The 8200 Series of Shielded Fan Vents are designed to provide EMI shielding and maximum air flow without degrading the fan output. MAJR Products’ fan ventilation panels are manufactured to meet the commercial market’s requirements for a low-cost, high-quality EMI-shielded ventilation panel.
Shielding effectiveness is in the 50-60 dB range at 1 GHz, depending on the gasket material used.
Across 3063 Mini Tower CaseThermally Advantaged Design - Optional front and rear cooling fan installed, Slot bracket with venting holes Options, Excellent EMI Solution - EMI shielding chassis edges, EMI shielding inner front panel Options, Safe Assembly - Folded edge for each part. MAJR Products provides EMI Shielded Windows (3500 series) solutions to many industries based on requirements for electromagnetic shielding, high light transmission, coatings for hardness, anti-glare, and other optical considerations. Built to Your Specification – MAJR’s engineering team can assist with custom window designs to help meet your specific requirements. Hard Coatings are designed to provide polycarbonate windows with improved chemical, scratch and abrasion resistance.

MAJR’s proprietary laminating process allows us to embed 50,80, 100 and 230 OPI optical wire between polycarbonate and acrylic sheet stock allowing superior optical quality while still meeting demanding shielding requirements. Standard lead times are in the two-to-three week range for most sizes with quicker deliveries available based on plating and quantities required. We do this across a range of substrates such as polycarbonate, acrylic and even glass to provide the best combination of protection from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference and the visual requirements of your application.
We’ve helped customers with designs ranging from small handheld devices to large military electronic cabinet doors. Standard mesh is 100 strands per inch and constructed from 0.0011” stainless steel wire that has been silver plated and conductively blackened. Tech-Etch stocks fan vents in 7 sizes corresponding to industry standard fans with standard 4-hole mounting.
Standard gasket is a Monel wire embedded in a solid silicone with an optional gasket of a beryllium copper fingerstock.

Most electromagnetic shielded window applications are custom by nature and MAJR can assist you in your electromagnetic shielding window design. Tin plate (MIL-T-10727), nickel plate (MIL-C-26074A) or a RoHS compliant plating available upon request.
Dust screens consisting of multilayer expanded aluminum can be added, but airflow will be restricted.

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