Both amateur and professional ghost hunters will appreciate the extensive range of ghost hunting equipment available to suit any budget and any level of experience. The EDI contains an accurate 3-axis accelerometer, programmed to pick up the slightest movements or vibrations on the surface on which it is sitting.
Goosebumps and curiosity go together when science meets the paranormal in this fun game with real, working environmental monitoring equipment.
Teaches critical thinking and careful record keeping, team building, leadership and cooperation.
4x Pen Style IR Thermometers to look for hot or cold surfaces that cannot be otherwise explained. 1x Moderator guide with sample discussion topics and analysis for a fun and lively exchange after the hunt.
The Couples Ghost Hunt Kit includes a wealth of quality equipment to share, two items in each category! This kit is also a great way to super charge a ghost hunting toolbox for one person or a whole team.
Perhaps the most famous EMF meter for paranormal work, this genuine K-II easily measures AC magnetic field strength. When you need to measure EMF and temperature, you need one hand operation that gives you a wealth of information, and lots of options.
Mag-Temp offers both single axis AC Magnetic field measurement and real time air temperature readings. You get 6 ultra-sensitive electrostatic detectors which are small enough to be placed almost anywhere. True-RMS 3 Axis AC Gaussmeter with all the features you could want, with effective backlighting too!.
When you need to measure EMF activity without interference from man-made 60 Hz magnetic fields, this unit is perfect.
In paranormal research, the presence of man-made 50 or 60 Hz EMF signals can give rise to "false" readings. What could be better than a meter which alerts you with a loud audible alarm when it encounters a field? We are very excited to offer this simple and useful item for anyone who wants to monitor their EMF environment without having to stare at their meter for hour after hour. A great way to use this unique piece of ghost hunting equipment is to place several units in an array or throughout a building. This little meter measures the level of ELF magnetic field radiation from power lines, computers, kitchen appliances, and more! Hand-held, lightweight and durable, with two easy to read scales (0-1 mG, & 0-10 mG), and dramatic audio signal. Includes nice instructions on how to performa proper survey of your home, office, or school yard. Connects to Magnetic Pick-up (above) for audio translation of AC magnetic field frequency and intensity.
Versatile new meter for detecting cell phone radiation, power line EMF, as well as paranormal research. Like all single axis meters, this meter must be rotated during use to find the proper orienrtation to the magnetic field being measured to get proper readings.
Three position selector switch that lets you select which type of field you want to detect: either RF, DC magnetic, or electric. Requires adult supervised assembly, soldering, and some knowledge about electronic components. StrikeAlert is a small and affordable lightning detector that provides an early warning of approaching lightning strikes from as far away as 40 miles and lets you know if the storm is coming your way or moving away.
This handeld unit detects the buildup of atmospheric electricity from as far away as 40 miles. Detects low and ultra-low frequency vibration and sounds a piercing 110 dB alarm when tripped. Great for alerting you to the presence of movement, vibration, bumping or thumping in the night.
Also great for blackouts (make sure to put one near where you store your flashlights or candles), basements, garages, boats and other places where electric lighting is not available. Definitely sensitive enough to eavesdrop through walls as it picks up voices with amazing clarity, and maybe to hear the tumblers drop in a high quality combination lock. Add this simple accessory to your Advanced Geo-Phone to get a visual indication of vibration activity instead of sound. Also can be used on the speaker OUTPUT of a computer, iPod, or other recording device to create a mini light display that coordinates with the music. When you want the light output AND space to connect another device such as headphones, speakers, or recording equipment. The Portable Motion Sensor uses advanced technology to detect intruders and activity in a controlled area: 90° horizontal view, 20° vertical view up to 24 feet from unit. Model appearance and sensor specifications subject to change without notice, depending on availability. Motion Sensors are indispensable in paranormal research but wouldn’t it be great if they could also tell you where the moving object is located? Some paranormal investigators use UV to help detect airborne particles and distinguish them from orb phenomena. Ultraviolet light also reveals the security strips in monetary currency, watermarks hidden in bank notes and fluorescent ink and dyes used as anti-counterfeiting. This Thermal Flashlight senses temperature changes ahead of you and emits colored lights to alert you to the change. If you have been doing paranormal work for some time, you are familiar with unexplainable air temperature changes. Simple-to-use and lightweight digital thermometer will measure the air temperature at 2 locations and displays both readings simultaneously. Meter has one internal sensor at the location of the display, and another remote sensor on a 6 foot cable. Designed for evaluation of ambient dosage of gamma-radiation, which can be done by common people in domestic environment (food products, construction materials, soil, etc.).
