Follow WhmSoft's board vlrFilter, Multifunction Audio Filter with Remote Control on Pinterest. MG Chemicals 838 Total Ground Carbon Conductive Coating, 340 g (12 Oz) Aerosol Can, Dark GreyThe 838 Total Ground Carbon Conductive Coating is an economical, acrylic paint that is used to create conductive, static free surfaces with excellent characteristics. We provide Thermal Materials, EMI Shielding Materials, Polymer and Adhesives Materials, Insulation Materials, Inductive Components and Bulk Molding Compounds. Cybershield has added complementary capabilities to electroless nickel plate aluminum and conversion coat aluminum (also called chem film on aluminum) along with extensive capabilities to apply commercial and Mil Spec decorative paint, including CARC paint application. Download the Cybershield Brochure to obtain more information about metallized plastics and other manufacturing services offered by Cybershield.
Through its highly automated, world class manufacturing facility in Lufkin, Texas, Cybershield serves a wide range of electronic equipment manufacturers with metallized plastics, EMI shielding, plated plastic solutions. Additionally, Cybershield can act as prime contractor for customer projects and deliver the finished assembly to the customer just in time.
Our satisfied OEM customers include manufacturers of digital handsets, telecom infrastructure, wireless devices, computers, routers, peripherals, bar code, medical electronics, automotive electronics, military electronics, aerospace equipment and other electronic original equipment manufacturers.

Further, the cured coat is designed to withstand large temperature changes without cracking.
The 838 coating adheres to most materials found on printed circuit assemblies; however, it is not compatible with contaminants like water, oil, and greasy flux residues that may affect adhesion. In addition, loss of shielding through paint peeling is unlikely since the acrylic resin system was shown, in UL related testing, to adhere to even difficult substrates like ABS and polycarbonates.
It may also act as a conductive base for applications where it is necessary to impart the highest degree of conductivity to a surface.
It is suitable for any application requiring a hard, durable and highly flexible and conductive film and it can be sprayed or brushed onto your substrate. The conductivity is especially prevalent in very thin traces down to 5 to 6 um dried thickness.
Not only is this ink designed to dry very quickly, but it has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastic, metal and even glass substrates. Depending on the film thickness, drying can be accomplished in less than two minutes at temperatures above 250°F with adequate air flow.

Completeness of drying can be verified by measuring the electrical surface resistivity of dried material using a box electrode or point electrodes hooked up to a multimeter.
If the drop in resistivity between the first and second drying cycle is less than 10%, drying can be considered complete after the first cycle. For more critical applications or where outgassing may be a concern the difference in resistivity between the two drying cycles should be less than 5%, and consideration should be given to post-baking the material in batch ovens for 30 to 60 minutes at 250 - 300°F.
If oven drying is not appropriate for the substrate being coated, it may take several hours for the ink to dry, depending on coating thickness.
It is also suitable for any application requiring a hard, durable and highly flexible and conductive film and it can be sprayed or brushed onto your substrate.

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