may still be a high electric field.
Many people have metal sensitivity which can be aggravated by placing it right on the skin.
We are specialized in building Passive Houses - energy-efficient, healthy, super-insulated home to comfort you.
Think about the Smart meter emissions as coming from a light bulb located at the meter, and the shield casting a shadow. In this example, the majority of the bedroom area is protected, but that is not true for the rest of the living space.
It covers an ample area of 8x7 feet and includes an RF reflector, an absorber material, mounting tape and ground cord. The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space and describes the electromagnetic interaction. The way in which charges and currents interact with the electromagnetic field is described by Maxwell's equations and the Lorentz force law. Firstly, epidemiological evidence is the strongest evidence of human health effects and dose-response relationships are indicative of a causal effect, Hill (1965). Electricity has become a basic need in our households and electronic gadgets are common in our homes.
Emf protection reviews have shown that exposure of pregnant women to electromagnetic fields increases   chances of their infants suffering from asthma. Electromagnetic protection has become an important working condition for workers in manufacturing industries. Emf protection reviews have shown that cell phones could be carcinogenic and cause brain cancer. Every day we are surrounded by electric gadgets and the only way to ensure Emf protection is by being proactive. As a magnetic field radiates through the coil, it induces a current, which is amplified by the circuitry inside the Gauss meter. When this is the case, it is usually a good idea to block off that room and only use it for storage purposes. If you need to disconnect electrical circuits to determine the source of magnetic fields, you should call a licensed electrician. Thus, while an analog meter can show whether or not you are being exposed to radar EMFs, analog meters can’t show your true exposure. Corrosion-immune, soft Stainless Steel Mesh is wrapped around the glass part of the smart meter and is held in place by weather resistant, adhesive Velcro®-type hook and loop. With these 2 layers, almost no radiation can get through and this is easily demonstrated with the proper RF meter. It is one of the four fundamental forces of nature (the others are gravitation, the weak interaction, and the strong interaction). Biological mechanisms are limited by current knowledge and therefore should not diminish the epidemiological conclusions. Rats exposed to microwaves showed a significant reduction in splenic activity of natural killer (NK) cells, Nakamura et al. Emf protection reviews have shown that children born to women   who are greatly exposed to electromagnetic radiation developed asthma compared to those least exposed to electromagnetic fields.
Diagnosis of brain tumor involves a number of steps and procedures .A neurological examination involves steps to measure the general function of the patient’s nervous system.
Power companies know which power line configurations are best for reducing EMFs but most don’t feel the evidence supports costly changes in the way they deliver electricity. Although thousands of dollars to purchase, digital-hold meters capable of accurately detecting radar EMFs can be rented for several hundred to over a thousand dollars per month.
However, you can shield your body and your living space to minimize the amount of RF exposure you receive.
In such a situation, if you use a reflecting material, it will reflect on BOTH sides, and you could end up increasing the amount of RF in your living space. Clear instructions show you how to attach it to the interior of the wall on which the smart meter is mounted.
Secondly, there is a large and coherent body of evidence of biological mechanisms that support the conclusion of a plausible, logical and causal relationship between EMR exposure and cancer, cardiac, neurological and reproductive health effects. To ensure electromagnetic protection, doctors have recommended pregnant women to wear Emf shielding belts around their waist. If the doctor discovers an abnormal response from the exam, he may refer the patient to a neurosurgeon.
In addition, recent Russian studies have shown that normal microwave cooking coverts food protein molecules into carcinogenic substances. On the other hand, if you use an absorber, it will absorb on BOTH sides, so you cannot increase your exposure. Shielding performance reduces sideways signal measurably, but still allows enough to get back to the utility for proper meter readings. Emf protection reviews also rated the ‘Nu –Me’ pendant as the best Emf shielding device for personal use. If you suffer from asthma, severe headaches and high blood pressure, using Emf shielding is a must.
The types of symptoms that occur to a patient greatly depend on the location of the tumor in the brain.
Emf protection reviews show that using Emf protection devices as Emf shields is one step towards health safety.

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