The instrument uses the Geiger counter for calculation the amount of gamma- and beta-particles within 40 sec. The instrument incorporates the following features: indication of value dimension, indication of sound-alarm threshold, continuous amendment of indications in proportion as duration of measurement increases, display illumination, MENU in English.
Ruggedized, compact, and packed with features which will make ghost hunting fun and exciting. Movement is indicated by lighting up a series of LEDs placed along the bottom of the device.
Uses one 9 volt battery (not included) but will work off two batteries as well for longer life. Make it as creepy, fun, spooky, or hilarious as desired depending on the location chosen for the party. The Ghost Hunting Party has everything you need for up to 8 participants (age 12 and up) to have a wild time exploring paranormal phenomena! Learn what it can and can't do, how to keep good records, and how to do a professional quality investigation.
Display illumination is RED, so it doesn’t saturate your eyes when working in in dark areas.
With this many individual sensors, you can set them set out in an array that covers a large area. Suitable for general purpose magnetic field readings, and great for paranormal work as well. This unique single axis meter is extremely easy to use and displays both total AC magnetic field plus levels with powerline frequencies and their harmonics removed.
Wouldn't it be great if you could set your EMF meter to ignore these ever-present signals and just pick up everything else? Great for distinguishing a 50 or 60 Hz signal from the higher frequency harmonic signals which often accompany power line magnetic fields. As a magnetic disturbance moves through the span of meters you can monitor its progress by listening to the alarms sounding. The easy to read scale, unique built-in audio signal and auto shut-off make it simple to use and a great way to find hidden sources of ELF frequency magnetic fields. This meter will show you which areas are above or below 2.5 milli-Gauss in the 50 - 60 Hz frequency range. Our favorite meter for demonstrating the presence of dangerous EMFs to others and paranormal work. Here is a link to a site (not affiliated with Less EMF Inc.) showing how to add switches, amplifiers, outputs and more to your GaussMaster to make it even more useful. Perfect for situations needing high resolution measurements of AC magnetic fields without spending a lot of money. Three separate field sensors to provide a really cool readout on two Sci-Fi styled LED bar graphs!
An audible alarm allows you to determine the storm's activity without having to visually monitor the unit and sounds when there's a strike. The detector is housed in a small pager-like casing that can be clipped on a belt and runs up to 100 hours on a single AA battery. Termites or bees in a wall cavity produce vibrations, so do footsteps, voices, and machinery. Can also provide a light output for meters with AC voltage output, such as Professional Combination Meter, Budget Buzz Stick, Hall Effect Gaussmeter, Geomagnetometer, Digi-Field Meter.
Illuminate scorpions, check hand stamps at clubs, discover pet stain in carpet or upholstery, and scan a crime scene for foreign materials and body fluids. Very handy when mounted to a suitable staff (stick, pole, wand) for surveying temperature variations within a room. Features easy to read analog meter, red light count, anti-saturation circuitry, and audible indicator- all in hand-held convenience.
Near the display are two LED lights that alert you when significant temperature changes happen (cold spot alarm).
Two LEDs near the sensor (in the middle of the device) change intensity based on the EMF fluctuations detected.
ParaScope identifies changes in static fields and alerts you with a bright, bold colorful display the instant it occurs. These meters have red, yellow, green LEDs so they can be used in light or dark situations and are very easy to interpret.
Watch for small changes which might affect only one sensor, large changes which might affect all the sensors, or a hovering change that sweeps across the room from one sensor to the next.
This allows the user to determine how much of the field is from normal man-made sources and how much is from "other" sources at a glance.
Listen carefully to hear the hum of 50 or 60 Hz, plus clicks, pops, and shrill tones of harmonics, surges, and "dirty" power. What makes this unit so useful for paranormal work is the squelchable audio tone which alerts the user to activity in the vicinity of the meter.
Utilizing the latest technology, including Hall Effect sensors, you can walk around your house and actually "SEE" these fields around you! A corresponding LED light illuminates to indicate lightning at distances of 20-40 miles, 12-24 miles, 6-12 miles and within 6 miles.
It provides an early warning of natural electrical phenomena as well as approaching lightning strikes and tells if the source is coming your way or moving away. Now imagine a night light that turns itself on when you move nearby, and turns itself off after 90 seconds of no movement. Even flipping a switch or tapping on a keyboard produces detectable vibrations if you have the right equipment! Or connect 3.5 mm stereo output jack to your voice recorder to log the information for later review (separate cable required). Brightness varies with vibration intensity, and flicker rate correlates with vibration frequency. A series of 10 LEDs on the face of the unit indicate both when a vibration is detected and how strong it is. When a temperature change occurs, Temp-Pod will emit a distinct tone for each degree change. This pistol-grip remote infrared thermometer (with laser pointer for pinpoint accuracy) will measure temperatures from 0? all the way up to 600?F at a safe distance. Put the meter body near the handle end and mount the remote sensor at the tip of the staff (up to 6 feet away!).
It’s quite another to find a warm or cold spot that is different from the ambient surroundings! Registration of every particle is indicated by a sound-alarm, which makes it possible use “Search” mode. If temperature changes sharply in a short period of time (±? degree within 3 seconds), indicative of possible paranormal activity, the device will alert you with rapid blinking of the top red LEDs. Imagine your guests’ excitement when they find something unusually creepy and call everyone over to investigate! Imagine your partner’s delight when presented with the idea of a hair raising couples ghost hunt! Measure the field from a DC motor, or the fields inside your car without worries of contamination from powerlines. How about a meter which does all this for AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields, and RF radiation?! Although we do not know how the output from this unit varies with frequency, we do know that the greater the magnetic field, the higher the voltage generated (at 60 Hz, it produces about 1 mV per 20 mG). It is a favorite of professional & hobby paranormal researchers and is often featured in paranormal TV shows. Several meters can be placed throughout a location unattended to track the movement of activity.
All in all, it’s a great way to learn about the use of electronic components as sensors and own a little piece of sci-fi at the same time.
An audible alarm allows you to determine the activity without having to visually monitor the unit and sounds whenever there is an atmospheric discharge of electricity. Or better yet, connect to your PC (mic input) and view frequency and spectrum data with freely available software such as Audacity.
Check gravestones, church walls, wooden beams, even rock formations for vibrations from the "other side".
Colorful LED lights will indicate both the distance to the object and whether the object is on the left or the right of the unit.
3 green LEDs for the slight vibration, 3 amber for medium levels, and 4 red for intense vibration. Temperscope gives a visual indication when air temperature changes showing a blue light for “getting colder,” and a red light for hotter.
REM-POD monitors its electromagnetic environment, alerting you with sound and multi-colored lights when a change has occurred.
Build trust and lasting memories when the two of you, alone in some spooky stakeout, look to each other for confirmation of your findings and reassurance!
And you can compare that reading to the overall reading on the same screen at the same time!
Best part: it can be connected to the audio amplifier (see below), or sound recording device so you can get an auditory "picture" of the electromagnetic field. A great teaching tool for kids of all ages; show them the invisible fields all around them and learn about electronic circuitry and soldering. It also sends out an audible alert so you can focus your attention on other things while you wait for activity.
If the temperature increases by 1 degree and remains steady for more than 10 seconds, the sound will automatically Mute until the temperature changes up or down by more than 0.1 degree. Incorporates two temperature probes that are constantly comparing the difference in temperature. Tailored specifically for ghost hunting where detecting fields we cannot see with our eyes (such as what makes the hair lift up from one's arm during an investigation) is important.
To enhance the effect, it uses a mini telescopic antenna to emit its own independent electromagnetic field around the instrument.
Imagine the topics you will have to discuss afterwards and the fun of telling your friends and family about your adventure. Basic 1 inch K-Type thermocouple is included and it can be used with a variety of commercially available thermocouple probes for extended temperature ranges. With some experimenting, you can discover when and where to place these Ghost Detectors for the best results. You will have fun finding these fields and at the same time learn the technology behind them. This emitted EM field can be easily influenced by objects that conduct electricity… and this influence will be detected as well. Use the infrared thrmometer to instantly measure the temperature of walkways, oven doors, motor housings, refrigeration coils, foods, countertops or anything that could be too hot or too cold to touch. Powered by one 9 volt battery (not included) but will work off two batteries as well for longer life.

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